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Let’s talk about Kit Walker.

Who is this smiling darling, you ask?

Well that would be Kit walker. And this is his beautiful wife.

They’re very in love. And very happy.

Of course, until their home is invaded by aliens.

And he’s abducted and experimented on.

Oh, and he wakes to find his wife has been skinned and beheaded.

and is accused and arrested for her murder.

So dear Kit is wrongfully locked in an insane asylum..with this abusive nun…

and he gets beaten.

and a Nazi doctor messes with him.

Chance to escape?! Gets ratted out.

He and accomplice will be punished? Takes his friend’s punishment on himself. Twice the lashes.

But look! They escape!!

To be attacked by zombies and run back to the asylum.

but hey! He’s falling in love with Grace!

Nevermind, she got shot.

oh, and his therapist is his wife’s murderer.

More torturous Nazi experiments

But hey guess what! Grace is alive, and she’s had Kit’s baby! ah, the miracle of life.

Ah, screw that. The asylum takes their baby.

Wait, things are looking up! Kit’s proved innocent and released!
Time to take the fam home. <3

 …where his presumed dead wife is chilling with his baby.

Cue weird domestic polygamy.

Maybe things are gonna be okay for his little family!

nah. one wife murders the other.

Still, Kit cares for his murderous wife in the asylum.

Til the day she dies, of course.

Then he finds the abusive nun who beat him senseless…

Who he shows compassion to.

takes into his care

for the rest of her days.

After all of this, Kit is not bitter. He is not broken. His light is not hindered by the darkness which devoured his life.

Kit was beaten, tortured, manipulated, and brutally lost his loved ones. Yet he continued to forgive. To love unconditionally. And in the end of his life, was deemed too beautiful for even death itself.



what a beauty ❤


«You might have thought that Chris Evans and Chris Pratt just played superheroes in the movies, but you would have been wrong. These guys really are superheroes.»

Ignored Pt 2

Sirius Black x Reader.  Part 1  Part 2(Here)  Part 3  Part 4   Part 5/End

_____= Your Name

(L/N) = Last Name

Summary: Sirius completely ignores your entire existence and when he notices you alone in your train car, after 6 years, he finally starts talking to you. But he doesn’t know who you are until after you tell him. This chapter Sirius tries to apologise but you aren’t having any of it.

The train finally stopped at Hogwarts. I stood, my bag feeling unusually light. My clothes were changed into the school’s robes and my class tie was tied around my neck. I shouldered my bag and made my way out of the train. The distinct “First years over here.” Yells from my left. I ignored them and went the way for the upperclassmen.

Once in the castle, we were seated in the long dining hall, the first years most likely getting talked to by McGonagall or still taking the scenic route. Either way, there were some scheming 6th years and it didn’t seem good.

Lily ignored my presence as usual when I sat at the table. I sat a pretty good way away from the others. Basically at the end of the table. Closest to the door. Quickest escape to the dorms.

I ignored everything as people filed in and filled the seats. The first years entering and got sorted. Only a couple made it into Gryffindor this year. Most were Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

Once seated, the headmaster stood with his usual speech about the forbidden forest  and told us all to eat. At his command, piles of plates and bowls of foods appeared in front of us. I heard the gasps of some first years, causing me to smile slightly at their newness. I piled my own plate with all of my favorite foods that were provided.

I took notice of the people that sat around me, not of their own free will since there were no other places to sit, they were all strangely silent and kept glancing to the front of the table then back to each other. I would have pegged this as suspicious if it wasn’t the Marauders their eyes kept flickering towards.

I figure these students were previously bullied by the Marauders in the past years and were plotting revenge. Not that I blame them, but I don’t think it’s very smart. Though my thoughts didn’t commend them to take this route. I didn’t say anything.

Once we had all eaten and were full from supper, the Headmaster said his final words and sent us off to our common rooms, the first years being led first. By the Prefects. The upperclassmen were left behind.

I gathered my things and quickly fled the room, the unmistakable voices of the Marauders overtaking all others.

“Go on, she’s right there.”

“No, she’s still mad at me.”

“Oh don’t be such a bloody chicken pads. Just go.”

“Ugh. Later, ‘sides. I don’t even have her book.”

What the heck are they talking about? I shake my head and decide it was probably about a girl Sirius had probably wronged over the summer. Yes, fear a woman’s wrath.

I wove my way around the people and practically hopped up the stairs to quickly get to the dorms, the first years and prefects in sight. The prefects opened the portrait hole door but not before they told the entire Gryffindor what the password was.

Signum.” I mentally made a note.

The first years were all exhausted but extremely excited, a feeling I remember having my first day here. Still having the same emotion, even if it is dampened a bit by anger.

I shook myself out of my thoughts and moved upstairs to my bed where my trunk was at. My kitten curled up on the bed, her tail flicking and ears flattened. Perking when she heard me approach.

I set my bag down and patted her head with a sigh. I pulled out my night clothes and changed before laying on my bed next to her and pulling the curtains closed. Hoping for sleep to take me.

But it didn’t come, I laid wide awake on m bed, staring up at the ceiling. My mind blank but open. I could hear the soft breaths of my fellow Gryffindors, the snores of others, letting out a sight after a bit. I sat up on my bed, the creaking of the old furniture under me.

I chewed the inside of my cheek, thinking about leaving the room and hanging out by the fire downstairs or staying up here and not sleeping. I was half tempted to lay back on my bed and try to sleep some more but decided it would probably be nice to read next to a warm crackling fire.

So I swung my legs over the side of the bed and pulled my bag to my legs. Flipped it open and searched for my book. When I didn’t find it, I began to mildly panic.

“I swear I had it,” I whisper under my breath. Frantically searching through my bag.

When I came up empty I started to wonder when I could have lost it.

‘In the dining hall? No, I didn’t have my bag then. In the common room? No, I went straight to bed. On the train? No I-… Wait. Did I leave it on the train? Oh No! Great, now I’m never going to get it back.’ My mind panicked before I got a chance to calm myself down. ‘this is the wizarding world, they can owl it to me. Right? My name is in there so.. yeah, no reason to worry.’ I calm down, my chest still tight with fear and sadness.

I shake my head and settled for just sitting next to the fire. I stood and silently wove my way to the stairs and down them. Then snuggled down in a couch that sat next to the fire. My legs tucked up underneath me, arms huddled around my sides. I stared into the crackling warm fire. The soothing sounds and warmth making my eyelids droop.

I chuckle at myself. Feeling a little foolish. Coming down here, just to go back upstairs to bed when I feel a little tired.

I let out a deep breath and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. Deciding to just sit in thought. ‘So if potions are first and divination is second. Would I actually get through the day? Why couldn’t I have Transfiguration first? Maybe I could get away with sleeping in potions or divination. Or both.’

I let out a chuckle at the thought, breaking into the silent air around me, the only sound was the crackling fire.

I yawned and leaned my head against the arm of the comfy couch.


Sirius Black had hoped to catch you before you hid in your room. He flopped down on his bed, his legs stretched out to the ground. His friends sighing and shaking their heads.

“Come on. That was perfect.” James berates him. Sirius rubs his face before groaning.

“Ugh, I know. But I couldn’t, I had to have her book.”

“Is that an excuse?” Peter murmurs with sass.

Sirius rolls his eyes and brings his feet onto the bed. Staring up at the ceiling, thinking of his next move. Not something he does much. Remus enters the room, looking exhausted. He sits on his own bed and takes off his prefect badge and started changing into sleepwear.

“Ugh, I feel bad for our prefects when we were first years,” Remus states the moment he pulled on his nightshirt over his head. He looked at his friends and noticed Sirius’ defeated look on his face.

“I’m guessing you haven’t apologized yet.” He states flatly, causing Sirius to groan again. “Well, should do it soon. Lest she hates you for a while.”

Sirius huffs then sits up on his bed, watching Lupin.

“Sometimes I think you just say weird words in a sentence to confuse me.” Remus just smiles then goes back to getting ready for bed.

“You are going to do it tomorrow. Right?” James flopped onto Sirius’ bed next to him. Then Peter did too when Sirius didn’t answer.

“Does it matter? She’s just a girl. I’ll just set her book down in the common room and she’ll think she just forgot it there. And then avoid her for the rest of my life.”

Remus slammed his palm onto his face. “You shouldn’t avoid your problems.”

Sirius remained silent for a few seconds then sat up, avoiding eye contact subtly. “Whatever. You guys are making quite a big deal about this. She’s just a girl-”

“-that you fancy.” James interjected. Before Sirius continued with an eye roll.

“We’ve never talked. She hates me. I’m probably not even her type.”  He opened his mouth to continue when Peter spoke.

“Well, I mean. You don’t really know that. You’ve ignored her for 6 years.” Sirius finally makes eye contact to glare at him.

“Oh stuff it.”

Peter shrugged and looked at the others who nodded in agreement.

“I mean really. ‘never seen her around?’ I hang out with her in the library all the time.” Remus pursed his lips in an unamused way.

Sirius had opened his mouth but James once again interrupted him.

“Yeah, and what was that about her being weird for ‘following Lily and snivilus’ around? I mean, come on. You guys follow me around? Isn’t that what friends do?”

“Let me stop you there. She always followed them around yes. But wasn’t very involved with them. I mean, even they’ve started ignoring and avoiding her.” Remus’ friends look at him with a weird gaze. “What… she talks to me.”

“Yeah, they stopped hanging out like the middle of last year. I’m not surprised she acted this way when you forgot about her.”

“I didn’t forget about her!”

James smirked and had a face like he was about to say something when Remus declared that it was getting late and they should get to bed. They all shrugged and went to their own beds and settled in for a nights sleep.

Once the other boys were snoring, Sirius slipped out from the bed and snatched your book from on top of the trunk at the end of his bed. Then snuck out of the boy’s dorms.

He tiptoed down the stairs and waited till he thought the coast was clear before heading to the fireside. Where the couch and table sat in front of the girls dorms. He set the book down on the table.

He almost jumped out of his skin when someone grabbed his arm as he turned around to go back.

Someone had a tight hold on his arm. He spun around to look at his capturer, his hands itching for a fight. But when he caught sight of who it was, his itch froze then faded quickly.

“Sirius?” you squeaked before jumping back.

“______?” He whispered. A feeling of chance flooding him along with a twinge of fear.

“Oh, so now you remember my name.” You say crossing your arms and closing your face into one of anger.

Sirius almost stammered. “I… No. I remembered your name.”

“Oh really.”

“Well, I didn’t recognize you. You look way different.”

“That a bad thing?”

“No, you look rather…” His words failed him, he watched your face of anger. His fear of messing this up irritated the back of his mind. “Good this year.”

Your face flickered for one second at the complement but back to emotionless the next. “Thanks.”

Sirius misread the anger in the one word and tried to fix it but for once, his mind blanked. “No, I mean. I’ve always- You’ve just- I- Ugh. Why did it have to be you?!” He exasperates. His voice almost raising from his whisper.

Your face falls, Sirius immediately regrets what he had said. He tries not to show it and puts up a cool facade.

“Sorry to disappoint. What are you even doing down here Black?”


“Nothing. Had to bring something down.”

“What?” You look at the table where he set something down on earlier. “My book!” You lunge forward and latched onto it. Your face lighting up in relief. Your notes were safe. You opened up the cover and sure enough there was your name.

Then you remembered your anger, and who you were with. A sudden suspicion creeps into your mind. You slowly looked at Sirius, finally realizing the fact that he doesn’t have a shirt on and his pajama pants have little dogs on them. He seemed to catch onto your suspicion and answered your silent question on how he got it.

“You-uh, left it on the train”

“Why leave it down here?”_ where anyone could see and read it,_ rang unvoiced in your head as you snapped at him.

He looks away sheepishly, his handsome face looking a bit childish and cute, the light from the fire brightening the curves of his cheeks, sharpness of his jaw and sparkling in his gray-blue eyes.

“You’re mad at me. I was gonna leave it down here for you to find in the morning.”

You almost wanted to forgive him right then but didn’t, he needed to earn his forgiveness. Your face lowers its angry mask, it wasn’t enough for Sirius to think you had forgiven him for ignoring you for 6 years and completely forgetting who you were even though you were constantly around for him to know. Along with him just entering your compartment and flirting on you as if you were some sex toy for him to enjoy. No, he hasn’t even said sorry. Just kept making excuses. Once he says those words, would you forgive him.

So you said a simple ‘thanks’ and retreated to your bed, Sirius doing the same. Both of you only getting a few hours of sleep till class the next morning.


You pulled up to a dreary house with a big yard. You wouldn’t be here long, you thought. It was a new place everyone other month. A new town with new people. So you got a lot of chances to start over. One time, your father said you would only be at one house in Ohio for two weeks, so, you took the chance to see how far you could take acting completely insane. Randomly screaming out in the middle of a lecture, and running up to people whispering, “They’re coming.” You laugh looking back at Small-Town, Ohio, wondering what Los Angeles would for you. 

“Sweetheart?” your father said “Stop daydreaming, grab your bags and come look at the house.” You reluctantly got out of the car, picked your bag up off the sidewalk and started down the walkway. 

You stared at the faded red bricks and white trim looking for something to say. You finally stopped staring and walked through the tall wooden doors. “Your room is upstairs to the left.” You turned around and saw an older woman with vibrant orange hair. “Not to be rude, but, who are you?” You asked slightly frightened by the stranger. “My name is Moira, I’m the maid, I come with the house.” she answered with a light smile. “Ok, well thank you, Moira.” she nodded and walked away. 

It’s a very strange house. Strange neighborhood. You saw a vehicle come by with Famous Murders written on it. You might just learn to like it. Dad said this wouldn’t be a quick move like usual. You walked up the stairs and down the hall into your bedroom. You put your headphones in and let the worries of the world slip away.

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When you get bored during summer vacation and make dream cast posters for a movie that is never going to come out. Scream 5