evan burke

  • [James forges Minerva McGonagall's signature perfectly to get Lily a book from the restricted section]
  • Lily: How did you do that?
  • James: Well, your hand is programmed over years to write letters a certain way. Try to mimic someone else's, and your style will always creep in. But, turn the signature upside down and it becomes nothing more than a drawing, all you have to do is copy the lines. The preconceptions about letters go away and you have a perfect signature.
  • Lily: That's a neat trick. Don't ever copy mine.
  • James: Never again.
  • Lily: You've copied my signature?!
  • James: Let's... focus on the crime at hand...

“ what, is this your first time at borgin and burkes? “ evan was not in the mood to explain to the other why he was at such a peculiar shop. the curious gaze flickered his way was something he needed to shrug off and dismiss, curiosity of others was to be avoided at all costs. “ don’t tell me— you need some company around to avoid peeing yourself?


Dracula Untold (Gary Shore, 2014).


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