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Evan Hecox’s “Far” at Joshua Liner Gallery.

Opening May 7th, 2015 is artist Evan Cox’s solo show, “Far” at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York City, New York.  Even uses a variety of media to create his works of art from wood paneling to colored pencils.  The show itself focuses on Evan’s own personal travels, gathering memories and landscapes from around the world to produce this body of work.

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Evan Hecox’s paintings of roadside dives overflow with 1970s nostalgia in his current solo show at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York, “Far.” As the title of the show suggests, these new works were inspired by Hecox’s travels to destinations as far as New York, the Mojave Desert, Santa Fe, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. The cultural signifiers of these places melt together when viewed through the Colorado-based artist’s sunshine-hued lens. Rather than focusing on specific landmarks, Hecox paints gas stations, cacti, and abandoned buildings. His work privileges the journey, not the destination. “Far” is on view through June 6.

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Opens Thurs, May 24, 6-8p:

Dark Island
 Evan Hecox

Joshua Liner Gallery, 548 W28th St., NYC (3rd Floor)

Dark Island—a suite of acrylic and gouache works on vintage newspaper—is inspired by Hecox’s recent hikes across lower Manhattan and west Brooklyn in New York City. As in earlier series inspired by specific locales, the artist focuses here on telling urban fragments: a building façade, rooftop, isolated alleyway, waterfront, or elevated train trellis.  - thru June 23

Company: Chocolate

Rider: Gino Iannucci

Year: 2001

Artisit: Evan Hecox

Notes: Part of the Car Series, I saw this at a local shop. I had taken a break from skating for about 3 years and this one is what got me back into it. I bought it took it home then put it up on my wall, then went back and bought a shop deck with no graphic. It was the first time I was introduced to the art of Evan Hecox too, who in my opinion ranks up there with VCJ and Jim Phillips as the top three skateboard artists