evan and bender


It’s my favorite scene in the movie. Kitchen scene, let’s call it.

Fender Bender (Evan Hansen x Reader)

Requested: “Evan x reader, but they get in a fender bender while driving home or somewhere?’

Warnings: mild fluff

Word Count: 478 

A/N: This is kind of short, but there are so many different ways this prompt could go. I loved this unique and challenging idea!

It was snowy December evening when you and your boyfriend, Evan were driving home after a long day of Christmas shopping. You guys went to the mall to buy gifts for each other and all of your friends. You bought Evan some new flannels and hiking boots, while he nervously went into Victoria’s Secret to buy you your favorite set of lace underwear among other things. At the end of the day, you guys avoided the cold by ordering hot chocolates from Starbucks and having a cute little sit-in date while the blizzard passed.

Once the storm died down, you guys decided to head home. You initially took the wheel, but became tired after about an hour of driving. Evan agreed to drive the rest of the way home so you could close your eyes. As you sat in the passenger seat, you drifted asleep as Evan sang to you softly.

Suddenly, you hear a loud crash from behind you and you are pulled forward by a strong force. You instantly wake up only to find your boyfriend curled up in a ball having a panic attack.

“I’m-I’m-I’m so sorry.” He said between sobs.

“Evan, baby, what happened?” you asked concerned. At this point you were pulled off to the side of the road in some town that looked unfamiliar.

“Ev, you have to tell me what happened, it’s going to be okay. I promise.”

“S-some guy r-ran into t-t-the back of us,” he could barely manage to say, “m-my mom is g-going to kill me for damaging y-y-your car. A-and your mom i-is going to h-hate me!”

“Listen to me, it’s going to be okay and no one is going to hate you.” You said as you wiped a tear from his cheek, “as long as we’re both okay, there’s no need to worry.”

You pulled Evan into a long, warm hug to calm him down before you stepped outside to assess the damage. It wasn’t as bad as you thought, other than a broken tail light and a couple of dents, everything was okay. It was a hit and run, but poor Evan was so worked up that he couldn’t get a description of the other driver or vehicle.

“Is e-everything a-alright?” He asked worriedly.  

“Yes, Ev, everything is fine. Only a couple of bumps and scratches.” The both of you sat in silence for a couple of minutes holding hands. You rubbed your thumb over his knuckles, he loved the feeling of reassurance when he was nervous.

“How about we try to head home again?’ You joked. A small giggle escaped from Evan’s lips.

“Y-yeah, I’d like that. B-but can I ask y-you something y/n?”

“You can ask me anything, babe.”

“C-can you drive—” before he could finish his question, you cut him off with a kiss.

“Does that answer your question?” You smirked.