evan and his girlfriend

i am all for james f potter trying to spoil the fuck out of his wonderful friend and then girlfriend lily evans and she always hated it because people already thought she was just with him for his money and also there is NO REASON TO SPEND MORE THAN 7 POUND ON LITERALLY ANTHING. so here is an incomplete list of shit james did/ got for lily that resulted in at least 30 minutes of arguing 

  • everyone knows lyra and the puffskiens are lilys favorite band so james pulled a few strings and surprised her with a personal meet and greet with the whole band before their show that he also got fRONT ROW TICKETS TO
  • during the summer lily wrote james a letter and briefly mentioned that she missed being around other wizards so he picked her up and tried to take her to the fucking quidditch world cup but she fought him for 2 hours before he finally said, “For merlins sake lils, I already bought the tickets and paid for everything and sirius is waiting for us so take my hand so we can already fucking go” and she finally relented
  • bought lily an OBSCENE about of candy like more than “we’ll take the lot” because she was bummed out about something
  • tried to bribe 4th years to give lily a piggy back home after she got shwasted at a party
  • giving lily 25 large gifts everyday leading up to christmas such as: actual diamonds, A CAT, super good tickets to the ballet, a new violin, hired an orchestra to play to her during their hogsmeade date, ect JAMES THATS NOW HOW ADVENT CALENDERS WORK DUDE
  • literally just buying anything lily looked at for more than 30 seconds

James did not ask Lily to be his girlfriend. Nor did she ask him to be her boyfriend.

They just melded together that way in Seventh Year. They grew together over late nights and free periods. Found themselves together at Quidditch matches and Hogsmeade weekends. Smiled and laughed and debated and touched hands and hair and faces. When they walked from Herbology back to the castle, his arm hung lazily around her shoulders. When she laughed at his joke at breakfast she buried her face into his side.

They first kissed one night in late November, and the world continued spinning. There was no revelation of feelings, no wows, no this-could-work-couldnt-it? It was just what was meant to happen for them. Effortless, inevitable, beyond their control.

They could not pinpoint a beginning. The transition from friends to more was seamless and natural. There were no proposals, no “maybe we could"s or "would you be"s. It was as if they were meant to be with each other, and they finally let fate tie them together.

Imagine: Chris talking about his girlfriend in an interview.

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Chris: I am very happy. Y/N is 20 so she is a little younger than me, but she is amazing.
Interview: Gorgeous dark skin. She’s beautiful. What’s the first thing you noticed about her.

Chris: Her butt. She has her back to me. But she does have a nice butt.

I changed it a bit, but I hope you still like it :D

Who Evan Peters is to the signs
  • Aries: His Girlfriend/Boyfriend
  • Taurus: His greatest Enemy
  • Gemini: His brother/Sister
  • Cancer: His best mate
  • Leo: His BAEEEE
  • Virgo: Taissa Farmiga
  • Libra: His one night stand
  • Scorpio: His underwear
  • Sagittarius: A stranger
  • Capricorn: His favourite meal
  • Aquarius: His Wife/Husband
  • Pisces: His stalker
Understanding Love

Lily Evans and how she came to believe in love

LilyEvans did not believe in love.

Davey Gudgeon said he loved his girlfriend who went to Beauxbatons. They only saw each other during holidays, but they wrote constantly and Davey would talk about her whenever the opportunity arose. Davey was known to steer the conversation in such a way that he could talk about her. Davey Gudgeon said he loved his girlfriend, who was ‘the one’ and after graduation they would be married. He told Lily all this just minutes before he pressed himself against her on the common room lounge. As Lily kissed him back, she tried to understand how you could love someone but still want to actively seek comfort in others.

Dorcas Meadowes claimed she was in love with her boyfriend who was in the year above them. Between classes they would slip away down deserted hallways and everyone knew that unless you wanted to be scarred for life you would avoid said hallways at all costs. During dinners they would sit next to each other and lean together in hushed voices, giggling and smiling like no one else was around. Sometimes, late at night, Dorcas would tiptoe back into their dorm. Sometimes Lily would hear her crying herself to sleep. Dorcas slowly began to wear scarves and jumpers as the weather got warmer and their relationship became more intense. The bruises weren’t ones of love and yet Dorcas still claimed to be in love. Lily didn’t understand how you could love someone and want to hurt them so bad to leave permanent scars. She didn’t understand how you could love someone who made you cry more than they made you smile.

Mrs. Evans declared her love for her boss over dinner one night. Her husband had already left, already knowing that her love was no longer directed at him. Mrs. Evans would stay up late on the phone, even though she had just spent the whole day with her boss. Mrs. Evans would bring him home for dinners every now and then, forcing her two daughters to get to know him. Lily didn’t understand how you could love a man, like her father, for so many years and then so easily change your mind. Lily didn’t understand how you could fall out of love for man who was sweet and hardworking to falling into love with someone who was harsh and spoilt.

Lily Evans didn’t believe in love.

Lily Evans was a popular girl, she was well aware of that fact. She went through boys quickly but quietly, never anything serious enough that people talked too much but nothing anything too casual that people judged her. She was a hardworking student, a friendly person and could also make any situation hilarious. People liked Lily Evans.

And yet, every boy Lily found herself with she couldn’t help but worry. There was no spark, nothing that caused her blood to boil inside of her like books said, her mind didn’t go blank like she kept continuously expecting it to when you kissed a good looking boy. Each time she found herself either only finding it fun or sometimes even boring; each time she wondered what was wrong with her.

Remus Lupin sat in silence when she finally admitted that she felt nothing at all when kissing a cute boy; shouldn’t you feel something? He suggested kissing girls. She considered it and even though it was an interesting concept, she could tell that wasn’t it.

Lily knew she could feel that way. She had felt it on rare occasions. Like when Severus had hugged her so tight when her father left, she felt like everything inside of her was complete. It hadn’t been a hug of romance but in that small moment, Lily wondered if that was what love felt like.

When she first kissed a boy, she had felt those butterflies the movies always claimed existed. James Potter had been her secret crush since second year and when in third year she was dared to kiss him; it had been everything she had wanted. Those butterflies she had all those years ago, gave her hope that the next boy she kissed would bring them back.

Severus never gave her butterflies and although there were days when she missed his hugs, she had already accepted that wasn’t love.

So while she hoped loved existed, she still didn’t believe in it.

Then seventh year happened. Lily Evans was partnered up with James Potter to be heads of the school. Being in close proximity to him would set her on edge, she could feel every air particle that separated them, she could sense when he was about to move slightly whether to run a hand through his hair or to cross his arms over his chest. When they would sit together in their own personal common room, she would laugh so hard her stomach hurt even though the joke itself wasn’t that funny. In class, sometimes James would turn around and give her a smile that made her heart thump loudly. There had been a few occasions after that smile, a smile reserved just for her, that she had checked her blood pressure to make sure everything was okay.

After a while, somehow their hands would find each other while walking from class to class. Sometimes, Lily would find herself leaning against him during breakfast. Occasionally, James would hug her from behind while she was in a conversation with someone else and instead of throwing him off like she would’ve done in the past; she would lean back and place her arms over his. During Quidditch, whenever Gryffindor scored a point, James would fly straight to Lily just for a high five.

Slowly Lily began to believe in love.

Love wasn’t something you messed around with. You didn’t fool around with a stranger when you loved another. Harming someone couldn’t be excused with “loving them too much”. You couldn’t just fall out of love so easily for no reason.

Lily Evans was pretty sure she knew what love was. Love was in James’ eyes when he shook his head after she told a horrible joke. Love was looking at James from a distance and knowing everything was okay. Love was when James tightened Lily’s scarf to protect her from the harsh, cold winds. Love was when James gave Lily his coat even though he was equally as cold as her. Love was when Lily convinced him to share the coat, awkwardly fumbling around trying to fit the two of them at once. Love was when James finally got the courage to ask Lily out. Love was what Lily felt at night when James was wrapped around her and giving her butterflies that seemed to never die.

Love was simply James.

And that was something Lily could believe in.

James, put me down before you drop me and my head cracks open!“

"It’d be kind of hard to tell if you were bleeding, wouldn’t it? Because of your hair and all…..”


“Do you think it would match your hair? Maybe it’d be a little darker…..I’ll ask Marlene later.”

-James Potter, carrying his slightly disgruntled girlfriend, Lily Evans, away from their Care of Magical Creatures class to the Great Hall, all while slightly panicking about how he could ever tell if Lily was bleeding.

-Taken by a slightly confused, armed-with-band aids Alice Fortescue.

-Circa 1978, Seventh Year.

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Saturday February 18, 2017 was a really wonderful day, one that reminded me of all of the things I really do like about college. I have had a really up and down four years, it feels like I have aged twenty years since June of 2013. But these three people as well as some others (@chikiguna lookin at u) have, in many cases, made college worth it. I spent the morning rehearsing for Dogfight with them, then went to lunch with them (plus my other friend Anthony) and then ended the day with Evan, Brooks (the other guy in the pics) and his girlfriend who is also my friend. It was just a really good day overall, days like this are what makes life good.

Damn Disney Movies

Here’s my first submission for SoMa Week 2015! 

Warning: This fic contains spoilers for Disney’s Big Hero 6. If you haven’t watched it, some things may not make much sense (I also recommend watching it ASAP because it’s a fantastic movie). Otherwise, Enjoy!

Soma College AU: Day 1, Geeking Out

It was starting to appear everywhere.

On her computer, her bed, her clothes– hell, even her phone case –the little white blob man was infecting his girlfriend’s dorm.

Soul Evans certainly hadn’t expected this kind of reaction when she and their friend Patti had gone to see that animated Disney movie a couple of months ago, especially from someone as no-nonsense as Maka Albarn. Yet, he finds himself glaring down at the little marshmallow-man plush doll nestled between the various pillows on her bed, wondering how his girlfriend thought it was “cute”.

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james and lily as singers for mashallahmangoes

‘Hearts were broken all over the world when James Potter, member of the boy band phenommenon The Marauders, walked onto the red carpet last may with his long term girlfriend Lily Evans, folk singer/songerwriter best known for her single ‘Flowers Never Bend’, who was seen for the first time to be sporting a diamond engagement ring. 

Now, a source close to the couple has revealed that the superstar duo are expecting a baby!

There have been no signs of wedding plans so far, but we are expecting this news to encourage the couple to set a date.’

Fic: Private Screening

A Chris Evans One Shot

Summary: Chris lets his girlfriend Natalia view the final edited version of his first directorial film, anticipating her reaction.

Feedback is always welcome and appreciated. Thanks for reading!


The credits rolled.

This was the part of the movie where she stretched the muscles that had been stiff from staying in the same position for a long stretch of time. But she was rooted to her seat on the small couch, unmoving.

She could feel him fidgeting beside her. Could feel the ground shaking as his leg bounced up and down out of nervous habit. He was dying to hear her honest feedback.

“Well, what did you think?” Chris was nervous. It was evident in the cautious tone of his voice and in the way he kept clearing his throat.

Wow,” Natalia breathed out, eyes still glued to the screen that was listing every single name that had played a part in creating the film.

He chuckled from beside her. “Is that a good wow or a ’wow, Chris, don’t quit your acting gigs, you fucking meatball’?”

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