evan peters is my life


James Potter

Born~ March 27 1960


Alliances~The Marauders

Relationships~ Lily Evans (Lover)

                         Sirius Black (Best friend/Brother)

                         Remus Lupin (Best friend/Brother)                          

                         Peter Pettigrew (Friend-Enemy)

Status~ Deceased

  • Someone: What's you relationship status?
  • Me: Emotionally invested in platonic and romantic relationships of fictional characters and real life people living thousands of miles away from me.
  • Me: *looks at my fav character*
  • Me: OK seriously this fucking asshole just fucking my life up God help me
  • Random person: ur fav ain't that great
  • Me: *glares*
  • Me: *brings out powerpoint*
  • Me: *hands out spreadsheets and graphs*
  • Me: *makes person sit down*
  • Me: look here you fucking rotten potato