If Ryan Murphy thought that having Evan Peters engage in a sexually charged conversation with the antichrist and then get fucked by the leather man and get whipped while calling out the names of gay icons would effectively distract us all from the fact that he had an entire 45 minute episode where literally nothing happened to further the plot in any way…

… then he is absolutely correct and I think he’s on to us, guys.

What I love the most about the AHS fandom is that in one second we can be having a Presidental-Election-Candidates type of debate about whether Tate Langdon is a violent psychopath or just misunderstood and the very next second we all agree on taking turns fucking the actual Antichrist.

Evan Peters in all the AHS seasons

Murder house: a psychopath who sets his moms boyfriend on fire, shots a lot of kids in his school, gets killed by the police and rapes his girlfriend’s mom as a ghost which ends in creating the antichrist.
Asylum: a guy who got kidnapped by aliens, is arrested and wrongly accused of being a murderer, gets locked up in an Asylum where he is horrible toured but ends up a happy hippie, just to get kidnapped by aliens at the end again.
Coven: Boy who’s sexually assaulted by his mum, then gets killed by a witch brought back to life, having a threesome and ending up with a girl whose vagina can kill people but he is fine because he is a zombie now anyway.
Freak Show: LOBSTER WOOD HANDS, both of his parents get killed and people hate him because he is a freak but at least he has a happy end starting a family with a two-headed woman after he and his friends kill a psychopath.
Hotel: a Serial killer who build his own Hotel to kill people, married a vampire Lady, got killed because police caught him but continue killing in his Hotel as a ghost anyway and celebrating every year with other Serial Killers a happy murder killing party.
Roanoke: Cute, loveable normal human being, who plays a gay slave keeper on a TV show just to get killed at the end because of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Cult: a psychopathic Cult leader which is a more sympathetic, intelligent and attractive Trump Version and that is terrifying as hell. Thank god he gets shot in the head and dies. He also plays several other cult leaders like Marshall Applewhite, Charles Manson, David Koresh, Jim Jones and Jesus. Oh and not to forget Andy Warhol lol
Apocalypse: a gay hairdresser, who has a leather fetish, killed his nana and has a boner for the Antichrist his Character in Murder House created and is probably going to die … we will see.

What a reference, Evan Peters must have so much fun portraying all those twisted characters.

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So you’re telling me they knew right away about Timothy and Emily having sex but didn’t hear Mr. Gallant moaning as he was taking it from behind?

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The Interview - Michael Langdon Imagine

Summary - yea this is pretty much Mr. Gallant’s interview scene except with the reader and some new additional stuff

Warnings - swearing, sexual questions I guesss? some steamy stuff also no smut though, AHS stuff so

A/N: I wrote this while rewatching the interview scene so that’s fun

An awkward silence filled the room as Langdon stared into your eyes. His perfectly styled hair ran down about 2 inches past his shoulders and he was covered in a black suit. You examined every inch of his body until he finally spoke.

“Hello.” His chilling voice said, as he continued to stare into your soul.

“Uhhh… hey?” You said, unsure if you should respond in a kind, jokeful or serious tone.

“I’m going to tell you how this works.” He says,

“You will tell me everything about you and you will be honest. Because if you lie I will know. If you try and trick me I will know. And you will die painfully and slowly right where you sit.” He explains,

“Do you understand?”

“Yes. You explained it loud and clear.” You say quietly.

“Alright, we shall start.” He clears his throat.

“What is your sexual orientation?” He asks.

“Well, I don’t really know.” You try to stay cheery. He looked into your eyes deeply, and didn’t respond.

“I’m *your sexuality*, okay? You understand?” You burst out, regretting it instantly.

“Yes.” He replies, slightly more intimidating then when he last spoke.

“Who do you think deserves a shot at living out of the people that are here?”

“Well, I think Mr. Gallant has redeemable qualities. All of them really do. Except Coco. Please, do not take Coco. That bitch is two faced and annoying.”

“Good to know…” He gets up and sits near you on the desk.

“But, my top choices are Gallant and Emily. They’re the best out of the people here. Mallory is also nice. And I enjoy her company.” You explained.

“If you had to choose one person here to have sexual relations with from this outpost, who would you choose and why?” Langdon asked.

You cleared your throat.

“Does this question make you uncomfortable?” He asks, moving closer.

“A little. Is it getting hot in here? I think it’s getting hot in here.” You fan yourself.

“Answer the question, Y/N.” he says quietly, getting just a few inches away from your face, staring into your eyes once again.

“You…” you choke as you say it.

“That answer doesn’t count.” He raises his eyebrow.

“Doesn’t it?” You say, scooting closer to him. He brushes his lips up against yours. You rest your hand on his shoulder.

You crash your lips into his. He grabs the back of your head and pushes into you. He picks you up and puts you on the desk, gripping his hands into your waist, pushing down so hard you know it will leave bruises.

His hands travel to your neck, lightly choking you. You throw your head back, smirking. He lets his hands go and grips the back of your head, pushing your lips into his.

Your hands wrap around the collar of his shirt, as his hands travel to your back, ready to take off your dress.

“Langdon?” You hear Ms. Mead’s voice say outside of the door.

“Veneable would like to see you.” She says, interrupting you and Langdon.

“I will be right out.” He replies, taking his hands off your back. You sigh in disappointment.

“It’s been almost 19 months without any contact like that, and of course, it gets interrupted.” You say, getting up off the desk and fixing your hair.

“We can always continue this later.” He looks over at you and smirks.

“I will see you at dinner, Y/N.” He opens the door for you to leave.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

So what if the rubber man is now a separate entity from Tate? Hear me out

People who die on the grounds of murder house are stuck there forever, so Tate can’t leave murder house. Sure, Michael could use his demon-y powers, but here’s the thing: I don’t think Michael knows he’s the antichrist

I’m sure he knows he’s something. But c’mon, this guy was raised by Constance. Do you think she would tell him that she stole him away from a family that lived next door, and his real dad is a school shooter who raped his girlfriend’s mom to give the wailing ghost in the house a baby, and he has a dead twin living with his dead mother and his dead half sister/his dad’s girlfriend, living in the house with what would be his stepdad where he could actually go visit them and, most importantly, leave Constance? Nah

I think that at some point, the rubber man separated from Tate. Maybe because Tate was wearing the suit when Michael was conceived and that amount of pure evil had to go somewhere, had to follow that baby wherever it went. Either way, I don’t think it can be both of them