evan magee

The Tourist {Closed, For Blumenpriinz}

{~🌕~} It wasn’t usual that Evans was sent out to scope new places that have fallen onto royal ears- Usually, it would be royal soldiers to be sent into new places under a guise of your everyday tourists, mostly to get new information and to see if the people of said new place are friendly are not.

{~🌕~} Today’s trip was different, as Evans was actually sent by himself! No disguises were on him, either, so it was as if he was taking a regular tour! Of course, he still needed to get the information that the king and queen have wanted but… …Maaaybe that can wait for a tiny bit.

💎 - “Such a beautiful place this is… I wish to understand why we would need to spy on people and get information, but perhaps this will end up for better things within our futures?”


thewillowwisps  asked:

thos r nice!!! I got uhhh evan(mage of mind),connor(prince of space),jared(thief of time),Jeremy(page of blood),Michael(knight of mind),rich(bard of breath) and uhhhh jake(maid of hope) pfpfpf :0

Michael being a knight of mind was my second choice for him!!!!