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What do you think about SI employees obstructing the rogue Avengers from seeing Tony after CACW?

I think SI employees would absolutely obstruct the rogue Avengers from seeing Tony.

Like the first moment one of them steps foot into the lobby, the secretaries have sent out a red alert. The rogue Avengers were going to meet with Tony, but they find him rushing out of the conference room, wild-eyed, shouting, “EVACUATE! EVACUATE NOW!” and suddenly there are klaxons and everyone’s running and Tony gets lost in the shuffle and the security guards are barking at them to get out NOW. (Later, the secretaries send a very stern reprimand at R&D. “DO NOT RIG SOMETHING TO EXPLODE WITHOUT MR. STARK’S IMMEDIATE ATTENTION AGAIN. MRS. OLSEN IN PUBLIC RELATIONS WAS ALMOST TRAMPLED.”

The second time the secretaries send out a red alert, Tony walks into the conference room to meet them but doesn’t manage to do more than open his mouth when Friday cuts in, “Boss, all of the servers went out in HR and it’s possible we lost everything for the next two weeks” and instead of words coming out of Tony’s mouth it’s just a high-pitched scream as he turns on his heel and runs for the elevator to get to the servers because it’s gonna be a clusterfuck if his employees don’t get paid. Friday gets a very polite email from the secretaries thanking her for her help.

The third time, Tony actually gets through some civil pleasantries before an intern bursts through the door and shouts “MR. STARK HELP!” And Tony’s on his feet and following this intern going “What? What’s wrong?” But the intern doesn’t really know because he panicked but luckily one of the other interns sees him and clutches her chest and wheezes, “My inhaler!” “WHERE IS FARAH’S INHALER?!” Tony shrieks. (”I didn’t know you had asthma,” the intern says, and Farah gives him a blank look because she doesn’t.) The interns get a pizza party. Tony assumes it’s because of a breakthrough or morale but it was for thinking on their feet to get him out of that conference room.

The rogue Avengers are, of course, starting to suspect, so when another intern rushes in just before Tony has to say something, Clint grabs them by the arm and asks them angrily what’s going on. And then he is blindsided by Tony’s fist, so much so that he doesn’t even have the chance to stumble before he goes down, and Tony snarls, “Don’t you touch my employees. Yes, dear, what is it?” And Esme stutters and thanks him and then says their numbers have turned out all wrong and their manager is out for lunch but the data is due in ten minutes and they don’t know what to do, and Tony would really rather help this intern about to burst into tears than someone who would threaten them. “You had your chance,” Friday tells them ominously after Tony and Esme are out of earshot. She unscrambles Esme’s data and when they see it they do burst into tears because they swear it was wrong a minute ago Mr. Stark!!! “I believe you,” Tony says, giving one of Friday’s cameras the side-eye, and Esme ends up with a thousand dollar bonus in their next paycheck because Friday really should have chosen a less anxious target.

“…You knew, boss?” Friday asks meekly.

Tony scoffs. “I knew the minute R&D called me about the explosive situation. Protocol calls for immediate evacuation, not the entire R&D team milling about anxiously for me to arrive.”

Friday still has a lot to learn, but luckily the secretaries compile a digital list of protocols for each division for her, even Accounting, and they still like to deal with paper.


hp character posters   ᴇʀɴɪᴇ ᴍᴀᴄᴍɪʟʟᴀɴ (requested by @ronweascly)

Professor McGonagall: “Prefects, when I give the word, you will organise your House and take your charges in an orderly fashion to the evacuation point.”
Ernie: ”And what if we want to stay and fight?

Wanted to take a quick break from our usual schedule to let my followers know than I currently live in Manchester, England.
And while the recent news has been heart breaking beyond words - and there are still sirens and raids and armed police and military personnel around the city - the loudest aspect of this tragedy has been love.

The Muslim taxi drivers evacuating people from the city for free

The hotel owners offering shelter to lost children

The businesses offering free tea and coffee to emergency services

The vigil, attended by a troupe of Sikh’s carrying “we love Manchester” banners who were greeted with applause by the rest of the crowd

THAT poem

The football scarves tied together - “Manchester City - United”

The homeless men who ran in to help the victims, and the crowdfunders who are buying them homes in thanks

The public who answered the call for blood donation so swiftly that services had to start turning us away

The atmosphere here is very strange. Manchester Victoria is still closed. The radio stations are full of declarations of grief and thanks and lovd. My friends from work are trying to explain what murder is to their toddlers.

It’s now looking like the bomber - born and raised in Manchester city - might not have acted alone.
But I have never known more love than I have seen from my city this week.

Stay strong, our kid
Choose love

The chaos in Marawi City saddens my heart very much. My school is located there and my some of my college friends are still inside the university complex, unable to reach out for help from the outside. And now all I can do to help them is provide news from the outside and inform them about evacuations. Our university might be in lock down, heavily guarded by the military, but food and supplies are running out. That is why I am in the peak of praying that help and rescue will come to them.

I might have despised my school before but it I learned to love it in my two years of studying there. And now I just can’t believe that the threats and warnings we’ve been receiving a few weeks ago is now taking place.

To you guys who read this post up to this part, please help me in praying for my friends’ safety, and that rescue and food will come to them. Pretty please. Thank you.

Since the MSM ‘news’ suck here, inform yourselves peeps:

More videos:

Manchester Attack: What They’re NOT Telling You

The Rebel in Manchester: City Centre evacuated

Jack Posobiec: JK Rowling Attacks Journalists After Manchester Bombing

Tommy Robinson in Manchester: I changed my mind about vigils

Faith Goldy: What They Won’t Tell You About Syrian Refugees

Faith Goldy: Aggressive “refugees” threaten border

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Reon, Kai & Tendou w a s.o that has arachnophobia hc? If this is against the rules or makes you uncomfortable, that's fine. I just saw a really big spider on my bed while I was half asleep & now I can't fall back to sleep .-. Rip lol

Ohira Reon

  • Very calm about the whole thing
  • This soothing hunk of strepsils will firstly evacuate his s/o from the room when they notice a spider. He will say some gentle words of encouragement to his partner, trying to get them to relax. He will take care of the spider as soon as he deems his partner able to be left alone. After taking care of the spider, he will make a big deal about searching through every nook and crevice. He won’t make a big show about it, as if he’s only doing this to make his partner feel better, he does it just in case.
  • He wouldn’t kill the spiders, more than likely he would release them.
  • However that said, he does tend to spray a lot spider repellent along the windows of his s/o’s room.
  • He heard a myth that if you put chestnuts in the corners of a room, it would work as a spider repellent so during Autumn seasons he tends to pick as many of them up as he can.
  • Reon just always knows what to say to ease his partner.

Nobuyuki Kai

  • With little words, he would mainly comfort his partner. Of course he would give some words of relaxation but it’s mainly his actions.
  • He would make them sit down in a secure room with him, both of them listening to soft music while they’re safe in his arms.
  • Even if it’s 2am, he would find his way to their house to comfort them. He will scour the room, search and comb the room completely.
  • Kai would just know exactly what to do, taking care of his partner from above and beyond, from snacks and treaties, he would try and calm them through literally every means possible. He would be there for his partner no matter what, through thick and thin. Also he would make sure his partner understands that they’re not a bother, and that arachnophobia is not their fault and they shouldn’t feel bad – and that he will do anything for them. Including killing the monstrous little fuckers. Even if he isn’t comfortable with them.

Tendou Satori

  • Okay this fucker would embrace the challenge as he would say.
  • He would legit have a jacket called “Pest Control” and a belt with a fly swatter that has “fly” crossed out, and a can of spider killer – along with a white surgical mask.
  • If a spider dare peeks its-disgusting-head out, he will be on the ball. Depending on the size of the beast, he would usher out his partner or just completely demolish the thing in front of them.
  • He would just try and take his partner’s mind away from it, trying to make them laugh. A favourite is that he would cuddle up to them, smothering them with kisses and compliments. He would shower them with the dearest adoration along with making them smile and laugh.
  • Tendou would focus on making sure their mind isn’t on the spiders. A lot of games would be played, and he would make a pillow fort that is guarded by the “strongest” guardian, the great Tendou Satoshi. It usually works, but if it doesn’t he will sit down and talk to his partner about it. He can get real deep if it is needed but each and everytime he will promise them that he would always be there to protect them.

//For real, fuck spiders. Literally 2 days ago I sat on my balcony out for a smoke and counted 30 of the tiny little horrible shits. Legit got a deodorant and lighter to burn the stupid fuckers. Down with this sort of thing. Down with it all.

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Kagome being badass and fight the mob sent by Eizen and polar dormitory shock because kagome can fight them alone

If only I could write faster to get to this point in the fic…


  • The second Kagome read Souma’s letter to challenge Eizan into a Shokugeki, she smelled something fishy about the whole thing.
    • Ibusaki is the one that tells her first about the incoming people attacking Polar Star Dormitory.
  • As the others debate if they should fight back or evacuate as the mob tells them to do so, Kagome is the first to grab the bow and arrows she brought from back home.
    • She tells them it’s their choice, but if Souma’s fighting on one side, she will fight on this side.
      • And for once she is thankful Souma took the cooking path because she knows she can do better in the physical fight.
  • Polar Star is shocked and speechless at the sight of Kagome coming out the dorm and facing the mob without fear.
    • With just one arrow, the mob freezes seeing it scratched the first person at the front.
    • Kagome lets the others know they should fight if they want to keep the dorm standing.
  • At the end, it’s Kagome commanding everyone where they should attack with the hose, and even tells the mob to pass her phone to Eizan so she can have a conversation.
    • Kagome: “You might have thought chefs were weak and only know how to wield a kitchen knife, but you forgot about me. I’m not your regular amateur chef. Also, tell that Souma he is getting it afterwards for declaring a Shokugeki!”

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is there any way we could help gay people in chechnya? like are there some trustworthy organisations helping them that we can donate money to, or any other ways to help?

Yes, there are!

You can donate to the Russian LGBT Network, who are working on evacuating people to safety. You can also sign and share the following petitions:

There are also several posts in my Chechnya tag which you can share to raise awareness and advise people on what to do if they/their loved ones are at risk.


This first attempt at a comic is dedicated to everyone who voted for their choice of a CO fairytale short comic. Thanks cuties for showing an interest. Special thanks to @thelobstermobster for being the tie breaking vote between Knights in Love and The Pirate and the Merman, as well as being a lovely sounding board for my storyline ideas.

Also, I chose an overhead narration because if I did not it would be 90% Baz sass and no storyline, tbh.


Tunnel containing nuclear waste collapses in Washington

  • The Department of Energy Richland Operations Office declared an emergency at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state on Tuesday, after a “20-foot-by-20-foot section of soil caved in where two underground tunnels meet,” NPR reported. The tunnel’s contents, including trains, were contaminated with nuclear waste.
  • No workers were in the tunnel at the time, but some employees close to the collapse were evacuated and others in the area were told to remain indoors and “take cover” as a precautionary measure, according to NBC News. Read more (5/9/17)

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