So I’m finally doing one of these! 2013 was a great year, and I met some great people on here. You are all amazing, and I hope you understand that I love each and every person I follow. People who are or have been my friend at some point are bolded and my favourites are in italics. Sorry I couldn’t put everyone on here. Message me if I missed you if I did I’m sorry.

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accio-percabeth  ackting  alaskayoun  alohomora-the-tardis  amyponderly  bellatrixt  bestunderworldkiss  blathazar  bring-me-something-brown  brittanyblueberry  brookeeverdeen  capitole  ceceliawoof classanddignity  clarasity  dauntlessshadowhuntress  demigd  demigodish 

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entirely–our–own  erudite  evanescoincarcerous  everddale  everlarrrk  fearlesspond  flikarman  fluerdelxcour  flyawayeleven  fredweasleys  frickyfracking  goldensnitched  gryfflndor  gwenstxcyhappybenedict  haymitcha  hermioneys  hookingemma 

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if-youre-gonna-do-it-do-it-right  impossiblypond  itsfinnick  jenniferlawrencedaily  jingalebell johnlockinthesnogbox juliansblackthorns  katnissspark  lady-abaddon  lannistairelovegoodl  l3rron 

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maraoders  marcmumford  masonlyours  mockingdream  mod-erntimes  moriarmy odairfull odairsone  odalr  ohdear-prongs  ohlys  ohpercy  owdair  percychased  p-e-r-f-e-c-t-f-a-n-t-a-s-y  perhcy  potterdursley 

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queen-comma-the  ravenclahw  remusodair  slythlerin  slythorin  sowrongitsdestiel  sunshine-in-slices  sweaterloki  tardismyoldgirl  taro18  thessagray  theturtle-hermitway  tobiaseatan 

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ughmalfoy  ultrasmalltowngirl  underworld-ing  watersaugustus  waylannd  wereallbrave  whatwasthatyoujustsaid  whoisreturning  willherondael  youre-divergent-clary 

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