I may have listened one too many times to a certain opening and all its countless remixes and versions while thinking about my sons like I always do.


Me a year ago in Japan being the Eva lover i am lol

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For you, who had everything taken away when you were just a child.
For you, who were used, but didn’t allow others to use you.
For you, who are a prodigy and excell at everything you do.
For you, who know are better than them, and make sure to shove it in their faces at every given opportunity.
For you, who wanted to be an adult more than anything else.
For you, who were cursed with the eternal body of a child.
For you, who were deprived of your dreams over and over again.
For you, who hate the world in all its aspects.
For you, who were tortured, physically and psychologically, several times.
For you, who lost an eye, but not the attitude.
For you, who stay alive out of pure, fucking spite.
For you, Soryu and Shikinami.
For you, Asuka.
Happy birthday.