evan slater

Big Fun Kidz Bop Edition

Dad says, act our age,
You heard the man, now let’s behave!
Blast the bass, turn off the lights
Mom and dad are home tonight
Drink juice, it’s all cool
Let’s go swimming in my pool
Say thank you and be polite
Cause mom and dad are home tonight

It's the Tony's,,,

They’re about to announce best musical,,,,

People await breathlessly,,,,

A 2 second pause that lasts a year,,,,,

DEH fans hold their breath,,,

Great Comet fans pull their hair,,,,

The war was finally about to end,,,,

We would finally figure out which would win,,,,

Deh vs great comet,,,,,,,

They start to talk,,,,,

“And the winner is,,,”

A pregnant pause,,,,





Friend: What’s your favorite thing on a guy?

Me: Belts.



R-Truth: “That’s cool, though, man, that’s cool. Your dad wants to show his son off.”
The Miz: “But he never compliments ME, it’s always, like, ‘Oh, yeah, you’re doing OK.’ He always compliments, like, Kofi.”
Curtis Axel: “Kofi’s his favorite, isn’t he?”
The Miz: “It’s Kofi, it’s KEITH Slater…”
Curtis Axel: “Keith Slater.”
The Miz: “Keith Slater. I’m, like, dad, it’s Heath. ‘Yeah, Keith Slater.’ HEATH!”
R-Truth: “He looks like a Keith to me.”
Curtis Axel: “Didn’t he like Evan Bourne?”
The Miz: “He LOVED Evan Bourne. 'Mike, why don’t you do any of that stuff that Evan Bourne does?’ Well, dad, because your genetics doesn’t allow me to do that, OK?”