Our 2015 Homestuck Calendar will be available in a few weeks, and we reached out to some wonderful artists to contribute to it. Our 2015 calendar will be a collection of some memorable moments in Homestuck. 

Evan Dahm (twitter/tumblr) took on [S] JOHN. RISE UP. and brought this beautiful piece to the coming calendar. (Evan also has a Kickstarter going on at the moment.)

We’ll be featuring a new calendar illustration every day here on our Tumblr

Here it is, the big fancy T-O-E drawing. Always fun and kind of weird to return to a character like this; I feel like this is the closest I’ve ever got to the picture in my head of an immortal, indifferent magic robot covered in trinkets from different cultures and centuries.

Getting some prints of this for Spring conventions (Staple, ECCC, TCAF, MoCCA, Linework [wow is it really that many]), at the very least. I liked having one big new print for shows last year, so maybe that’s a tentative plan for the future…

(the one electronic is a character in some of my comics if you are unaware)

This is the first beast.

The Exquisite Beast is a project that Yuko Ota and myself, Evan Dahm, are starting. Beginning with this creature drawn by me, we will take turns drawing future creatures, each one representing a visible step in a theoretical evolutionary process. We’ll play with the aesthetic of living things and the process of natural selection, and may or may not end up with a biologically plausible series of beasts.

In the future, Yuko’s monsters will go up on every Friday, and mine will go up on every Tuesday. Thanks for looking!


Finished or almost-finished pencils for the screenprinted poster set by Becky and I!

Working big and detailed tightened up some bits from the preliminary drafts: Becky’s monster’s arrow-horns are now antlers, and the heads are more wolf-like and less abstract. I love it! I got kind of carried away with the feathers and floral details, but it’s looking appropriately weird I think. I penciled this thing at Carmine Street Comics recently; here’s a process post.

We’re talking to printers and working out a gameplan to get these things made. Got a good bit of drawing left to do, though. Inks next!

- Evan & Benign Kingdom

Alright y’all I’m gonna start this thing on MONDAY, MAY 25. Thanks to Patreon supporters for making it feasible.

It’s been just over NINE YEARS since I started drawing Rice Boy. Everything was different, and I was different, and the work I wanted to make was different. I’m going to post the entire comic here, five pages a week, with commentary on every single page, written by the current modern version of Evan. I’ll put up as much development art as I can find (not as much as I’d like), and some new art will debut on this blog too.

Thank you for following along and for sharing and for still caring about this comic I made in college!

sincerely evan

Exquisite Beast Exquisite Corpse.

Hey guys, it’s Yuko!  As mentioned before, there’s a Kickstarter going for the Exquisite Beast book (as well as the collections of Capture Creatures and Midnite Surprise)!  For the Kickstarter-only print, Evan and I collaborated on an exquisite corpse.  Here are the inks!  The final will be full color.

There’s only three days left in the Kickstarter!  It’s right down to the wire!


Benign Kingdom presents their first collection of themed titles - Capture Creatures, the Exquisite Beast, and Midnite Surprise.

 Capture Creatures - by Becky Dreistadt and Frank Gibson

Inspired by Ken Sugimori’s feat of designing the original 151 Pokemon in a single year Becky Dreistadt and Frank Gibson have created 151 unique creatures, relations, and descriptors.

 the Exquisite Beast - by Evan Dahm and Yuko Ota

A series of illustrations of a monster evolving traded between Yuko and Evan. All illustrations were done with ink and inkwash.

Midnite Surprise V2 - by KC Green

A collection of material from KC Green’s art blog - midnitesurprise.tumblr.com this collection features a new collection of work featuring original illustrations, comics, and more.


Just a small collection of my favorite moments from Evan Dahm’s work, Rice Boy, Order of Tales, and Vattu.

I don’t know any other artist that gives me chills over dialogue like Evan Dahm does. He is absolutely prolific and talented at creating worlds that seem larger than the story itself. I love it. Whenever I feel uninspired, I just go back to his work.

One day… I will own the hardcover print of Order of Tales to match my Rice Boy book. And then own the full Vattu set once that comes along too. One day man, one day.


A new print, available for preorder now, available in person this weekend at HeroesCon, where I’ll be at table #1106, sandwiched beautifully between Ben Sears and Weird Empire. This image will also be the cover to my Benign Kingdom art book, which is currently being kickstarted right here, one of four books including more excellent friends Evan Dahm, Meredith Gran, and Becky Dreistadt.