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Evan what made you realize you liked Jared?

E: I actually took a year off so i could save up money… B-but Connor, Jared and I would still occasionally hang out. As much as we could at least…

E: But it was…a lot less than when we were in highschool.

E: Soon, I found myself missing Jared more than anything else. I started missing the smallest things about him…

E: The way um… how soft and warm his hands were when our hands would just brush against each other when we walked

E: … And how I wanted our hands to be more than just barely touching

E: So… I guess you could say I was “pining” for Jared for awhile… It was hard pretending those feeling weren’t there, but I’m happy that I don’t have to pretend anymore.

Musicals as People in High School
  • Sweeney Todd: the creepy boy who imagines killing everyone and has a huge knife collection<br>
  • Dear Evan Hansen: the really friendly gay kid that's actually really depressed but you'd never know <br>
  • The Phantom of the Opera: the one girl that falls in love with every guy that plays an instrument cuz she has no chill<br>
  • Hamilton: every popular kid that likes rap<br>
  • The Sound of Music: a group of kids from the choir that are extremely outgoing
Jumblefuck of Sincerely Three HCs

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-Evan cannot whistle for his life.

-Jared used to keep a blog called “My Life’s Steady DeKlein”.

-Connor counts when he walks on stairs in increments of fourteen.

-Evan used to have a severe fear of pens (“Things are so… permanent!”)

-Connor hates the word “combo”. He’s fine with combination, but “combo” irritates him

-Jared can only wink with his left eye

-Zoe and Connor only get along when watching The Office.

-Evan loves Paw Patrol

-Jared used to wear his underwear inside out “for good luck”

 -Evan bakes really nice desserts

- He has special oven mitts for when he bakes. They have flowers on them

-Everyone was forced to have a part in the Kindergarten Spectacular. Connor was the grass.

- Jared got bored one day so he watched Youtube videos on how to play the saxophone.

-Evan collects snow globes and postcards. He looks at them when he's  upset, loving the idea of being somewhere else.

-Connor can say several curse words in French.

-Evan grew up to be a tree surgeon, and got frustrated when people didn’t know what it was (which was always)

-Jared loves doing sand art. The colors remind him of bathbombs.

-Jared’s license plate says “CR0NCH”

-The only show the three boys all like is Family Feud.

-Evan carries around lotion at all times. It’s lilac scented.

-Connor loves lava lamps.

-Jared likes his hot chocolate with mint in it

-Every year Evan attempts to make Christmas sweaters for everyone. They’re slightly less failed as time goes on.

-Evan’s favorite books are “Guess How Much I Love You” and “Alice in Wonderland”

-Jared got Evan an iron-on Paw Patrol patch because no merchandise came in his size

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sincerely three: board games edition. they play monopoly once and then it is banned because jared and connor get super competitive but while theyre butting heads evan is collecting all the good places and near the end jared and connor finally catch on so they decide they need to team up on evan. jared and connor become Unstoppable and evan does not stand a chance.


evan is lowkey the king of monopoly. he knows how to bargain, knows how to bide his time and buy houses at the perfect point to maximize profit

meanwhile jared and connor are fighting over the shitty $60 monopoly because Fuck Yuo Its An Important Asset

its been Hours, its near endgame, and jared and connor realize when evan goes to the bathroom that they are Fucked if things continue as they are. jared makes a mad dash for their LIFE boardgame while connor pools their money and properties together. evan comes back from the bathroom to find jared and connors game pieces replaced with one of the cars from LIFE with two blue pegs poked into it.

“we’ve married and pooled our resources,” jared says with a shit eating grin, and connor rolls the die.

its close for a while, but after their pool together connor and jared have two very high-rent monopolies, and theyve splurged on hotels.

evan goes bankrupt after two hits.


cue accusations of cheating, and promising “hope you two enjoy honeymooning on the ffucking COUCH,” but it falls away when jar and connor pull evan close and promise not to beat him TOO hard into the ground next time they play

*whispers* @imacrazedfangirl Tumblr is being weird and not letting me answer your ask for more headcanons, so here they are:
- Evan has Asperger’s, or high function autism, and one of his special interests are trees. To this day, he always tells Heidi when he learns a new tree fact. (Evan reminds me so much of my little brother, so this is so important to me, aaa. I hold this headcanon close to my heart.)
- Zoe and Connor were close when they were little, but started drifting once Connor started doing drugs. Sometimes, when he first started and before their parents knew, Zoe would let him sneak into her room and help him sober up and he’d promise to lay off, but the problem just ended up hitting worse.
- When they were close, Zoe and Connor would braid each other’s hair.
- Connor’s favorite movie is “The Breakfast Club.”
- Zoe does ballet. When she was little, she’d sometimes try to teach Connor some of what she learned after lessons.
- Evan collected little toy train sets when he was little. He’d sometimes connect all the tracks to make one huge train track.
- He also used to collect toy trucks, but he threw them all out after his dad moved out.