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James Potter

Born~ March 27 1960


Alliances~The Marauders

Relationships~ Lily Evans (Lover)

                         Sirius Black (Best friend/Brother)

                         Remus Lupin (Best friend/Brother)                          

                         Peter Pettigrew (Friend-Enemy)

Status~ Deceased


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Peter Maximoff Owning a Bookstore Head Canons

If Peter in glasses wasn’t your demise just imagine this: Peter Maximoff with glasses owning a book store

-He owns a cute, small bookstore in the quiet, downtown area where you live

-He doesn’t have much customers because most people just go to Barnes & Nobles, but he does have a quiet few regulars who keep him in business
-Most of them are elderly folk but a few of them are young, including yourself

-You love his little store so much & he always has the best books & comics
-You also love him, but he doesn’t know that

-Picture this: walking into the store & seeing Peter by the register, his glasses down his nose as his eyes devour a book on the counter, his silver hair messy
-He looks up when he hears you open the door & gives you a cute smile as he pushes his glasses back up his nose
-“Hi, welcome to the Silver Linings Bookstore!”
-He just looks so warm & soft & you want to hug him & kiss his stupid face

-He’s constantly adding new books & comics to his store, which he loves to organize & stack himself
-He just wheels around one of those little portable, metal shelves filled with books (like the ones libraries have when they’re stacking books), stacking & organizing books while he has his Walkman blasting Pink Floyd or RUSH a little too loudly
-Sometimes, he sings the lyrics under his breath
-You always lowkey watch him when he does this because he looks so precious

-Although he’s quite shy, he gladly helps anyone who asks
-“Can you help me find this book?”
-“Of course! What is it? Oh man I LOVE that book let me tell you”
-He gets so excited because the books he helps people find are almost always his favorites
-He also lowkey likes that people actually talk to him & ask for his help because it makes him feel needed & appreciated
-The first time you guys officially had a conversation was when you asked him if he had a new book in that you were looking for
-He did & he already read it & proceeded to tell you how great it was (without spoiling it for you)
-“And then after that, they have to go on this huge journey & it’s a metaphorical representation for self-discovery & acceptance & it’s so gOOD the author is genius I swear”
-He was so excited & he was using his hands a lot as he spoke
-He knocked over a few things from moving his hands so quickly & excitedly, blushing as you laughed & helped him pick up everything
-You guys ended up talking for an hour before he actually found the book for you

-Peter finding books is so adorable to watch
-He would gently brush his finger across every book spine on the shelf, mumbling the titles & authors to himself as he searched for the book you or someone else requested
-When he’s really concentrating, he’ll furrow his eyebrows & bit his lip a little, not realizing his glasses are legit about to fall off his face
-When he finds it, his eyes would light up & he’d smile as he exclaimed “Ah-ha!” & gently pulled the book off the shelf

-Flustered soft Peter with glasses having problems with his cash register is the cUTEST
-His hair is flopping in his face, his glasses keep slipping, & he just pouts as he tries to fix it
-That damn thing is older than your grandfather, so it’s no wonder he always has trouble with it
-It’s always getting stuck, preventing him from returning change
-He really needs to get a new one but he’s too stingy to
-He also lowkey really loves the thing because it’s vintage & Peter loves anything vintage
-He eventually gets it open & is able to return the change

-Pretty soon, you stopped by every weekend, even if you weren’t going to purchase something, just to get to see him & talk to him
-Peter always smiled the brightest when he saw you walk in the door

-You two naturally worked out a schedule where you always came at a certain time (usually his break time)
-One time, you showed up & his mom was there instead of him
-You were really sad, but once his mother informed you he was sick you instantly wished you could help him feel better
-He left you a bookmark he made you & a couple of cookies his mom baked earlier that day as an apology for not being there for your designated meeting time
-You almost cried because he’s so cute & sweet
-When he came back the following week, his nose was all red, his voice was stuffy, the bags under his eyes were larger, his hair was a mess, his glasses kept falling down his nose, & he kept sniffling, but he was feeling a lot better
-Thankfully, he was no longer contagious & you pulled him into a hard hug, telling him how much you missed him & hoped he was feeling better
-He was so shocked that you actually hugged him & missed that he blushed so haRD

-Peter is also really creative & artistic
-Besides bookmarks, he makes a lot of cool & weird things, especially for you
-He makes A TON of cute gifts for you
-Your favorite one is this super cute bracelet he made you out of papers he ripped out from old books
-It’s legit the coolest thing ever & he loves that you love it

-It’s pretty clear you guys dig each other, but neither of you say anything about it
-Peter tried to so many times, but he flusters himself & can’t get the words out
-That changes the next time you come into the store
-You needed some books for your Psychology report about emotions & Peter was happy to help
-He kept getting distracted, though, because you were so close to him that he could smell your shampoo & poor sweet baby boy likes you so much he can’t help himself
-You notice his nervousness & flash him a genuine smile to reassure him & he just m e l t s
-He remembers that he made you another gift as you grab the books you need
-He shyly pulls out this adorable little silver book charm he made for your bracelet
-You were so overwhelmed because I mean honestly this sweet little soft silver cinnamon roll is too damn much
-You drop all your books & grab his shirt collar & pull him down to your height & kiss him right then & there, between Darwin & Freud
-He’s so shocked & he blushes a little but he gladly returns the kiss
-When you pull away, his eyes are still closed & he breaks out into a huge smile as he pushes his glasses up his nose before opening his eyes
-“Is your report about love? Because I think I can definitely help with that, considering I’m falling for you”
-You just kiss him again
-After that, you come by almost daily because you’re dating the precious silver-haired bookstore owner

-This boy is the most affectionate boyfriend in existence
-He loves hugs, especially yours, so now you always greet him with lots of hugs
-Every time you hug, he wraps his arms around your waist, sets his chin down on your shoulder, pulls you into his chest, & buries his face in your shoulder as he presses a kiss to your collarbone & stares at the ground behind you, his glasses smudging slightly from coming into contact with your skin
-He could hold you like that forever & he would, given the option
-Now his kisses oh b o y
-He does this thing where whenever he wants to kiss you, he chew on his thumb nail & watch your mouth move as you talk
-When you realize he’s not paying attention, you’ll playfully scold him but he’s still just watching your mouth move
-Then, he’ll apprehensively lean in & hesitantly press his lips against yours
-His kisses are always so gentle & needy
-It doesn’t take long for him to get greedy over your affection & pretty soon, he’s just hugging & kissing you & holding your hand all the time
-He LOVES holding your hand because he can do it whenever he wants to
-He has a firm grip, as if he’s worried you’ll disappear if he holds your hand too loosely

-He still handmakes you gifts all the time for no reason
-“I made you something!”
-“Aw again? Peter, you just made me something yesterday for getting an A on my report”
-“Well, this one’s for being awesome”

-He used to tell you dumb pick-up lines before you started dating, but now he tells you even more
-They’re always nerdy and/or book related
-“Hey babe, are you librarian? Because you sure know how to organize the books of my heart”
-“PeTER that was so stuPID come here you”

-Peter! Loves! Reading! To! You!
-You love listening to his voice, especially when he’s reading a good book or poem outloud to you
-Whenever you spend the night with him or he with you, he always something readable handy so he can read it to you
-He also loves it when you read to him
-He just loves you honestly

Dedicated to @v-writings & that poor shaking anon. Hope you’re okay friend & that these little head canons make you feel better! 💚