Ship wars.

Hmm. Apparently the only reason people shipped/ship these two idiots is because of their characters…Not that I’m on the rl-ship anymore really but I have to defend it, when I shipped Evan and Taissa it was because of THAT behind the scenes video (all the laughing, hugging/hand holding/playing with each other’s hands) coupled with the way they would speak about one another (the quotes/videos aren’t hard to find)… And for an unexplainable reason that they just seemed to ‘fit’. People can ship whatever they want, but some give Evan and Taissa fans a bad name when at least way back then they had all the reasons to ship it, and they still have great onscreen chemistry so can people just chill and let people enjoy it? (Nobody goes around pointing out how wrong Evan and his abuser are together which is what really sucks but that’s another story)

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Im trying to have hope Evan and Taissa will at least be paired in S3 together. Any thoughts? I want it but it feels like it wont be.

Admin Jess opinion: I think they will be paired together but its not going to be easy like in S1, I think they are gonna go through some rough moments before they are actually together :) 

(Other admins feel free to come and WRITE DOWN YOUR OWN OPINION c: )


Admin Flávia opinion: I agree with Jess. I’m pretty sure they will be paired but probably Evan’s character will date someone before or something and then he will fall in love with Taissa’s character.

It confuses me when ppl say ‘they’re friends’, not saying they aren’t but who knows them irl? Nobody in tumblr. As for the people underlying that they’re ‘just’ friends, even if they were, the way they act together and speak of one another says something more. *shrugs*

(fill disclosure I say this as someone who got off that ship in 2012. I don’t support abuse. But I think Taissa and Hadley (her bf who is older than Evan) are cute)

Questa volta non voglio fare un poema, ma vorrei dire che la mia otp preferita è:

Evan Peters e Taissa Farmiga

Gli adoro troppo, sto ancora cercando un nome per loro, Evaissa Petemiga? Taivan Farmiters?

Sono errata a scegliere nomi, ok.