evan mays

musical theatre songs that i will literally stop my entire life to sing along to
  • ring of keys (fun home)
  • waving through a window (dear evan hansen)
  • non-stop (hamilton) 
  • la vie boheme (rent) 
  • spooky mormon hell dream (book of mormon)
  • come to the fun home (fun home) 
  • yorktown (hamilton) 
  • defying gravity (wicked)
  • 96,000 (in the heights)
  • satisfied (hamilton) 
  • take me or leave me (rent) 
  • dancing through life (wicked) 
  • king of new york (newsies)
  • revolting children (matilda) 
  • letters (natasha, pierre, and the great comet of 1812)
  • hasa diga eebowai (book of mormon) 
  • blackout (in the heights)
  • i’m alive (next to normal)
  • the schuyler sisters (hamilton)
  • carnaval del barrio (in the heights)
  • man up (book of mormon)
  • what is this feeling? (wicked) 
  • sincerely, me (dear evan hansen)
  • your fault (into the woods) 
  • we both reached for the gun (chicago)
  • one day more (les miserables) 
  • bad idea (waitress)
  • so much better (legally blonde)
The only things you need to know about Spiderman Homecoming
  • Donald Glover is this film for all of 3 minutes but he has the best line:      “I like bread.”
  • Tony Stark is desperately trying to be A Dad™
  • Michael Keaton is A1 (that means gr8)
  • there is a 5-minutes scene that is stressful
  • suit lady
  • he crashes through a lot of things which is bad because he is very small and I want to protect him
  • he pets a cat at one point
some good bits from dear evan hansen
  • didievenmakeasoundidievenmakeasounditslikeinevermadeasoun w i l l i e v e r m a k e a s o u n d?
  • waviiiiing wAVIIIIIIING oooOOOOOhoooooo
  • and there he goes racing toward the tallest tree from far across the yellow field i hear him calling follow me and there we go wondering how the world might look from up so high one foot after the other one branch then to another i climb hIgHeRaNdHiGhEr  i climb until the entire sun shines on mY FACEEEEEEEEEEE 
  • oh my god
  • well I’m sorry you had it rough and I’m sorry I’m not enough thaNK GOD THEY RES CUED YO U 
  • except sometimes you see everything you wanted and sometimes you see everything you wish you had and it’s right there right there RIGHT THERE
  • all i see is sky for forever
Tony and Steve try to ‘kidnap Peter as their son’

and it’s not going as planned.

Tony: C’mon Peter, get in the van.

Peter: Sweet! Are we goin on a mission? Oh, cool, Steve’s here too? Hi Steve!

Steve waves from the driver side

Steve: Hey Peter.

Peter: But I should tell Aunt May. She freaked out last time she found out we went on that trip to the courthouse. I don’t know why though, she secretly wishes I would become a lawyer…

Steve: I think you’d be a fantastic attorney!

Tony: None of you guys are taking this seriously! Just get in the van.

Steve: Is that any way to talk to your son?

Peter: What?

Steve and Tony: What? 

Spiderman Homecoming

I already want to see it again, and I literally just saw it in the theaters a few hours ago. Tom Holland literally is the best Spiderman. I can’t wait for the next movie.

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Steve and Tony are working out their custody of Peter Parker

(And it seems they’re forgetting something)

Steve: Just do every other week!

Tony: I can’t do every other week, I need go to Hong Kong once a month.

Steve: Then I can switch with you until you come back

Tony: Then what’s the point of organizing a time sheet if we’re just gonna toss him back and forth like a tennis ball?

Aunt May steps in

Aunt May: Excuse me. I’m his Aunt, and he needs to stay with me!

Tony checks his clipboard

Tony: I guess we can pencil you in for the last weekend of the month…