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Tony: Where’s Peter? 

Steve: He went out. 

Tony: He’s grounded. 

Steve: [surprised] Are they not suppose to be let out when they’re grounded? 

Young!Sirius Black imagine - I'm in love?, part 2

‘I’m i-what?’ Y/N asked her best friend.

‘You’re in love’ lily replied, ‘how did you not know?’

'I guess the thought never really came to my mind’ Y/N whispered, still shocked at the new information brought to her by her best friend.

'Come on, it’s dinner’ said lily, walking out of her dorm room.

'Coming’ Y/N replied, following her best friend out of the dorm and to the dining hall. (Is that what it’s called?¿)


Y/N sat down in her usual place by lily and the marauders. She was facing Remus and Sirius with lily and peter at her side.

She was sitting in her seat, wide eyed and still in shock, Remus had noticed and asked her a couple times, so had peter, if she was OK. Y/N barely replied each time, thought if Sirius flooding her mind. She stood up, rather abruptly and urged Remus to follow her, she had to talk to someone and lily was too busy 'hating’ Potter.

'What’s wrong?’ Remus asked.

'Imsortakindainlovewithyourbestfriend’ she replied, talking quick.

'What?’ Remus asked, giving Y/N a confused look.

'I’m in love with Sirius’ she said.

But you hate him’

'Hated. I hated him, until lily told me the reason I was upset that I saw Sirius with another girl was because I’m in love with him.’

'Wow, that’s erm I-I have no idea how to respond to that.’ He replied honestly.

'You don’t have to, tell the others that I went to the library to study or something’

Remus nodded and headed back inside, as Y/N walked down to the library. Thoughts of Sirius clouded her brain, tackling her every thought. She tried to not think about him, but failed rather miserably as her mind constantly made its way back to Sirius.

Y/N sat in the library using her time to study, in order to take her mind off a certain someone. She got up to take some books back to the shelves, however, she dropped one on her foot. Cursing under her breath, she bent down to pick up the book. Y/N shot up when she heard the door to the library open.

Looking around, Y/N walked back to her seat after putting away the books. Walking back, she tripped on a book that must have been left out, pushing her hands out she braced for impact with the hard floor, but instead came into contact with a hard chest and a strong pair of arms.

'You have got to stop bumping into me’ laughed Sirius, helping her steady herself.

'I’m not in the mood black’ Y/N muttered, not expecting him to care, which explains why she was taken back when she heard him reply in a rather sincere tone.

'What’s wrong love?’


She shivered upon hearing the nickname he used for her.

'Nothing’s wrong Sirius, why don’t you go snog Marlene or some other girl’ She snapped.

'Woah what’s got your knickers in a twist’ he chuckled.

'Sirius, leave me alone’ she barked (aye see what I did there)

'I don’t want to’ he said, smirking at the Y/H/C haired girl.

'I’m serious’ (see what I did there ;)

'No you’re Y/N, I’m Sirius’ he laughed.

'Oh my merlin, will you leave me alone’ she shouted.

'Shhhhh’ hissed madam prince.

Y/N collected her stuff and walked out the library, Sirius following her like a lost puppy (I’m sorry I really am ill stop).

'Why are you shouting at me?!’ Sirius asked





At this point tears were building up in Y/N’s eyes, threatening to escape. Y/N blinked and decided shouting was not the way to go about this.

'You have snogged every girl in our year’ Y/N said, closing her eyes for a second.

'That’s not true, I haven’t snogged you or lily’ he barked (didn’t I say I would stop? Oops)

'That isn’t the point sirius’ she sighed.

'Ok then, why would me snogging someone make you upset’ he asked, raising his arms in exasperation.

'Because it just does’ Y/N said, clutching on to her books.

'That makes no sense’ he replied, cocking an eyebrow, ’ at least tell me why it makes you upset’

Y/N sighed loudly, clearly annoyed by his obliviousness. ~I may as well tell him, she thought, then I could avoid him and these stupid feelings will go away.~ (sorry italics won’t work for me)

'Because is in love with you’ she shouted, running her free hand through her hair.

'Y-you’re what?’ Sirius asked, dumbfounded by her confession.

'I’m in love with you, and it hurts to see you with a different girl everyday, and it sucks. I never knew that I felt this way, I always thought I hated you, but I don’t. I love you and you know what the worst thing about falling in love with you is? I actually thought I might have a chance, but you would never give me a chance.’ She cried, not caring about the tears, she’d already lost her dignity and broke her heart, what’s a few tears compared to that?

'Y-Y/N, I-’ Sirius stammered.

'Please spare me the 'I only like you as a friend’ speech, you’ll never like me back, I know that. So please just leave me alone’ she shouted, tears falling from her cheeks, turning on her heal, she ran. As far away from Sirius as she could.


A/N: you’re probably thinking 'I hate this writer, why dOES SHE DO THIS?’ Because I sure am. I don’t know why I left it on a cliffhanger but I’ll post part 3 tomorrow and yeah. Also what was with the Sirius jokes? I’m weird but that’s OK.

-Erin /*

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marauders, barty, reg, lily whats your biggest regret?

James: I know this sounds like I’m joking, but probably treating Snape badly.  I didn’t do it for any reason other than he was good friends with Lily and I thought he liked her.  

Peter: I don’t really have a major one.  Probably not eating the last cake for dessert today…

Remus: The way I behaved a few weeks ago.  I was awful to Regulus, and we’re supposed to be friends.  

Sirius: The Whomping Willow prank.

Barty: Mine would be not admitting my feelings for Reg earlier, because all those years were just wasted when we could have been kissing every night.

Regulus: Feeling the way I used to feel about Sirius.  Because I feel like it just started so much, and now he’s the one suffering.

Lily: Not trying to make up with my sister sooner.

James Potter:
- Was a bully
- Jinxed people when he was bored and laughed at it
- Was totally okay with Remus being a werewolf
- Became an unregistered animagus so that his werewolf friend wouldn’t have to suffer through the full moon alone
- Realized within a few years what a douche he was to people
- Changed for the better
- Loved his wife and his son with all his heart and wanted only what was best for them
- Joined the Order of the Phoenix as soon as he left Hogwarts
- Faced Lord Voldemort without a wand, in hope of buying Lily and Harry time, knowing that he stood no chance of surviving

Severus Snape:
- Thought muggle-borns were inferior
- Called his only friend “mudblood”
- Became a Death Eater
- Told Voldemort about the prophecy, bc he was 100% okay with killing an infant
- When he got to know that it was Lily’s son, he asked Voldemort to spare HER, not caring how she would feel to have her son and husband killed
- Bullied Harry simply because he was James’ son
- Bullied Neville until he became the poor boy’s WORST FEAR (that same poor boy who witnessed his parents get tortured to insanity by Bellatrix, yet SNAPE was his worst fear.)
- Shamed Hermione for her teeth until she cried. And then she permanently changed them.
- Threatened to kill Trevor when Neville failed to do a potion
- Used his position of power as a teacher to make students’ lives miserable
- Told everyone Lupin was a werewolf, and intended to get him fired - Knew that Sirius didn’t tell Voldemort the Potters’ location (I could explain how but I can’t bother now) but still wanted him to get a dementor’s kiss bc of what happened when they were 16 - Helped Harry in the end

But sure, go ahead and tell me Snape was a better person than James.