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It can be the end! It won't be! BATB is not about VinCat anymore! By planting a VinCat seed they grew a huge BATB tree with venerable branches! If one of them is cut, the whole tree may die! That's what killing Evan is about! I'm surprised BATBwriters didn't anticipate that!

I totally agree with you! I don’t know if it was the writer’s choice to be honest. BUT: if there’s a second season we might have the chance to get Evan back!

Don’t forget that they’ve just filmed the season finale, so there’s nothing we can do at the moment, but if we get CW to make another season, we can raise Hell to get Evan back!
It would be a perfect plot string for a second season!

Chapter four: Restraint ~ part one

The time for conversation had been over just in that moment. When the door was opened and two men in white lab coats entered. They gave Alex one straight look and she almost dropped everything. The only thing that somehow help Evan to stay calm was that somehow she managed to stroke her fingertips down the inside of his forearm to his hand, briefly squeezing it as she left. She didn’t look at him, she was obedient, at least on the surface.

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I, too, refuse to believe Evan is really dead. It’s very likely he could come back as a beast. It’s possible Muirfield took a DNA sample from Vincent when he was at their facility. Vincent can heal fast. If Evan is injected with his DNA, not only would it make him a beast, but it could give him Vincent’s super healing. That would help him recover from his wounds. Then Muirfield can perform the necessary surgery to remove the bullets.