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“okay so this is her feed, everything she likes shows up on here.” Storm stated, “remember all of this and work it into your conversations with her and you might just have a chance.”


Studio demo of the deleted Dear Evan Hansen song “In The Bedroom Down The Hall”

Lily: I’m cold.

James: Here, take my jacket.

Remus: I’m cold as well.

Sirius: *taking off jacket and giving it to Remus* You are? I told you to bring more layers, but of course you didn’t listen.

Sirius: *piling scarves onto Remus* Gosh, now it’s my job to make sure you don’t freeze to death!!

Sirius: *taking someone else’s hat and putting it on Remus* You could be sick and I wouldn’t even know! How long have you been cold, huh?

Musical Family Headcanons

- Michael Mell is cousins with Jared Kleinman on his mom’s side

-his younger cousin, Max is related distantly on his dad’s side

-Jared is distantly related Richie Tozier on his dad’s side

-Richie Tozier and Mike Wheeler are cousins

-Jeremy Heere is cousins with Zoe and Connor Murphy

-Jeremy’s dad is from a large family and actually took his wife’s last name, his original last name was Kelly

-Jeremy’s World Lit. teacher Ms.Sawyer met Mr.Heere once and tries to avoid talking to him

-Brooke’s related to Mrs.MacNamera, she doesn’t know how though

-Jenna’s grandma’s name is Tracy Turnblad

-Christine and Dustin are cousins

-Evan’s cousin Arnold is a missionary in Uganda

-Jake doesn’t know a lot about his family but he does know he has a distant relative named Marvin that lives up in New York

-Jeremy’s dad is currently dating Evan’s mom in an online relationship

If I meet Sebastian Stan
  • me: Can I borrow your phone? I need to call God and tell him I've found his missing angel!
  • Sebastian: [he whisper to the person next to him] can someone call the security....

Ti diranno
di non innamorarti mai
che ad amare si soffre
e basta
e nascono le farfalle
nello stomaco
che poi si trasformano in pugni
e ti ritroverai tutto ad un tratto
crisalidi, farfalle e pugni
tutti nello stomaco

ti diranno
di non innamorarti mai
che ad amare si sta male
e poi non si dorme
ci si rigira e rigira nel letto
e si fanno poche ore di sonno
e si sogna sempre quello
si sogna sempre lei
sempre e solo lo stesso sogno
sempre e solo
voi due

ti diranno
di non innamorarti mai
che ad amare poi il cuore dà di matto
e batte troppo e batte a caso
meglio che te ne stai solo,
ti diranno,
meglio essere liberi
meglio divertirsi
e non dover rendere conto a nessuno
che ad amare ci si ferisce
ci si piange addosso
e il mondo, anche quel poco di bello
diventa tutto uno schifo

ti diranno
di non amare,
tu ascoltali
ma falli ricredere,
fai vedere a tutti
come si ama.

-Gio Evan.