evan thompson photography


Chilled with the homie evanthompsonphotography the other day while he got his hair game right. Made the call to my guy Rio at Chicago’s.

John: “Yoo…where you at?”

Rio: “at the shop…what’s good?”

John: “my patna needa cut…you got him? I’m slide through right now? who you got in the chair?”

Rio: “nobody…slide through”

John: “on the way…right on blood”

…and then this happened…



Chicago’s Barbershop. 1000 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94115



Jan 18th. 8pm, Clarion Alley in San Francisco. The most CRAZIEST the MOST MASSIVE and THE MOST FUCKIN EPIC photo meet-up in LIFE took place. The 3rd installment of the Flask Mob movement was nothing short of historical. Hosted by that dude evanthompsonphotography. As we start mobbin through the streets, the amount of people that was there was unreal. UNREAL!! Anything from 5pts stopping traffic so we can get the shot, to kids spinning steel wool infront of the police station **shouts out to @henny_sf**, to the police just following the mob with the most confused looks on their faces. Police cars swarm the mob but couldn’t stop the movement. Every corner and at the end of every alleyway there was a cop car. BUT THEY COULDN’T DO SHIT. AYE THO…The streets were filled with great vibes to be stopped by anybody. It was so much love out there. As the night winded down the after party at Sloane was the cherry on top. Shouts out to **@twotwentytwo** for getting everybody situated at Sloan and a BIG BIG Shouts out to my guy evanthompsonphotography , myfriendsresembleanimals , **@davidbaker** 5pts the TEAM for yet another successful night…shouts out to abovethecut for catching everything on film. and another BIG shouts out to one of the mob members for coming from WAY OUT FROM NEW ZEALAND to run with us!!! Till the 15th of Feb…Deuces