evan mcknight

Moving On

It’s been a good run, but on Tuesday our piercing operation will be closing at Love Adorned for their permanent move to 2nd Ave. We won’t be doing any piercings for the day, but will be back in full swing at New York Adorned on Wednesday. Onward and upward!

Also, moving with us is Katelyn, the newest member of our piercing team. She and the piercers will be seeing you at 2nd Ave!

OPEN TODAY: i call america presents a series of open-ended explorations by sound experimentalist Matana Roberts. Performances take place throughout the day, from Wednesday through Sunday. 

Matana Roberts addresses No Title, 1969–70 by Eva Hesse as part of the 99 Objects series, June 4, 2015. Photograph by Evan Hunter Mcknight