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Rupert Grint as Godric Gryffindor

Evanna Lynch as Rowena Ravenclaw

Emma Watson as Helga Hufflepuff

Tom Felton as Salazar Slytherin

This idea was pretty obvious so I had to make these.


The Seelie Queen

The Seelie Queen, through her personal knight Meliorn, who then passed on the message to Isabelle Lightwood, had requested an audience with the Shadowhunters of the New York Institute about the impending war with Valentine Morgenstern. Upon their arrival, with the mundane Simon Lewis, the Seelie Queen told the group that she will decide on whose side she will be fighting.


‘I hung out with Bonnie, Matt and Tom in Paris where we did a convention [..] We have a mutual understanding and completely love and support each other on our various journeys. I keep an eye on what everyone is up to and attend their movies and plays and feel so proud and inspired watching what everyone has gone on to do. ‘    ~ Evanna Lynch ~