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Alternate Anime Titles
  • One Piece: The Never-ending Story: The Anime Version
  • Bleach: Literally Anything that Actually Works as a Story Title Because Bleach? Come on.
  • Free!: How Gay Can We Make this Without the Characters Actually Being Gay: Water Version
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Shitty Father: Alchemy Edition
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Why To Never Date Anyone Ever
  • Noragami: Get Yato a Shrine 2k17
  • Neon Genesis Evangellion: Shitty Father: Robot Mindfuck Edition
  • Death Note: So THAT'S Why We Aren't Supposed to Post Our Full Name and Photo Online
  • Haikyuu: How Gay Can We Make This Without the Characters Actually Being Gay: Don't-Let-the-Balloon-Touch-the-Floor Edition
  • Attack on Titan: Shitty Father: Apocalypse Edition
  • High school of the Dead: That's Not How Boobs F*cking Work
  • Fate Series: People Die when They are Killed
  • Ajin: People Don't Die when They are Killed
  • Blue Exorcist: Shitty Father: Satan Edition
  • Yuri on Ice: How Gay Can We Make This without the Charac-- WAIT NO THEY'RE ACTUALLY GAY THIS TIME!!!
  • Code Geass: Jedi Mind Trick: The Anime
  • Jojo's Bizzare Adventure: What the Actual Fuck
  • Kill la Kill: Shitty Father: Oh Wait it's the Mom that's Shitty this Time
  • The Devil is a Part-Timer: The Entire Anime is Basically a Meme

*phone drawing
i admit i was actually lazy with this one??? im so sorry i didnt do justice to my boys :(
but ff i’ve been stressed about everything recently and im not motivated to do a n ythi n g??? ill still try to produce as much as i can akdbdksnns
tho i have like a few assignments due in a couple of weeks so i need to focus on them hrrrr

lol ill draw something bigger for them next time i promise

My list of recommended anime


Akira (Sci Fi/Dystopian/Cyberpunk, 1988)

Devilman: The Birth (Dub only, cause its hilarious, Horror, 1987)

Lupin the Third: Castle of Cagliostro (Crime, 1979)

Riding Bean (Crime/Action, 1989)

Ninja Scroll (VERY NSFW, Fantasy/Action, 1993)

Wicked City (VERY NSFW, Fantasy/Horror, 1987)

Megazone 23 (Scifi/Mecha/Cyberpunk, 1985-89)

Digital Devil Saga: Megami Tensei (Horror, 1987)

Neo-Tokyo (Scifi Anthology, 1987)

Memories (Scifi Anthology, 1995)

Perfect Blue (Psychological Thriller, 1997)

Ghost in the Shell (Scifi/Dystopian, 1995)

Pom Poko (Fantasy, 1994)

Wolf Children (Romance/Fantasy, 2012)

Jin-Roh: Wolf Brigade (Dystopian/Action, 1999)

Rurouni Kenshin Trust and Betrayal (Samurai/Historical Fiction/Action, 2003)

Sword of the Stranger (Historical Fiction/Samurai, 2007)

Millennium Actress (Fantasy/Romance, 2001)

Metropolis (Sci Fi/Dystopian, 2001)

Redline (Action/Scifi, 2009)

Patlabor (Military/Mecha, 1989)

Dead Leaves (Scifi/Comedy, 2004)

Short TV series

Gunbuster (Military/Mecha, 6 Episodes, 1988-89)

FLCL (Shounen, 6 episodes, 2000)

Afro-Samurai (Action, 5 Episodes, 2007)

Longer TV Series

Cowboy Bebop (Sci Fi/Crime, 26 Episodes, 1998)

Mob Psycho 100 (Shounen, 2016)

Neon Genesis Evangelion (26 Episodes, 1995-96)

Space Dandy (Scifi/Comedy, 26 Episodes, 2016)

Samurai Champloo (Historical Fiction, 26 Episodes, 2006)

Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood (Fantasy/Shounen, 38 Episodes, 2011)

Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Military/Sci-Fi, 110 EPisodes, 1988-97)

Lupin the Third: The Woman Named Fujiko Mine (VERY NSFW, Crime, 13 Episodes, 2012)


they’re only children. only four kids trying to live. art credit.

lunar. the first child.
1. flare homestuck 2. far away cocorise 3. ball jointed doll nicole dollanganger 4. water and sleep mirah 5. bloodflood alt j 6. thanatos soap&skin 7. i wanna be a witchteen suicide 8. lost it to trying son lux 9. malmo strfkr 10. symphony no. 8 and the canary’s last take emily wells 11. brother matt corby 12. on an unknown beach amanda palmer 13. paper forest (birds) emmy the great

solar. the second child.
1. wildcat ratat 2. like o, like h tegan and sara 3. second child, restless child the oh hello’s 4. diplomat’s son vampire weekend 5. beets untitled laura stevenson and the cans 6. eat that up, it’s good for you two door cinema club 7. the prayer bloc party 8. cassius foals 9. want it back amanda palmer 10. eat up foot ox 11. vesuvius sufjan stevens 12. iris emmy the great 13. saint veronika billy talent

terra. the third child.
1. floor pvndv 2. you are a runner and i am my father’s son wolf parade 3. if winter ends bright eyes 4. tough guy cyberbully mom club 5. two good things modern baseball 6. strawberries why? 7. putting the dog to sleep the antlers 8. sold dan mangan 9. cheerleader st. vincent 10. a better son/daughter rilo kiley 11. i’m not a good person pat ‘the bunny’ schneeweis 12. the trash the trash the trash jeff rosenstock 13. runs in the family amanda palmer

stellar. the fifth child.
1. taruka cirque du soleil 2. poor atlas dessa 3. dancing on our graves the grave diggers 4. flickers son lux 5. the sea is calling the temper trap 6. corpse roads keaton henson 7. to the lighthouse patrick wolf 8. human hands bowerbirds 9. peach the front bottoms 10. agape bear’s den 11. miss you foster the people 12. to see you alive flatsound 13. hollow talk choir of young believers