evan magee

The Tourist {Closed, For Blumenpriinz}

{~🌕~} It wasn’t usual that Evans was sent out to scope new places that have fallen onto royal ears- Usually, it would be royal soldiers to be sent into new places under a guise of your everyday tourists, mostly to get new information and to see if the people of said new place are friendly are not.

{~🌕~} Today’s trip was different, as Evans was actually sent by himself! No disguises were on him, either, so it was as if he was taking a regular tour! Of course, he still needed to get the information that the king and queen have wanted but… …Maaaybe that can wait for a tiny bit.

💎 - “Such a beautiful place this is… I wish to understand why we would need to spy on people and get information, but perhaps this will end up for better things within our futures?”


✞ The Alluring Leader Of Faith 1: Recruiting New Members of Faith (Evan & Michelle) ✞


Evan watched from afar across the street as his members distributed papers and handouts, each and every copy placed in the hands of people passing by. The faith of Caelum had started recruiting new members after the terrorist attack in the city. They needed more helpers to heal the surviving victims and also combat against them with offensive magic.

As a leader of the restored faith, the male priest needed to be there to encourage the members of the faith AND the people scared by the recent attacks on their city. Oh, he was encouraging alright. For the past hour, girls have been passing by the leader to get a copy of the ad from the handsome man himself. Of course, he was hoping that any girl would be interested in helping them out… but none of them didn’t have any interest apart from taking selfies and pics of him…

That’s when he saw a beautiful woman walking alone on the other street. Her clothes looked different. Was she new around here? He had to find out for himself. Evan greeted the ladies with a farewell before running across the street to call out for her.

“Excuse me, Miss!” the blond male called out to her as he approached her before standing next to her, panting. “Would you spare a minute of your time?”