When a Hockey Player Wants A Cookie:
  • Tyler Seguin: "I'll show you my abs for that cookie"
  • P.K Subban: "I'll beat Brendan Gallagher in a Duel challenge for your cookie"
  • Brendan Gallagher: "I'll cheat on a Duel challenge for your cookie"
  • Ben Bishop: "I'm tall can I have the cookie pleeeease?"
  • Johnny Gaudreau: "I....well...the cookie..." *gasps loudly for some reason*
  • Evander Kane: "I got money, can I get that cookie from you, ma?"
  • Jordan Eberle: "Hallsy didn't get any cookies from the grocery, can I have yours?"
  • Henrik Lundqvist: *just exists and you give him the cookie*
  • David Pastrnak: "I am new here. Oh is that cookie?"
  • Eddie Lack: "Can I have the cookie, please?" *Sits patiently*

Favorite Hockey Fights - Evander Kane vs. Matt Cooke (2/?)


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