evan mcgrew

Tour Updates June 29- July 4

Things are crazy and I am having trouble keeping up with all the photos. Maybe its because i am playing too much Pokemon on my computer.

Brooklyn was hot. Brooklyn was really really hot and we all sweat a disgusting amount at Friendship Fest in Suburbia.

Flannel Gurl Records!


Most of you know by now, the guys got an awesome opportunity to open up for Motioncity Soundtrack in Boston, MA. The show was more than fun, and we got to celebrate with our friends at topshelf.

We needed three merch guys that night

First pony tail/pre show huddle for YBI

Woah dudes.

But let’s be honest. Motioncity killed it. We had a ton of fun watching their set.

They closed with The Future Freaks Me Out, and yes I freaked out a bit.

The next day the wonderful Kevin Duquette took us on a tour through Boston.

and then this happened.

That night we played a house show in Worcester, MA. This pic is apparently punk rock because it already got 1,100 notes.

I am a sucker for summer time magic hours.

and then we brought the house down.

The next couple days in Boston were really awesome. We stunk up Kevin’s apartment, celebrated the fourth of July…in the rain, and made Kevin do our laundry.

Special thanks to Seth and Kevin for coming out to the shows and putting up with us for 5 days. I think the band finally signed their contract, even though they drew penises on it. And I got to do a photo shoot with Kevin and Seth for AP. I think this will be my first image to get published in that magazine.

awesome. awesome. everything is awesome.