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  • [James forges Minerva McGonagall's signature perfectly to get Lily a book from the restricted section]
  • Lily: How did you do that?
  • James: Well, your hand is programmed over years to write letters a certain way. Try to mimic someone else's, and your style will always creep in. But, turn the signature upside down and it becomes nothing more than a drawing, all you have to do is copy the lines. The preconceptions about letters go away and you have a perfect signature.
  • Lily: That's a neat trick. Don't ever copy mine.
  • James: Never again.
  • Lily: You've copied my signature?!
  • James: Let's... focus on the crime at hand...

ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Cassandra Burke & Evan Rosier

10 February 1979
Barnabas Cuffe

Mr. and Mrs. Xavier Burke are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Cassandra Burke to Mr. Evan Rosier, son of Mr. Corvus Rosier and the late Matrona Rosier (nee Flint). The pair were engaged in early January of this year.

A private wedding will be held on March 3, 1979. Invitations are currently in transit via owl. 

Cassandra is relative to the legendary Burke family of the infamous Borgin and Burkes in Knockturn Alley. Both Evan and Cassandra are from Sacred 28 families with proud heritage.

The Daily Prophet offers their congratulations and well-wishes to the couple.

“ what, is this your first time at borgin and burkes? “ evan was not in the mood to explain to the other why he was at such a peculiar shop. the curious gaze flickered his way was something he needed to shrug off and dismiss, curiosity of others was to be avoided at all costs. “ don’t tell me— you need some company around to avoid peeing yourself?


“I love my strong women. They are my favorites. And they are all strong in different ways. So as long as I can keep doing that, I’m satisfied.” - Elizabeth Mitchell

                                         HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY!


Dracula Untold (Gary Shore, 2014).


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