“Playing with other people is like having a conversation, you start out listening to their “voice”, trying to figure out where they’re coming from and respond with your own “voice”, trying to complement them while adding something new. Having similar musical ideals is like having similar opinions, you get on really well, but the best “conversations” come when the “opinions” differ slightly, and you can grow musically by trying to understand and respond”. Evan Davies

Book Review - Made in Britain, Evan Davis

Title: Made In Britain

Author: Evan Davis

Publisher: Little, Brown

‘Made in Britain’ is the book written to go along with the BBC TV mini-series of the same name. It is essentially an analysis of past and present industries in Great Britain which was also written to persuade the reader that we are not as “useless” as many think we are. Using BAE Systems, Brompton Bikes and Berwin&Berwin as the shining examples of our success, Davis invites the reader to look past our everyday goods and services to see the work done by British citizens and presents the opportunity for Britain to be proud of ourselves once again.

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I’m in back with 1 synth adding to the already fabulous hooping w 2 LEDs in the front. Thanks for the clip, Denise! ♥♥♥ #flowstorm2014 #flowstorm #synthhoop #ledhooping #neonemu #evandavis