George Harrison comes in first. He is bigger than I had imagined and puts me at ease straight away with his pleasant smile and down-to-earth manner. But what will his hand show? I can’t wait to see.

George gestures for me to sit down and eagerly holds out his hands towards me. ‘I’ve never had me hand read before. I’ve always been curious, though,’ he exclaims. He raises an eyebrow and looks at me expectantly. He has very strong lines on his hands and I hear myself telling him that he will branch out into other things. The sensible side of me finds it difficult to believe that someone in the most famous band in the world would not stay doing this forever, but I will always tell a client what I see and not just what they want or expect to hear. His hands are well worn and I find him to be a soft and gentle man who speaks quietly and has great respect for what I do for a living. His interest in all things psychic seems to be a passion and I tell him this is something he should persue. After half an hour, I complete my reading and we say our goodbyes.

—  Eva Petulengro on reading George Harrison’s palm backstage in Brighton on 25 October 1964, The Girl in the Painted Caravan