Hey guys! In celebration of our return from hiatus, we are doing an official Tumblr answer time with most of the cast and crew. We are so excited to talk to you all about Season 3, our recent trip to Emerald City Comic Con, and anything else you want to know!


Tuesday, March 7th @ 12PM PST/3PM EST


Lauren Shippen (Creator/Writer/Voice of Sam) 
Julia Morizawa (Voice of Dr. Bright)
Briggon Snow (Voice of Caleb) 
Alex Gallner (Voice of Adam)
Anna Lore (Voice of Chloe)
Charlie Ian (Voice of Damien) 
Ian McQuown (Voice of Agent Green)  
Alex Marshall-Brown (Voice of Wadsworth)
Mischa Stanton (Sound Producer)
Evan Cunningham (Composer) 

When the 7th comes around, make sure to head to our ask box and get your questions answered! And feel free to ask Qs to specific members of the team!


We Are Evan Hansen I The Actors I Dear Evan Hansen

Ben Platt, Laura Dreyfuss, Rachel Bay Jones, Jennifer Laura Thomson, Michael Park, Mike Faist, Will Roland, Kristolyn Lloyd, Garrett Long, Asa Somers, Colton Ryan, Olivia Puckett, and Michael Lee Brown

Has anyone else seen any of the understudies/swings in Dear Evan Hansen? I saw Michael Lee Brown as Jared, and he was very different than Will Roland’s version (as seen in the bootleg). Does anyone else have stories about the understudies? I can share mine, too, if you’d like!