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This is a little bit overdue _(:‘3 I hit 800 followers a while ago but I’ve been in a bit of a art block and feeling all poo-poo so I apologize lots!


I’ve been wanting to do a fanart of Kaworu’s promotional outfit for the EVANGELION and Japanese Sword Exhibition for quite a long time. HOW COULD I RESISTS REALLY sobs I miss drawing traditional Japanese clothing and katanas _(:'3

He’s actually supposed to be preforming a chiburi, which is the swing used to shake the blood off the blade before preforming a noutou, or returning the blade to the sheath… ^q^;;


Today we went to Fuji-Q Highland o// it’s an amusement park with an excellent view of mount Fuji, but enough about that, our main attraction was the Neon Genesis Evangelion exhibition :D// and it most definitely did not disappoint ahhh I’d like one of those life sized evas, even of it was just a bust…. To be honest about 70% of it’s allure came from the sweet light show with sounds. Very nice mmhmmm
Thank you for the two photos featuring my old face (the ones not obviously selfie) to my lovely travel companion alexandriel


Evangelion Exhibition 2013

hoppspindel  asked:

Hi! what is that Neon genesis impact you've reblogged gifs from? It looks really nice! But when I google all I get is results from the old evangelion anime! And I thought it looked like the gifs was from something more recently made, the animation style looks different. I'd love to check it out, only if I knew what I was looking for haha x)

It’s a short film by STEVE N’ STEVEN Inc which was made for Japan Animator’s Exhibition. The Exhibition is held by Hideaki Anno’s Studio Khara so some of the animation shorts which are released in the Exhibition has Evangelion references in there OR they are about Evangelion. The exhibition releases new shorts weekly. ME! ME! ME! was also released in this exhibition.

You can watch Neon Genesis IMPACTS from here! This short came out last night so I don’t wonder why you didn’t find it from Google :P