evanescence confessions

“I remember waking up to seeing music videos shown on MTV in the mornings. I was only four when Evanescence made their break through on the charts. At that time my family owned a projector and had surround sound. So? I would wake up to seeing Amy Lee and hearing her rock goddess voice. I thought it was pretty rad how I spent my mornings listen to Evanescence blaring throughout my house. It may of seemed pretty lame to others, but to me it was the birth of confidence and dreams.”

It’s great that Amy is in a much happier state of mind – No, really! I’m very glad for her – but now the songs don’t seem as heartfelt and relate-able as they used to be. I used to be able to turn to Evanescence’s music in my darkest times. Now, it’s like, “Okay, Amy. I’m happy for your joy” but I miss their old sound/feel… I guess I’ll cling to their older albums.