Strength | Kai Anderson (smut)

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Warnings: smutty smut smut, unprotected sex, knife play, blood play, dirty talk, rough sex, dom!kai.

Word Count: 902

Note: First smut on this account woot woot… I need Jesus. If you are sensitive to any of the warnings then please don’t read. 

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“It’s your strength. I crave it,” he said.

You hummed in interest, wiping the specks of blood off of your cheek from tonight’s earlier events. Kai helped you open your mind into the new world.

It took a while for him to get through to you, but he encouraged you to kill your archenemy. He thrived from your strength, it was all he talked about.

“Did you see how easy that was?” Kai gripped your waist, pulling your body closer to his.

You nodded with a giggle, “Mhm.”

You were now back at his place, adjusting and realizing that what happened tonight truly happened and it wasn’t just a dream. A part of you hoped it was, because you never knew you were capable of such things… but you couldn’t deny how it made you feel.

“And how do you feel?” he cooed.

You wrapped your arms around the back of his neck, your face inches from his, “Overwhelming ecstasy,” you replied in a hushed whisper, tugging your bottom lip in between your teeth.

“Fuck, I love it when you do that,” he said, his eyes watching your lips. Without warning, Kai tossed you back onto the bed. Your body bounced off of the weak springs, a gasp falling from your lips.

Kai then tugged your body down by your ankles until your legs were almost hung off of the edge. He then hovered over you, his lips barely touching your neck as they glided across.

“Would you ever do it again? For me?” he asked, his fingers landing on the buttons of your jeans.

You moaned, knowing what was about to go down, “Without a doubt.”

“Do you think you’re stronger than any amount of pain you can endorse?” he purred, pulling your pants down your legs.

“I don’t think-” you sat up, covering his hand with your own to stop him from doing anything else until he listened. “I know it.”

Kai got a sudden urge to have you. He needed you. Now.

As Kai yanked your underwear down your legs, you began unbuckling his belt. You then pulled Kai onto the bed with you, backing up until you reached the headboard. You pulled your shirt over your head, hungry for Kai’s touch.

It was rare that you two would get completely undressed when you’d have sex, but you knew why he was doing it.

Pulling Kai’s shirt off his upper body, you tossed the article of clothing onto the floor.

Once Kai was ready, he didn’t give you any time for adjustment. Kai gripped your waist, directing you on his lap.

“Ride me,” he ordered.

You obeyed, gripping his sides as he eased himself into you. Taking you by surprise, he forced himself into you fully.

You moaned into his chest before screaming, “Fuck!” you drawled out, starting to ride him despite the pain you felt in your lower abdomen. Kai didn’t dare break eye contact, his lip between his teeth.

“You’re so fucking tight,” he growled. His fingers were bound to leave bruises on your hips, but neither of you cared.

All that could be heard was Kai’s grunts, your moans and the sound of skin to skin. “Fuck, Kai,” you moaned.

Kai bucked his hips up to meet with yours, forcing himself farther with every thrust. His attention then averted over to the nightstand as you threw your head back in pleasure.

You heard clattering near the end table before you felt something cold press against your bare shoulder. Looking back down, you saw he was holding the blade of his pocket knife against your skin. You weren’t new to this.

“Please,” you begged, immediately feeling the searing pain course through your arm.

Kai moaned as you continued to ride him, wiping his pointer finger over the bloody cut he had just inflicted on your shoulder. He then glided it across your lips, coating them. He then pulled you down against his chest, smashing his lips against yours.

Your tongues battled for dominance and you moaned as he slid his tongue across your bottom lip.

Taking you by surprise, Kai whipped you over so he was now on top. You hooked your right leg around his hip as he pounded into you.

“Harder,” you begged, your nails carving down his back all the way to his ribs. His body was so much stronger than yours, you felt as if he could destroy every bone in your body by how hard he was fucking you in that moment.

You began to shake and Kai knew you were close.

“Don’t cum yet,” he ordered. “Not until I say so.”

“Fuck,” you whimpered, staring up at him innocently.

Your hips slammed against each other with each thrust, ignoring the pain that came with it.

Kai’s thrusts started to get sloppy, “Fuck. Cum, now,” he ordered.

You cried in pleasure, throwing your head back as you let yourself go. Kai grunted loudly as he forced himself into you, staying still as he came inside of you. He then pulled out, forcefully thrusting back in. Your body was shaking involuntarily from your orgasm and Kai admired it.

You began to pant loudly, your eyes screwed tight. You then looked up at Kai, watching as he gently licked one swipe of your wound with the tip of his tongue, blood still dripping out from the clean slit.

“I believe in you,” he purred.

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Do you have one in blue? ~ Tree Bros

In which the computer lab scene happens, but it’s Pastel!Connor and Emo!Evan created by @softmushie. I got really carried away by this so I apologize profusely. It was actually kinda hard to write? But yeah. I really hope you enjoy it and I really adore your AU and all of your artwork/animatics!

Also! Two A.M. cotton candy party headcannon was made by @volarfinch! Thank you for the beautiful idea that will forever be one of the best headcannons ever!

WC: 1,455

Warning: Swearing, Panic attack, Implied suicidal intentions


Part 2

Part Three

Also it’s midnight here and I really should be in bed (but sleep is for the weak) so sorry about the horrible writing! Okay. I’m done. Go read.

“So, what happened to your arm?”

Evan turned towards the sound of the voice and nearly had to squint at the sight. Through all the holographic hair clips and shining, colored streaks of hair, Evan somehow managed to figure out that the source was none other than Connor Murphy, the kid he pushed earlier that day. He scoffed and unconsciously scratched at the small amount of skin above his cast but beneath his elbow. “I fell out of a fucking tree,” Evan mumbled.

“You fell out of a tree?” Connor repeated. “That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. I’m so sorry.”

Evan rolled his eyes. “Why are you sorry? It’s not like you pushed me out of the tree.”

Connor stood uncomfortable, shifting his weight from foot-to-foot. He gripped the paper in his hand a bit more tightly. “I see, uh, no one’s signed your cast.”

“Yeah. I know,” Evan said, tossing his bag over his shoulder. Why couldn’t Connor take the hint that he wasn’t one to make conversation with? Just let him grab his paper off the printer and leave for his next class. The sooner he got this school day over with, the sooner he could get into his moms medicine cabinet.

“Well, I’ll sign it,” Connor smiled, tucking a strand of pastel pink hair behind his ear.

“Oh.” How was Evan supposed to react to that? Connor—the kid who’s constantly picked on for his love of bright and colorful things. The kid who Evan had pushed earlier that day because he was so mad at some stupid offhand comment about his own looks that he had to take it out on someone else. The kid who just so happened to be the older brother of Zoe Murphy, Evan’s crush—wanted to sign his cast. “You don’t, um, you don’t have to.”

Connor shrugged. “You have a sharpie?” Evan dug into his coat pocket and pulled out the black sharpie his mom had gave him that morning. Connor grimaced at the marker. “Do you have one in blue?”

Evan frowned. “No I don’t have one in fucking blue.”

The taller boy smiled and set the paper he was holding down on the desk beside him. He swung his backpack off his shoulders, unzipped it, and pulled out his cotton candy covered pencil case. “I think Zoe gave mine back to me,” Connor said as he looked through the small case. Evan could see that the pencil case was filled with dozens of different colored sharpies. Some of the caps had small teeth marks from when Connor held them in his mouth while he was using the marker.

“Here it is!” Connor smiled and uncapped it. He carefully grabbed Evan’s cast and, in big, bold letters, spelled out “CONNOR” with a small smiley face at the end.

Evan raised an eyebrow at the size of the name. “Oh. Wow. Thanks?”

“Don’t mention it,” Connor said as he packed up his things. He gasped and grabbed the paper off the desk, handing it to the emo boy. “Here. I found this on the printer. I think it belongs to you? ‘Dear Evan Hansen,’ that’s you, right?”

Evan snatched the paper from his hands and stuffed it into his pocket. “Yeah. It’s just, um, it’s a shitty letter, paper I had to write for the, um, a class,” Evan managed to get out. He felt his palms start to sweat. Shit! Not here, not now! Please!

“Hey, are you okay?” Connor asked, putting a hand on Evan’s shoulder. “You look like you’re about to pass out.”

Evan pushed him away and stumbled out of the computer lab. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Why did you have to have a panic attack now? And for some shitty reason, non the less! Connor hadn’t even read the whole letter! Probably? He did see it was my name. Shit. He read it, didn’t he? These thoughts ran through Evans head as he headed for the second floor boys bathroom. It was almost always empty which was great because Evan could go there when his panic attacks set in. He stomped inside and went to the back stall, stuffing himself into the back corner and tucking his legs into his chest.

He was so focused on leaving that he didn’t remember to close the bathroom door.

“Evan? I don’t really know what’s going on, but I don’t think I’m supposed to just leave you here alone,” Connor said as he entered the small bathroom. He closed the door and went to the back stall, kneeling in front of the slightly shaking boy. “What do you need me to do?”

Evan couldn’t answer. He couldn’t talk. Heck, he couldn’t even move his mouth. He just sat there shivering, trying to control his breathing.

Connor pulled off his multicolored vest and tossed it over Evan’s shoulders. “I know you already have a jacket on, but you were still shivering so this might help,” he explained.

Connor bit his lip as he watched the emo boy take big, gulping breaths. An idea popped into his mind. Connor went into his bag and pulled out his cotton candy pencil case once again, grabbing a purple sharpie from inside. He gently grabbed Evan’s cast and set it in his lap. “Hey, try this, okay?” Connor drew a small square on the underside of the cast. “When I trace the line up, breath in. But don’t let go until I trace the line going down, okay?”

Evan silently nodded, squinting through newly-forming tears to watch Connors square. He followed Connors instructions and was surprised at how well it helped to control his breathing. After 43 fully completed squares, Evan was breathing normally again. He was surprised when he heard his own voice thank Connor for helping him.

Connor smiled and capped the marker. “Don’t mention it. Again.” He put the sharpie away and pulled out a light green one. He started to draw a small vine with leaves on his forearm.

Evan watched, entranced by the calming stroke of Connor’s sharpie. He felt like a complete fool when he said, “can you draw that on my cast?”

Connor stared at Evan for a few seconds before breaking out into a giant grin. “Of course!”

The rest of the school day was spent hiding in the second floor bathroom. When the bell rang indicating school was over, Evan’s cast was covered in pastel colored flowers, sweets, different shapes, and even a mini self portrait of himself. Evan gathered his things and gave Connor his vest back. He was ready to go home and…oh. Right. His moms medicine cabinet. Evan forgot about that. At least today was a good day to end on, right?

“Do you want me to bring you pink or blue cotton candy?”

Evan looked at Connor with questioning eyes. “What do you mean?”

“Zoe and I are gonna have a two a.m. cotton candy party and I was wondering if you’d want me to bring you some tomorrow?” Connor explained, putting away his things and standing up.

“Why would you want to bring me some?” Evan asked and walked out of the bathroom, the pastel boy in tow.

“Because you’re my friend!” Connor said happily. “So, pink or blue?”

Evan shrugged. “Surprise me.”

“Okay. Yeah. Sounds good.” Connor spotted Zoe in the crowded hallway. “I’ve gotta go. But I’ll see you tomorrow, Evan!” With one last smile, Connor walked away from Evan and towards his sister.

When Evan got home that afternoon, he tossed his bag on the couch and made a beeline for his moms bathroom. She wouldn’t be home till late that night which left Evan with more than enough time to do what he needed to do. He opened Heidi’s medicine cabinet and scanned the contents quickly before finding what he needed; his moms sleeping pills. Unfortunately, the few Xanax Evan had left wouldn’t be enough to do the job. So these pills would be doing the honors.

As Evan reached for the pills, he couldn’t help but notice he used his broken arm. Of course, the first thing that caught his eye was the giant “CONNOR” on it. That’s right. Connor was bringing him cotton candy tomorrow. Evan didn’t know if he was getting pink or blue. With a sigh, Evan closed the cabinet and shuffled back into the living room. He plopped onto the couch and flicked on the tv, playing whatever show just happened to be on there.

Evan would have to wait on those pills for another day. After all, he just had to know what colored cotton candy his friend was giving him. Who wouldn’t want to know something like that?