3 weeks before my 22cd birthday I drew 2 designs – the Deathly Hallows symbol behind my right ear, and the ‘crown, lightning bolt, and lightbulb’ to place on the back of my left wrist. They aren’t neat or perfect, and a child could probably draw them better than I did, but I wanted the versions I drew because the tattoo artist couldn’t understand what I went through.

I wanted those symbols to be drawn by me because I’m the one who understands what they represent. Harry Potter helped me through things, not the tattoo artist. They don’t understand how much Harry Potter means to me, nor do they understand how much my childhood is over… they weren’t holding me while I cried over all the deaths, nor did they stay up with me when I had actual nightmares about the final battle.

Now at 23 I have added 4 more Harry Potter tattoos to my collection tonight. I have an 'always’ infinity symbol on the inside of my left wrist to represent how Harry Potter will always be with me no more how old I get or how much I change, and then 3 quotes. The one on my foot is because I love walking around my neighborhood at midnight or 1 in the morning, and it honestly is when I get my best ideas for a brand new story or to simply just think about my life. The quote on the inside of my left arm is to remind me to not get stuck in what I wish was real, but to simply keep working to make it a reality, and the one on the inside of my right arm is because I love to write. Writing is my passion, and my life, and I’m right handed so I felt it best belonged there.

These tattoos don’t make sense to most people, and they probably never will, but they mean the world to me, and I find myself just shrugging my shoulders when people ask me why I got it or what it means – I shouldn’t have to explain it to them because they obviously don’t get it if they don’t recognize it.

Harry Potter isn’t just a book, or a movie, to me – it has literally become my salvation. And I’m up to 15 tattoos now, but these 6 are my favorite because they represent a childhood that I’ll never regret, and a friendship with characters who don’t know I exist.


I’ve always been told I’m too obsessed with Harry Potter. I was 7 when the books came out, and 8 when I first started reading it. I went to every midnight premiere, I cried, I laughed, I fought alongside them, and no one in my family or any of my friends understood me. I write the fanfics, I have my the dreams, and I support the role-playing pages. I’m on Pottermore, and I bow to the Queen!

Now I’m turning 22 in 3 weeks, and I drew these. They may look like a child drew them , or they’re not ‘neat’ and 'perfect’ but I drew them, and to me they couldn’t be any less perfect. I won’t bother explaining any of these to my friends or families, but when a stranger on the street sees it, and smiles at me, I’ll be pleased - I found a Potterhead who understands me!

I drew an infinity symbol with the word 'always’ in it as well, but the tattoo chick said it was too tiny and would look like a blob in a couple of years, so I’m going to redraw it then get it done. I want something done by myself because the tattoo people don’t know me. They don’t understand what Harry Potter means to me, nor do they understand how my childhood is officially over… they can draw it for me, but it won’t be the same… they weren’t holding me while I cried over all the deaths, nor did they stay up with me when I had actual nightmares about the final battle. No, they just don’t understand me…

But when I see that random stranger, and they look at my wrist or behind my ear, and they either smile at me, or get teary eyed, then I’ll know… they understand. We may not know each other, but they were with me every step of the way. My brother may think I’m insane and my friends might roll their eyes at me, but this is my life. I grew up with the books, and I fell in love with the movies.

It isn’t over. Not for us - Hogwarts will always be there for us, and for some reason these tattoos make me feel just a little bit closer to all of the other people who feel like me! (: