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From 1975 to 1979, London improvisors published the most innovative artists and musicians of their generation in the magazine Musics. Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, John Zorn, David Toop, John Russell, The Feminist Improvising Group, Bob Cobbing, ICP, Val Wilmer, Annabel Nicholson, Han Bennink, Eddie Prévost, David Cunningham, Steve Beresford among many others were contributors.

…a blueprint for the interlinked activities we now call sound art, field recording, improv, live electronics & audio culture. it came out six times a year and ran for twenty-three gorgeous issues. the journal covered improvised and non-western music alongside performance art, reflecting the broad interests of the so-called “second generation” of London’s improvisers, and provided a convivial focus point. overlapping with London musicians’ collective (LMC), the publication first launched in Spring of 1975, with the tagline: an impromental experivisation arts magazine and a manifesto that proposed the destruction of artificial boundaries, and linked Free Jazz, the works of John Cage, and indigenous and non-European music….

( Derek Bailey, by there )

james bragging in the hallway about how beautiful his girlfriend is to sirius, and sirius nodding absentmindedly because he’s heard it a thousand times, but then james says more quietly, subtly, unable to keep a huge grin off his face, “and i totally hit that over christmas break”. 

sirius’s eyes widen and his mouth’s agape. he almost drops his books, then he whisper screams, “YOU HAD SEX WITH EVANS?!??

“oh yes i did, padfoot. several times. and it was incredible,” james says, the grin morphing to a smirk. “and in her old bedroom, too,” he adds. 

“are you kidding me? how long has it been that you two have been fawning over each other? get it? fawning?” sirius has a sly, shitfaced grin on his face.

“very funny, sirius. god, she’s so gorgeous, you should’ve seen her…”

“if you ever want me to join in, i’m there." 

"that’s not what i meant… i love her so much, you don’t even know,” james said, laughing. 

“well maybe next time you should try to do it somewhere exciting–like a broom closet, or the common room at night, or the great hall at breakfast, or dumbledore’s office whilst he’s in there,” sirius laughs. 

james laughing along with him, and as he continues gushing about his girlfriend and her gorgeous body, anger boils in the black-haired slytherin boy walking in front of them. snape’s heart seems 20 pounds heavier and it takes him everything he’s got not to turn and kill the boy right on the spot. how dare he?


Before getting married, Ryan Bailey had to survive the wild west world of dating. In this week’s Talking Marriage, he shows Sean and Mary Kate Wiles (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Squaresville, Kissing in the Rain) how to get the girl by being a great talk show host.