evan thomson

TMNT 2012 Casey Jones Mask Evolution:
1 (reference: Zombie Boy / My Chemical Romance-Gerard Way / AHS - Tate Langdon: Evan Peters )

2 (reference: Jason)

3 (reference: TMNT 2014- Casey Jones: Steven Amell / TMNT 1990- Casey Jones: Elias Koetas
Slipknot-Mick Thomson)


I personally think it’s hilarious how Nadia Torres can defend that she’s a whore with class when clearly class is what’s she’s in lack of. Not only is she playing around with school stud; Dave O'Brien, Ivy nerd; Evan Thomson, and bad boy; Kol Mikaelson, but she was also seen opening the door for none other than JJ yesterday. I personally don’t know what game she think she’s playing, but I can see right through you. You are nothing more than a guy’s easy target. Nadia rules; if you open the door, open your legs. Ain’t that right, Nadia?