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I really want Hope and Natasha to hang out because they’re a couple of badass ladies and I feel like they would get along wonderfully. They can just beat up a bunch of dudes doing this cool fighting move and it would be awesome. Marvel please give me a movie ASAP. 


Here you go :D


“Tauriel, you can not hunt 30 orcs on your own.”

“But I’m not on my own.”

I’ll always be a Legolas/Tauriel girl ;)

Legolas and Tauriel costumes, leather work and most props by me.
Wigs by me. Tauriel wig was hand made from scratch and measures approx. 45-46 inches from widows peak to end curl. Legolas wig was purchased and the hairline was hand ventilated by me.
Tauriel’s bow by Weta Workshop
Contacts by FourEyez.com
Photography and editing by me

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