Susan Temp | 19 | Sexuality up to player | Precognitive dreams | Wales | OPEN

Susan is a very happy-go-lucky kind of girl. She always finds ways to see the positive sides of things, and even though some pessimists at Tate think she’s naive, she’s anything but. Her power makes her see the future in her dreams, and the future isn’t all sunshine and roses. In fact, despite being quite a positive and happy person in general, she usually wakes up in a foul mood after having one of her precognitive dreams in which she sees something bad happening.

Often people try and persuade Susan to tell them what’s going to happen, but Susan always keeps her mouth shut. She believes it’s better to not know what’s coming, and even though she’s happy she’s a mutant, she wishes she wasn’t forced to see the future every time she falls asleep.

Susan is anti-revolution.


Alice Daniels || Evanna Lynch | Open | 17 | Human, Emphatic Manipulator

Alice is a very care-free and intelligent girl. She does seem younger than her age most of the time, but she can prove you wrong if you accuse her of being too childish. She can easily turn any stressful situation into a calm one. Her power helps a bit with that. Her personality reflects it, though. Before the attacks began, she didn’t pay attention to anything, much. But when the Attackers murdered her small family, it changed. She escaped narrowly, because of her father’s last actions in hiding her. Then, he was taken, too. Since then, she’s been with Safening, helping in any way possible.


Luna Lovegood ✖ 19 ✖ Ravenclaw ✖ Order Member ✖ OPEN

Luna Lovegood has often been known as the quirky Ravenclaw with a wild imagination. Though often ridiculed for her beliefs, Luna stands up for what she believes in, and that has perhaps been her greatest victory throughout her life. It doesn’t matter if her beliefs are logical or not—the zany blonde from Ravenclaw House will stick to her faith and opinions, and now is no different.

With the war seemingly behind her, Xenophilius Lovegood’s daughter has taken up the family trade, so to speak—Luna, having graduated from Hogwarts, is now a freelance writer for The Quibbler. Proud to fulfill a position in her family’s own line of work, Luna brings a certain zest to the already lively and (slightly comical) magazine that she’s come to be known for. It provides her with great relief and serves as a much needed means of therapy for coping with her imprisonment back in Malfoy Manor during the Second Wizarding War. And as Luna digs up information about the world going on around her for the stories she’s writing and publishing, she comes to a shocking discovery.

Perhaps the war isn’t really over. Perhaps it’s only just begun.

  • FC: Evanna Lynch
  • Birthday: November 5th, 1980
  • Wand: 14” / Holly / Unicorn Hair
  • Occupation: Freelance writer for The Quibbler
  • Status: Pureblood

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"Some people don't like dancing but some people don't have legs."

Emily Acra
White Lady | 16
Danger Rating: 4

Show us what you can do… Emily is immune to most physical attacks, and can move through walls should she choose too. She can always tell when someone is lying, no matter what. She also requires no sleep, but when she does, she prefers to be submerged in water for it.

Strengths: Flowers, birds, dancing
Weaknesses: Rejection, winter, death

So they say… Emily is and has always been a highly misunderstood girl, no matter where she wanders. Always soft spoken and gentle, with a calm demeanor bordering on apathy, Emily can most frequently be found wandering the halls and walls of BATS by herself, either gliding off her feet or dancing gracefully from point A to point B. Dancing has always been a passion of Emily’s, and while she may not be the most sociable of creatures, she will always stop in her twirling to offer her hand to anyone who happens across her path, especially boys. Should she be refused, Emily will simply continue on her path, but there have been a few rather disturbing rumors of unfortunately bad luck befalling those that don’t dance with her…

Emily enjoys uncrowded areas whether it be out on the grounds, or the halls after dark, anywhere her space isn’t imposed upon by others. Along with dance she is well known for her love of cats, water, and strangely enough bird watching. While Emily might not be the most cheery of people, she always seems happy enough, and always a bit airy in spirit. Except, many students have reported hearing her crying, or even outright sobbing, but no one has ever actually seen her cry. Even after stumbling upon her a second after hearing her cries, she always seems fine. All in all, despite being a rather kind soul, Emily seems to leave most of her peers feeling rather unsettled, and is a loner. However, that seems to be the way she prefers it.

And it’s hard to dance
with a devil on your back
So shake him off

But I heard… Congratulations Emily, you’ve done it. In a school full of freaks and mutants and monsters you are officially the creepiest. Way to go. Though we do have to give you some props. Even with the creepy ass crying in the walls, it is pretty hilarious watching boys awkwardly dance with you in the halls late at night because they’re too scared to say no. We all know what happened to that poor pooka boy who turned you down. Seven stories seems a lot higher up when you’re going out a window, after all.

Emily Acra is portrayed by Evanna Lynch. She is currently TAKEN.



Luna Lovegood | Ravenclaw | Third Year | Pure-blood

Luna Lovegood is a decidedly singular individual. One would have to expect that the daughter of the eccentric editor of the Quibbler would be an odd child, and one would be right. Luna has always lived in her own little world, a place even more strange and magical than the rest of wizarding society. She believes everything in the Quibbler, after all, and no doubt several strange things that Xenophilius has yet to prepare articles on. Luna has a wide-eyed fascination with the world that is quite untempered by any skepticism or cynicism.

When Luna was nine years old, her free-thinking mother thought a little too freely, and died in front of Luna’s eyes when a magical experiment went wrong. Luna was, as she will tell anyone who asks her, very sad about this for a long time, but she has come to terms with her mother’s death with a calm acceptance that is almost uncannily mature in one so young. Luna is not one to bemoan the world, no matter how dark it may get.

Luna is a very kind and observant girl. (Sometimes she observes things that no one else can see.) She does not judge, but she does asses very accurately; that is to say, she is very good at spotting character flaws, but does not think any the less of people because of them. She is hard to fluster or offend, and Luna’s dreamy calmness only ever seems to lift when someone insults her father or his beloved paper, and then one can see the steely spine underneath her soft smiles.

She truly practices the philosophy of live-and-let-live, and believes that all people and creatures have a right to exist exactly as they want to. She doesn’t mind what people think of her, either, and assesses herself just as insightfully and nonjudgementally as she does everyone else. To Luna, there is no stigma associated with words like “weird,“ or “strange,” or “dotty.“ They are simply words, and they happen to describe her.

If you want to be accepted, no matter who or what you are, befriend Luna Lovegood.

Luna does not have very many friends, but treasures the few she does. An outcast who has long been comfortable alone on the fringes of the world, Luna nonetheless is delighted that there are a few people who have come to like this weird, friendless kid.

First among her friends is Ginny Weasley, a Gryffindor girl in her year, who made friends with Luna because Ginny cannot stand bullies, even when the object of their teasing doesn’t seem to much mind. Ginny was the first person at Hogwarts to stand up for Luna, and as she got to know her, found the dotty Ravenclaw girl to be as sweet and fascinating as she is bizarre. Ginny being a popular, outgoing girl herself, does not have a lot of time to spend with Luna, but the two girls do enjoy one another’s company when they can (usually when Ginny needs to give her school work some focus, and the two of them often sitting together in the library, to the bemusement of Ginny’s other friends).

Luna spends more time with Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy, two other outcasts at Hogwarts. Luna first met them in the library, when they were the only people (doubtless at Hermione’s urging) willing to share their table with the little oddball first year during the crunch before exams. Luna being the sweet, accepting person that she is, did not care that Hermione argued abrasively with everything she believes, or that Draco tends to sneer first and not bother apologizing later.

The three strange, disparate swots get along surprisingly well, and her friends have helped Luna realize that while it is indeed a good thing to be comfortable with being different, there is no reason why being different must necessarily equal being alone.


Ranks and Positions:

  • Quibbler Distributor, unofficial


Hare (eventually)

Additional Information, OOC:

Luna Lovegood remains Luna Lovegood. It will take more than the death of Voldemort and the delay of a prophecy to change her.

Face-claim: Evanna Lynch

Open | Taken | Reserved

Jessenia Reaux ⁑ 19 ⁑ Antisocial Behavior, Panic Disorder & Anxiety ⁑ Evanna Lynch ⁑ OPEN


Jessenia wasn’t always afraid of the world. There was a time when she was quite sociable. Things started to take a turn for the worse when she was sixteen, and started dating Trent. Trent was her entire world, and she was his. She barely noticed when things began to… Change. He became more controlling, more violent with her. He stopped letting her talk to her friends, forcing her to only talk to him. It became the norm for Jessenia. 

When she was eighteen, he left her. He decided he was bored with his current toy, even though he had abused her for years. He claimed they were just a high school fling. Instead of returning to who she was before their relationship, Jessenia got worse. She withdrew more and more into herself, becoming weak and timid. Her family had had enough with who she had become, and they sent her to Hope Grove



Francesca Donoghue | 18 | Evanna Lynch | Taken

  • I can heal anyone’s wounds, although healing bones can be very difficult and taxing.
  • Potential friends: Quentin Staub, Jude Garibaldi, Harmony Parker

Francesca Donahue’s life was never easy starting from the day she was born. Her mother died giving birth simply from the injuries the woman had sustained from Francesca’s father. Her mom had known that it was likely she’d die from giving birth, but she could never have passed up the opportunity to bring someone as wonderful as she predicted her daughter would be. Francesca grew up to be just as wonderful as her mom had predicted. Only, with a few differences than even her mother could have predicted.

She grew up with her father who hated her because she’d taken her mother away from him, when even that was far from the truth. He’d beat her mother, and it followed to his daughter when her mom had passed. Her mother had hoped to escape with the little girl after she was born, but she hadn’t made it and the little girl had been left to be beaten. Francesca discovered that she could heal herself one day after her father had beaten her within an inch of her life. Slowly she’d begun to heal, but she’d had to sleep for a long time afterward. 

Her father was angry after she finally woke up, and Francesca became convince she had to escape, so that’s exactly what she did. She ran. She ran as fast as she could the day she turned 18. She ended up here where she could finally hide her past and begin to heal, but her father still taunts her often giving her nightmares causing her to wake up in a cold sweat screaming. However, the young girl always seems happy smiling as much as she can.