David Hallberg

“This incredible ballerina of our time takes her final bow with Paris Opera Ballet on Monday May 18. I watched her when I was at the school, in awe. And years later danced with her in Robbins’ Other Dances. The opening of the ballet, we walk on stage, take hands and look at each other in the eyes. I’ll never forget the way she looked at me. Simple. Stunning. And in that look taught me that we never have to sell on stage, just present ourselves and be honest. What an artist.” x

“One of my favorite moments on stage was with her.” x

I will truly miss Aurelie Dupont on stage. She shaped my view of Paris Opera and subtle class when I was a petit rat.” x

Evgenia Obraztsova

Q: Your rolemodel?
EO: Aurélie Dupont. x

“Aurélie Dupont, like I said, I love her, she is one of my favorite dancers in the world.” x

Josua Hoffalt

“We are not from the same generation, at first I only dreamed of her, now I dream with her, it’s great, it could hardly be better: being appointed by her side, it was special for me.” x

Evan McKie

“I could see immediately that her dancing is all from her heart. She is so natural in her motivation for each step. So many ballerinas offer a partner beautiful icing on the cake but when you look closer there is only icing and no cake. With Aurélie it’s the opposite. There is so much substance to her as an artist that she doesn’t need anything extra! That is very rare and pure.” x

“Aurélie defined BALLERINA.” x

“I’m officially in love w Aurélie Dupont. She makes me feel things onstage that I, myself don’t understand.” x

Sara Mearns

“That’s my kind of ballerina!” x

Ashley Bouder

“I love Aurélie Dupont…” x

Maria Alexandrova

“Aurélie Dupont is most surprising: very different on stage, than off. When we did Neumeier’s « Midsummer’s Dream », I saw her dance Titania: she was excellent, every detail thought through, one can’t imagine a more stylish interpretation.” x

Sergei Filin

Q: Your ideal woman?
SF: Ballerina Aurélie Dupont, the star of Opéra de Paris… x

Maria Kowroski

“I always loved watching you dance” x

Marianela Nunez

“ You are amazing! Thank you for inspiring me… “

Ballet Men: Principal Dancer Evan McKie makes his debut in Chroma.

Evan was born in Toronto, Ontario and trained at Canada’s National Ballet School, The Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, D.C. and the John Cranko School in Germany. Evan danced with Stuttgart Ballet from 2001—2014 before joining The National Ballet of Canada as a Principal Dancer in 2014.

Chroma returns to the stage next week from March 4—8 with The Man in Black & Allegro BrillanteCarousel (A Dance). Click here for more details on the mixed programme.

Toronto-born Evan McKie is a Principal Guest Artist with The National Ballet of Canada. Currently Principal Dancer with Stuttgart Ballet, Mr. McKie is also a photographer, choreographer and guest writer for Dance Magazine and Shinshokan Dance magazine.

Evan will dance the role of Siegfried in Swan Lake March 13 and 16 with Principal Guest Artist Svetlana Lunkina as Odette/Odile. Buy Tickets Here.