From this picture you would never know:

I weigh 230 pounds

My eyes are naturally brown and I have stigmitism with a +2.75 vision

I’m 21 years old

I have 9 tattoos

I’m a fanfiction writer

I’m an obsessed Potterhead who finds everything in my normal daily life related to Harry Potter somehow

I was in AP Lit, but graduated with a 1.9 GPA (I don’t know how that’s possible, but it happened)

I hate football, but have watched every hockey game from before I could understand what it was and I support the Sharks all the way

I’m Hawaiian-Portuguese with other stuff

My mom is half Hawaiian, half Portuguese and my dad is English, Irish, Scottish, Dutch, Welsh and German

My mom’s real dad is pure Hawaiian and her stepdad is pure Filipino. My dad’s dad is a ginger with freckles.

I’m 5’7”

I’m extremely self conscious and shy when it comes to meeting new people

I’ve read over 500 books throughout my life

Screamo soothes me

I’m in love with Aaron Carter and Christian Kane

My baby brother fights MMA

I don’t know how to drive

I raise my cousins kids

My belly button is pierced

I lost all my grandparents by the time I was only 11 years old

Clowns scare the shit out of me

My goal in life is to meet an actual midget

The list could continue -you would never guess anything real about me by this picture. The point of this? Never judge someone by how they look. I look like some stuck up, bleached blonde chick with blue eyes who loves taking pictures of herself all day. Aside from being a camera whore and having bleached hair, I don’t have blue eyes and I’m not stuck up. I like to think I’m one of the sweetest people around. I don’t hold back my thoughts and I don’t judge people because of how they look or act. Most of my best friends are in jail and only seven of my friends don’t have kids. When people see me in person they think I’m “scary” because of my piercings and tattoos or “slutty” because I’m a fat chick who wears shorts and tube tops, but in reality, I’d rather spend my Friday nights with my laptop and writing out a new chapter for an HP fanfic I’m working on. Moral of this story? -don’t judge people unless you really know them.