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Michael Langdon (NSFW) Headcanons

Older! Michael

  • He would love to call you pet names, the way your body reacted to them absolutely destroyed all his self control
  • “Come on Princess, just a little more,”
  • He’s definitely into choking
  • Wrapping his ring clad fingers around the soft skin of your throat and feeling the vibration of your moans turns him on so mucH
  • While his hand is clasped around your neck he would move his thumb up to your lips, caressing them gently before dipping it into your warm mouth
  • The praises that fall from his mouth made you meLt to the point where you’re trembling underneath him
  • “You’re so sensitive kitten,”
  • Adores toying with your clit, eventually making it throb in pain with how overstimulated it is
  • Can’t stress enough how he loves eye contact especially while he is thrusting into you, the way your eyes flutter and how your mouth produces those lewd noises drive him insane
  • A lot of teasing, he would edge you until tears were streaming down your face and you were begging for his mercy
  • “M-Michael, I C-Can’t,”
  • “Yes you can, and you will.”
  • He is so fucking dominant and rough
  • Plenty of Blood play including the occasional blood ritual sex
  • Michael keeps a stash of different knifes for these occasions, leaving small nicks and cuts along your torso while trailing hickeys down your stomach
  • As well as licking up the blood afterwards because he thinks you taste so sweet
  • The stinging of the wounds mixed with his praises is enough to make a girl reach the edge
  • Not to mention he always kisses the soft skin of your thighs before diving in to taste you, making the moment much more sensual
  • He is beyond skilled with that tongue of his
  • “Open your eyes sweetheart, I want to see you fall apart,”
  • Obeying him and as soon as you make eye contact, he sunk his fingers into your heat making you whimper ever so slightly
  • The pace of his fingers becoming so brutal to the point where you have to let out a muffled scream
  • Muffled because Ms Venable can’t be able to hear the two of you or strict repercussions would follow
  • “That’s it Angel, Cum for me,”
  • Hair pulling kinK
  • When you tangle your fingers through his strawberry blonde hair and tug, he lets out little whines and moans which are so hOt
  • Raking your nails down his muscular back makes him growl
  • He hates it when you try to stifle the noises you make while he’s pleasing you
  • “Hold them back and I will punish you, do not test me little one,”
  • He wants to absolutely R U I N you in every way possible
  • After lapping up your juices, he would press his aching red lips against yours allowing you to taste yourself on his tongue.
  • “You taste wonderful, don’t you agree?”
  • “Yes, Sir.”


Me showing up at Ryan Murpheys door if Michael isn’t in the next season

Also weed just became legal in Canada, and I’m very high and can’t stop watching Cody fern videos, and looking at pictures of Cody fern. I need help this man is ruining me, I don’t understand how he’s so attractive.


*wind blows sand into dust cloud*

Me: *swallows*

Bro: Oh no…

Mom: What?! What’s wrong?!

Me: *lip quivers*

Sister: Not again!

Bro: No, don’t cry!

Mom: What is happening?!

Me: *whispering as I hold back tears* P-Peter…

I’ve honestly never been more proud of myself.

There is a parallel universe where...

Bucky likes Deadpool’s wife

Captain America seduces Peter Quill’s ex

Everett Ross and Doctor Strange are best friends

Tony Stark has relationship with aunt May in Rome

Spider-man and Thor goes to sea hunting whales

Pepper is dating Hulk

Old Spider-man tries to be part of  the Avengers

Vulture is a superhero (None other than Batman)

And Natasha and Steve are happy together

Imagine your favorite celeb going on Tumblr and discovering imagines, one shots and fanfics.. about them.

That is all.

Have a nice day.

Bonus: actual reaction:

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Thanos: Well, little spider, looks like I gotta hurt you!

Peter: *preparing himself to fight*

Unknown voice: WHAT THE FUCK?!?!??

Peter: May?! What are you doing here!


Thanos: Excuse me Miss but I’m trying to take over th-


Thanos: Aw shit sorry bye!

I Wanna Be Yours [Tate Langdon x Reader]

Requests: “I’m actually not into fluff (give me all the smut), but you write some about Tate drawing reader (or the other way around)? I think of him, even though he is popular for his music taste, more as a painter than musician. Love your writings xoxo” - Anon 

“Can you do a kinky Tate imagine ;)” - Anon

“Can you do a post-death Tate Langdon smut please? I love your imagines btw! 😊” - Anon

“girl reader smuts pls. idrc who with:)” - Anon

“Hey! Love your blog by the way! Do you think you can do another Tate Langdon smut fic? I would love that 💕💕” - @gabygarcia5

Warnings: SIN, NOT PROOFREAD (at all), SMUT, FEM!READER, not proofread, blowjob, swallowing cum, spanking, dirty talk, rough sex, slight daddy kink, begging kink, unprotected sex (again), sorta OOC Tate, Reader is aware Tate is dead, tbh probably more

Word Count: 1.2k 

A/N: I’m going to hell. It’s fine, though, because you’re all going to be there with me. 

(This gets weird towards the end, I know. I stayed up until like 5am last night to finish this so I could post it today. Don’t judge me. This whole thing is just a mess though tbh. & it’s not proofread like I barely read the damn thing when I wrote it, so let me know about any errors.)

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We love MCU cast because...

He is so shy and emotional

They make fun of each other

And so close to their characters

Someone always spoilers

They have the perfect chemistry

And respect their fans

They are heroes in real life

There are some awesome brits

They are so childish

One of them is just one of us

And it all started with Robert Downey Jr. 

Dating Tate Langdon Would Include


A/N: This is set post death for Tate and the setting is as if you’d met him in the Murder House.

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- Listening to music together all the time

- Tate never wanting you to leave the house (because he can’t of course), and always trying to convince you to stay

- “Please, I have another song to show you, or we could play something, come on we’ll find something fun to do…”

- “Tate I have school, I have to go” (because you already have way to many absences from ditching to be with him)

- Him greeting you right away when you get home everyday

- Him literally wanting to spend every moment with you (even when you want to be alone)

- “Tate I don’t feel like doing anything, I just want to lay here, I’m exhausted,”

- “Oh, well that sounds fine, we can just lay here then”

- Him wanting to protect you always 

- Cuddling, especially when he hasn’t seen you for a while, or when the two of you makeup after a fight

- Tate always trying to come up with fun things for you to do together and being frustrated he is unable to leave the house so you could actually go places together

- You having to reassure him, constantly 

- Planning what the two of you will do on halloween months in advance

*Hulk picks up Thanos*

“this bitch empty! yeet!”