evan mays

musical theatre songs that i will literally stop my entire life to sing along to
  • ring of keys (fun home)
  • waving through a window (dear evan hansen)
  • non-stop (hamilton) 
  • la vie boheme (rent) 
  • spooky mormon hell dream (book of mormon)
  • come to the fun home (fun home) 
  • yorktown (hamilton) 
  • defying gravity (wicked)
  • 96,000 (in the heights)
  • satisfied (hamilton) 
  • take me or leave me (rent) 
  • dancing through life (wicked) 
  • king of new york (newsies)
  • revolting children (matilda) 
  • letters (natasha, pierre, and the great comet of 1812)
  • hasa diga eebowai (book of mormon) 
  • blackout (in the heights)
  • i’m alive (next to normal)
  • the schuyler sisters (hamilton)
  • carnaval del barrio (in the heights)
  • man up (book of mormon)
  • what is this feeling? (wicked) 
  • sincerely, me (dear evan hansen)
  • your fault (into the woods) 
  • we both reached for the gun (chicago)
  • one day more (les miserables) 
  • bad idea (waitress)
  • so much better (legally blonde)
some good bits from dear evan hansen
  • didievenmakeasoundidievenmakeasounditslikeinevermadeasoun w i l l i e v e r m a k e a s o u n d?
  • waviiiiing wAVIIIIIIING oooOOOOOhoooooo
  • and there he goes racing toward the tallest tree from far across the yellow field i hear him calling follow me and there we go wondering how the world might look from up so high one foot after the other one branch then to another i climb hIgHeRaNdHiGhEr  i climb until the entire sun shines on mY FACEEEEEEEEEEE 
  • oh my god
  • well I’m sorry you had it rough and I’m sorry I’m not enough thaNK GOD THEY RES CUED YO U 
  • except sometimes you see everything you wanted and sometimes you see everything you wish you had and it’s right there right there RIGHT THERE
  • all i see is sky for forever

characters moodboard edition

↳ lily evans

this one is for my love @hogsmecd who is turning 20 today. if you follow her you probably already know but if you don’t, let me tell you how much this woman is our contemporary lily evans: she is the sting of a good high five, she is freckles and laughing until you cry, she is fire red hair and compliments until you have to hide under a blanket, she is kindness and fairness, she is this whisper over the phone that makes you smile, she is untied shoelace and splitting coffee, she is the smell of baking brownies, excitement and giggles, she is running up and hugging someone from behind, huge scarves and kisses on the forehead, promises and shooting stars, reading too many books you actually confuse them with reality, she is passionate talks and ready to fight the world fo you, she is snappy responses and comfort words, she is the golden light of the sunset, crunching leaves in autumn, she is the knowledge of someone supporting you no matter what


get mad independent and don’t you ever forget it
got some dirt on your shoulder, then let me brush it off for ya
if you’re feeling me, put your five high
that’s my girl


I try not to do anything based on what other people think of me. I think most actors get into the industry because it’s fun and gives them joy. But along the way, your joy and hobby become your job. When it becomes your job, it gets infused with a sense of fear. Doing something to prove yourself is fear-based. I don’t think it’s a healthy way to work or to live your life. —Chris Evans for InStyle Magazine May 2016

"Lui non mi ama. Non mi amerà mai."

— American Horror Story Hotel

Ho imparato a pensarti
così bene
così forte
che anche quando non ci sei
sto con te.
—  Gio Evan

[Peter is talking to his Aunt May on the phone at the Avenger’s compound]

Peter: No, Aunt May. It will work.

[Tony puts his hand out for the phone]

Peter: No Aunt May, I won’t put Tony on.

[Steve puts his hand out for the phone]

Peter: Or Steve.