My Sad Captains

One by one they appear in
the darkness: a few friends, and
a few with historical
names. How late they start to shine!
but before they fade they stand
perfectly embodied, all

the past lapping them like a
cloak of chaos. They were men
who, I thought, lived only to
renew the wasteful force they
spent with each hot convulsion.
They remind me, distant now.

True, they are not at rest yet,
but now that they are indeed
apart, winnowed from failures,
they withdraw to an orbit
and turn with disinterested
hard energy, like the stars.

Thom Gunn. Photography credit Eva O’Leary.

a roach that had been traveling with me since Milan
crawled up by my bed for the last time I had the arriving and
leaving jealousies
you are a diamond
shining from every cut
on the wall in shadow form like Bobby’s twig alphabet
I cant allow you 9 days of freedom in my mind like sand
I was thinking about you today on my bed as the ship wiggled
I thought my teeth would explode
but you brought something for both of us
and we sat on the ground and ate it together

Jim Dine, “Bean”
Photography Credit Eva O’Leary

Eva O'Leary and Harry Griffin on Photographing the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg

Eva O'Leary and Harry Griffin are photographers who work together. Last year they funded a project called Devil’s Den using Kickstarter. For it, they photographed reenactors and spectators at the 150th-anniversary commemoration of the battle of Gettysburg. Juxtapositions within their images lay bare the differences between then and now. The project is featured in Mossless Issue 3, which is also currently on Kickstarter. We spoke with Eva and Harry about preconceptions drawn from history books, crowdfunding as a strategy for self-publishing, and the nature of collaboration.  

Mossless: What made you want to shoot the Gettysburg reenactment? Eva and Harry:  The idea evolved from a shared interest. We had talked about collaborating before, but were waiting for the right idea. Some family had participated in the reenactment before, and they were talking about going again.   Gettysburg is a town of 7,645 residents. Once a year, in the last week of July, approximately 50,000 people travel from all over the world to bask in the glory, fascination, and nostalgia of a war fought in 1863. This year was the 150th anniversary and was particularly huge.   What surprised you most about it all? The first time we went to Walmart and saw a rebel sharpshooter buying toilet paper.

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