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«You might have thought that Chris Evans and Chris Pratt just played superheroes in the movies, but you would have been wrong. These guys really are superheroes.»

Chris Pratt

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how bout both of you??

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Chris Pratt

Tony: Hi, I’m Tony.

Quill: Oh shoot, now I’m gay.

Kraglin: Tony? As in Tony Stark?

Steve: And I’m Steve.

Kraglin: Rogers? Steve Rogers and Tony Stark? Peter, do you know who they are?

Quill: Sure do. This one [points to Steve] is the guy that I leave this one for. [points to Tony]

spidey-loving-starkid  asked:

The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy have an exchange program where they swap 1 member each for a year. Who would swap and how would it go? - Buffy.

Steve and Peter. 

Peter would elect himself to go because he’s a showoff + it’s an excuse to go back to Terra. Steve would be elected by his team because “eh, he’s been in the 40s and a block of ice and the 2000s, and he managed to adjust to all of it just fine. Let’s toss him in space and see how he does”. 

Steve does decently. Gamora finds it refreshing to have someone like him around–a brave man with honor. Because of that, she sort of takes him under her wing. Rocket sees him as a goody two-shoes. Baby Groot is fascinated by his shield and keeps stealing it. Drax respects the hell out of him for being such a “captain of an entire country”. Meanwhile, Steve feels so fucking uncomfortable because he is surrounded by aliens in outer space and jfc how did he end up here when all he wanted to do was join the army during WWII. Granted, he still takes the time to pay attention to his surroundings. Learn what he can about these new races of people he’s meeting. But the whole time he’s counting the minutes as to when he gets to return to Earth. 

And then you got Peter. 

Peter who is just so overstimulated by everything he has missed out on, yet he is trying super hard to concentrate and learn shit and seem like a professional. At one point, he tries to make a move on Natasha who ends up pinning him to the ground. Quill can’t decide whether he wants to make a joke or whether now is the time to start dreading when she and Gamora are in the same room together. 

His ego ends up getting pretty crushed, because he imagined his return to Earth to be “ooooh look at the badass outlaw from outer space!” But instead, he’s around this group of people who aren’t impressed with him at all because been there done that we are super heroes who have fought robots and gods and aliens and each other. However, he does end up becoming a valuable asset when it comes to sharing new information about space and its threats.  

Also Tony and Quill become the obnoxious epitome of a “bromance” in its truest form, and it’s honestly just the best fucking thing.

[Tony starts to walk away, turning back to Bucky, Steve, Quill and T'Challa]

Tony: You guys are gonna watch my butt as I walk away, right?

Bucky: [smirks] You gonna make it clap for daddy?

Tony: I can’t make it clap, but I can make it go, “Whoo!”

Let’s talk about Kit Walker.

Who is this smiling darling, you ask?

Well that would be Kit walker. And this is his beautiful wife.

They’re very in love. And very happy.

Of course, until their home is invaded by aliens.

And he’s abducted and experimented on.

Oh, and he wakes to find his wife has been skinned and beheaded.

and is accused and arrested for her murder.

So dear Kit is wrongfully locked in an insane asylum..with this abusive nun…

and he gets beaten.

and a Nazi doctor messes with him.

Chance to escape?! Gets ratted out.

He and accomplice will be punished? Takes his friend’s punishment on himself. Twice the lashes.

But look! They escape!!

To be attacked by zombies and run back to the asylum.

but hey! He’s falling in love with Grace!

Nevermind, she got shot.

oh, and his therapist is his wife’s murderer.

More torturous Nazi experiments

But hey guess what! Grace is alive, and she’s had Kit’s baby! ah, the miracle of life.

Ah, screw that. The asylum takes their baby.

Wait, things are looking up! Kit’s proved innocent and released!
Time to take the fam home. <3

 …where his presumed dead wife is chilling with his baby.

Cue weird domestic polygamy.

Maybe things are gonna be okay for his little family!

nah. one wife murders the other.

Still, Kit cares for his murderous wife in the asylum.

Til the day she dies, of course.

Then he finds the abusive nun who beat him senseless…

Who he shows compassion to.

takes into his care

for the rest of her days.

After all of this, Kit is not bitter. He is not broken. His light is not hindered by the darkness which devoured his life.

Kit was beaten, tortured, manipulated, and brutally lost his loved ones. Yet he continued to forgive. To love unconditionally. And in the end of his life, was deemed too beautiful for even death itself.