This is infuriating. 

Absolutely disgusting.

I wake up to find a freaking fandom dedicated to a murderer.

Because people find him attractive and feel sorry for him.



Congratulations Tumblr, you’ve created yet another bunch of morons. 

Too bad I can’t say I’m surprised.

Imagine if a family member of someone that was murdered had a Tumblr. They log on and the first thing on their dash is someone talking about how much they love the murderer and how scared he must have been. How much he is loved. How he is their boy. Can you imagine how much pain that would cause? The glorification of a person who stole the life/lives of someone they loved? With no regard for those who were killed… Disgusting, huh?

I KNEW there was gonna be a fandom for this poor kid, but I thought they would’ve gone with something more…idk..Not EvanIES. To be honest I was rooting for Evaniers, or Evanians. Just think about it “Evanies” ;) Fandom is still just a baby right now so I guess the name still might change in the future, who knows.

Oh…and Gooood luck out here! Haters gonna hate. It’s pointless to negotiate……(with them)


Holy shit Jack Kirby did design for Thundarr The Barbarian.

Comic book writer-artist Jack Kirby worked on the production design for the show. While many people believe that Kirby was the primary designer of the show (mainly due to his similarly themed Kamandi: The Last Boy On Earth), the main characters were in fact designed by fellow comic book writer-artist Alex Toth, who also designed the popular character Space Ghost for Saturday morning television. Toth, however, was unavailable to continue working on the show, so most of the wizards and other villains and secondary characters that appear on the show were designed by Kirby. He was brought onto the show at the recommendation of comic writer Steve Gerber and comics and animation veteran Mark Evanier, who realized that the same imagination that produced Kamandi could contribute significantly to the series. Indeed, the evil wizard Gemini, the only repeating villain on the show, resembles Darkseid, an infamous Kirby villain.

(via Thundarr the Barbarian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

a fan has every right to complain when something he likes is taken from him.  Such passions ought to be balanced with a little pragmatism and awareness of how things have to work in the Real World, true.  But I think it’s unfair and probably unwise to demean or attempt to change that passion.  You can’t expect someone whose only relationship to a work is as Enthusiastic Audience to suddenly snap to the mindset of one of the bean-counters in the accounting department…nor should they.  What a cold, unenjoyable media it would be if we all had to hook our sympathies up to the financial end of things and to accept every decision as a calculated profit/loss reality.  If I love something, I shouldn’t have that love trampled by the business department expecting me to view it through their eyes.

I need to go to bed but this shit has got my blood flowing and the fuCKING TRASH GUY JUST GOT THE TRASH AND I WISH ALL OF YOU WERE IN IT


Flying High - Athens

Video by Evani Alexandri


Saw opo-opos‘s post of their characters Parents and decided to give it ago myself to keep myself from being bored~!

Meet Autamri Memari & Suemimi Suemi. Evani’s Dad and Mum :3

For those that haven’t found the Descritpion of him on my Page, Evani takes mostly after his Mother. that being is eyes, Birthmark and freckles. 
Though he gets his Name, ears and face mostly from his father. Though his hair is a slight mix of the two. Having the faint highlights of Autamri’s but the brighter tones of Suemi’s 

Guess you could Evani’s a Mama’s boy xP hehe

Groo: Friends And Foes #8 by Sergio Argones

Groo: Friends and Foes #8
Sergio Aragonés (W/A/Cover), Mark Evanier (W), Stan Sakai (L), and Tom Luth ©
On sale Aug 19
FC, 32 pages
Let’s go to press! The most intrepid reporter in Groo’s world, Weaver, is back, accompanied as usual by his assistant, Scribe. This time, they try reporting the truth about Groo, but of course no one believes them. Concocted by the award-winning team of Sergio Aragonés and Mark Evanier, with letterer Stan Sakai and colorist Tom Luth!
“A beautifully cartooned, smartly written, lighthearted and enjoyable adventure book that also happens to be very, very hilarious."—Rhymes with Geek

Convention Center Scorecard: San Diego Stumbles, Las Vegas Dreams Bigger

Convention Center Scorecard: San Diego Stumbles, Las Vegas Dreams Bigger

Via Mark Evanier’s blog, I discovered two tidbits of interesting news:

  • The Riviera Hotel and Casino, one of the oldest on the Vegas Strip, was sold to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority for $182.5 Million.
  • The  San Diego Convention Center Corporation decided to default on a final payment due of nearly $13.8 million on a 6-acre parcel of land behind the convention center.


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Ups ma sattusin Londonisse üli odavate lennupiletitega! Olen siin kolmapäevani, aga postitusi teen ikka reisil olles. Täna on ilm väga kole seega ma söön nii tervislikku salatit, et ma pole ise ka päris kindel, mida ma söön.


Bizarre Police view of Brazilian investigative Blogger Metzker’s murder as ‘Crime of Passion’.

Brazilian blogger Evany Jose Metzker, 67, was found dead in one of Brazil’s most lawless and poverty stricken areas. He had been investigating child prostitution as well as corrupt politicians and drug dealing in the area and written a number of critical expose articles over recent months. Metzker had received many death threats over his years as an investigative reporter and his body was discovered after an anonymous tip-off when he had been missing for five days. He had been bound, severely tortured, scalped and decapitated, the injuries so severe that they still haven’t decided which one killed him. Under the circumstances it would seem likely that most people would understandably assume that Metzker’s violent murder had been perpetrated by a paedophile prostitution gang, a corrupt politician’s henchmen or a drug dealing gang, but according to a not surprisingly ‘anonymous’ local Police source “the murder may have been a Crime of Passion”. Obviously a risky place to live should you be partial to a spot of extra-marital nooky as you approach your seventies. Presumably the dead journalist’s family will at least be relieved that the Police haven’t labelled it a suicide, and you may not be surprised to hear that the crime clear-up rate by the local constabulary is somewhat below average.

Carlos Lauria, of the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists said that at least 14 Brazilian journalists have been killed since 2011 ‘in retaliation for their work, making Brazil a very dangerous country for journalists and the level of violence against them in Brazil is increasing and unacceptably high.’ This would seem to me to be something of an under-statement as it is surely true to say that any level of lethal violence against people just trying to do their job and report carefully researched facts to the public is un-acceptable. With the recent hacking to death of prominent American blogger Avijit Roy in Bangladesh in February by violent Islamists, the world is becoming a dangerous place for bloggers and journalists, and all those who try and expose those working against the interests of the majority in this troubled world. RIP Evany Jose Metzker.

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