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Bad guys being sexy and evil is my weakness

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My favourite movie/TV psychopaths

Friend: What’s your favorite thing on a guy?

Me: Belts.




“The most interesting villains are the ones who make us uncomfortable because we look at them and we recognize ourselves.”


a cruelly malicious person who is involved in or devoted to wickedness or crime

Yay! I love games. Was tagged by the wonderful @gorleska to list my top 5 villians.

1. Jerome Valeska (Gotham)

 (obviously) I’ve never had anyone captivate me as The Joker or even as an actor as Cameron Monaghan. (besides Heath Ledger because Joker is #1 bae always. Jerome is my fave though I love him too much)

2. The Joker (The Dark Knight) 

Again, totally and completely captivating. Joker will always be my favorite villian. I watched this movie every night for years to fall asleep to. I could quote it word for word (not even ashamed)

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3. Tate Langdon (American Horror Story)

I fell in love with Evan Peters the moment I saw him play Tate. He has this fucked up and twisted mind but still has room to love Violet (even if it isn’t totally conventional) You can still see his pain and suffering even through the horrible things he does. Sighh I just love my bad boys.

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4. Simon Bellamy (Misfits)

Okay so Simon being a villian is controversial because he turns into this awesome vigilante but I included him because he has a dark side underneath all his adorable fluff. (i mean he burned down someone’s house and killed his probation officer) Again, how could I not be totally captivated?

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5. Kilgrave (Jessica Jones)

Okay so Kilgrave…I honestly hate him with every fiber of my being. And I usually always love villians. But for the fact alone that David Tennant made me hate him means I have to include him because that means he did his job as a great villian. Seriously such a great performance.

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Beautiful face morphs -

1) Josh Hutcherson/Liam Hemsworth

2) Jared Leto/Heath Ledger

3) Channing Tatum/Tom Hiddleston

4) Chris Pratt/Chris Evans/Chris Hemsworth

5) Natalie Portman/Keira Knightley 

6) Elizabeth Olsen/Scarlett Johansson

7) Emma Watson/Kristen Stewart

8) Emma Watson/Taylor Swift

9) Emma Watson/Natalie Dormer

10) Megan Fox/Angelina Jolie

R-Truth: “That’s cool, though, man, that’s cool. Your dad wants to show his son off.”
The Miz: “But he never compliments ME, it’s always, like, ‘Oh, yeah, you’re doing OK.’ He always compliments, like, Kofi.”
Curtis Axel: “Kofi’s his favorite, isn’t he?”
The Miz: “It’s Kofi, it’s KEITH Slater…”
Curtis Axel: “Keith Slater.”
The Miz: “Keith Slater. I’m, like, dad, it’s Heath. ‘Yeah, Keith Slater.’ HEATH!”
R-Truth: “He looks like a Keith to me.”
Curtis Axel: “Didn’t he like Evan Bourne?”
The Miz: “He LOVED Evan Bourne. 'Mike, why don’t you do any of that stuff that Evan Bourne does?’ Well, dad, because your genetics doesn’t allow me to do that, OK?”

  • Me to all my crushes: I fell in love the way you fall asleep, slowly and then all all once