evan hecox


DSDN 101 Project 1 “In the style of”

Top Image: My final work 

Bottom Image: Artist Model - Evan Hecox, Marlboro White, 2008 (40cm x 50cm)


The drawing style of Evan Hecox deconstructs the classic Marlboro cigarette packet, drawing it flattened and torn apart, with text and other elements seemingly falling off it. The  repetition of the drawings make the viewer consider the cigarette packet as an object with aesthetic purposes contrasting with the social connotations we have with the object. It was interesting to go out of my comfort zone and try to make my lines mimic his messy and rough looking style while still looking visually pleasing. Aside from the colour and deconstructed composition, I think the most important element was the style and scale of the font and barcodes. It was hard to think of interesting ways to deconstruct such a simple object over several iterations but I am really pleased with the overall result.