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James Potter

Born~ March 27 1960


Alliances~The Marauders

Relationships~ Lily Evans (Lover)

                         Sirius Black (Best friend/Brother)

                         Remus Lupin (Best friend/Brother)                          

                         Peter Pettigrew (Friend-Enemy)

Status~ Deceased


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Leavers Ball

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Hi this is my first fanfic I hope it was up to your expectations and I also hope you like it Thank you @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch​ for giving me a chance and letting me write this.

It was a few days for the Leavers ball -A ball for the last years- and my dressed had finally arrived, It was beautiful, I was going with my boyfriend Draco (He of course hadn’t see what the dress looks like) we had planned to go together but he still asked me on our trip to Hogsmeade it was pretty sweet since then Pansy has been a pain in the arse she is always trying to split Draco and me. 

“y/n, Sweetheart” Draco said snapping me back to reality I smiled at him

“Yes?’’ I asked trying to recall what we were talking about he shook his head with a grin, “What were you thinking about?” 

“Just about the ball” I said “speaking of has Pansy tried anything else to ruin the ball?” I rolled my eyes at the mention of her name, Pansy Parkinson has been trying to ruin everything from my hair to my shoes luckily with a simple spell she hasn’t been able to damage anything completely. 

“No she hasn’t.’’ , I snuggle closer to Draco. 

One day Before the ball and in was in my last class until diner Professor Sprout finished the class I put my things away and walk out the class as is everyone else we all walk to the Great Hall I spot Draco and his friends I make my way towards them noticing that Pansy was all over Draco once again I rolled my eyes clearing my throat while sitting down Pansy looked at me and said “oh look its the soon to be ex-girlfriend, Drakey why are you even with her shes a pathetic excuse of a girlfriend” I had to stifle a laugh at how annoyed Draco looked he then spoke 

“shove off Pansy” She looked upset but left anyway I kissed Draco in the Cheek and put some food on my plate Walking with Draco back to the common room we talk about what would happen after Hogwarts, we walk inside the semi noisy room and part ways, I walk into my shared room and go to my closet to make sure all was good with my dress… My heart skips a beat and I shriek, frighted by the shriek my roommates ask if all was well there it was the once perfect dress in ruins Draco walks in  Looking alerted Pansy right behind him with a smirk on her face… “love are you okay, did something happen?” all I could say was “The dress” he looks at me weirdly but then looks at the dress he is shocked I take one look at Pansy and say “you bitch, Do you think you’ve accomplished?, you think you’re tough that you won?” her smirks falters a little but quickly gets back on her face Draco looks back to her and tells her to leave she looks hurt but does as he ask my roommates left right behind her, 

“Tomorrow was suppose to be perfect our Last year was suppose to be perfect”

“Love it is perfect your dress may be ruined but we have wands, repero“ Draco’s wand immediately fixed the dress he turned back to me and I hugged him “Thank you” he raised my chin “I love your e/c eyes” I giggled and Kissed him passionately on the lips.

This is it i hope you like it is really short but its my first one  if its really bad please tell me so that i know what to avoid next time.