evan sabahnur

Evan is growing so quickly!  Into Cable.

[Deadpool #45, page 41]

So while Evan was hanging with Wade, he swiped some of Wade’s old gear and nearly robbed a bank … 

[Deadpool #45, page 42]

Some of Wade’s old gear …

Hold up. 

That doesn’t look like Wade’s stuff.

… just whose gear was that?

[Cable & Deadpool #1, page 20]

[Cable & Deadpool #4, page 13] 

[Cable & Deadpool #5, cover] 

Nate, you need to stop leaving your clothes at Wade’s place.

Impressionable young super heroes might wear them and no one needs a nineties fashion revival.

Admittedly, the clothes probably didn’t –

[Deadpool #45, page 43]

Natch.  Evan shrunk them with super powers.  Cool.  Everything is explained.

[Deadpool #45, page 43]

Evan is the sweetest of things.  Look at him being so badass.

Getting more like Nate every day.

ive been reading wolverine and the x-men and now im in too deep…plz give me an animated series of these kids