evan jogia!!!


Marauders Era Fancast

Suraj Sharma as James Potter, Tina Desai as Lily Evans, Avan Jogia as Sirius Black, Eka Darville as Remus Lupin, and Luke Newberry as Peter Pettigrew

“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”

Writing Update

Hey, ladies and gentlemen!

First, I just want to say thank you for your patience. It means the world to me honestly! Also, welcome to all of the new people! I hope that you enjoy the stories and madness.

Below you will find the fic menu for the next couple of weeks followed by the things that are currently in the works. I will be hovering between school and job hunting so please don’t think that I don’t enjoy seeing your feedback. It always puts a smile on my face. Happy reading!! XOXO

Side Note: Summer courses are just as brutal as they were last year. I never learn.

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I guess..my dream cast for Shadowhunters

Jace Herondale: 

Jamie Campbell Bower (despite what people think he’s still the best ever in my opinion. 

Daniel Sharman: I think he would be a good fit also. He can totally just dye his hair although I don’t know how he would look as a blonde..

And finally Austin Butler. He could totally pull off Jace’s personality. 

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Vanity Fair and FIAT celebration of Young Hollywood

some pretty cool people of your sign
  • aries: shay mitchell, james franco, emma watson, tyler oakley
  • taurus: sam smith, kellin quinn, megan fox, chris brown
  • gemini: johnny depp, kanye west, ryan higa, angelina jolie
  • cancer: ashton irwin, perrie edwards, luke hemmings, james maslow
  • leo: daniel radcliffe, paul wesley, anna kendrick, barack obama
  • virgo: beyoncé, dylan o'brien, nick jonas, paul walker
  • libra: leigh-anne pinnock, bruno mars, zac efron, usher
  • scorpio: katy perry, michael clifford, drake, leonardo decaprio
  • sagittarius: nicki minaj, ian somerhalder, jake t austin, sia
  • capricorn: liam hemsworth, nina dobrev, jade thirlwall, psy
  • aquarius: the weeknd, calum hood, evan peters, avan jogia
  • pisces: victoria justice, kurt cobain, jhene aiko, ansel elgort

anonymous asked:

what are some good aquarius celebrities??

harry styles
ed sheeran
calum hood
justin timberlake
ellen degeneres
jennifer aniston
oprah winfrey
evan peters
chloe-grace moretz
alicia keys
evan jogia

[for real the aquarius celeb squad is too real]