eva you made me do this

SKAM S04E07 Clip 6 - Fucking over your friends

VILDE: He’ll break up with me..

EVA: No, Vilde, he won’t.

VILDE: Yes, he will!

CHRIS: He won’t do that..

EVA: Vilde, there are some douchebags who have done this and it’s not your fault. Someone did this to you.

NOORA: It’s not your fault.

EVA: It’s going to be fine. You’re just very, very sad now.

SANA: What happened?

EVA: Someone made ellevillevillde 2 and posted lots of shit about Vilde. It’s really bad.

CHRIS: Yeah..

NOORA: Oh my God..

CHRIS: It’ll be fine.. Just..

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How’s it going Vilde?


Don’t know. I’m feeling empty and Magnus isn’t answering.

If he breaks up with me I don’t know what I’ll do


You’re not breaking up


Everything that was posted was fake bs


What was up with that vomit video


i don’t know. Don’t remember when it’s from


It’s from last week. Don’t you remember? When you were really drunk and we tried to make you puke.

Hahahahaha it Julian’s toothbrush




You remember it Vilde


Who made the video, chris??


Don’t remember anybody filming


but who was at the toilet


Could it have been Lea

I think I remember her being at the toilet


Ingrid was at the toilet!

Or was it Olivia


Shitty girls


You remember to eat potatoes right?




Yes Noora <3


I take: fries from mcdonalds the day after being drunk


Me and Chris are are going to the city now!!!! with my OWN ID card


a/n: hi hello i’m back i hope you like this!!! my mind started wandering halfway through lmao

anonymous asked: Could you write one where y/n is distansing herself from Chris for some reason and Chris is getting worried she might leave him and confronts her like ‘Tell me what happened, tell me why everything changed’ Thank you if this is something you can write :)

pairing: reader x chris

word count: 1,2k 

warnings: angst i guess


Christoffer’s biggest fear initially was committing into a relationship and letting someone in his life, letting someone know him on a more personal level. Nowadays, it was loosing you. The thought of you not being a part of his life was terrifying to him, as dumb as it might sound you were the best thing to have happened in his life so far. Even if it was really early in your relationship, he was pretty sure he was falling in love with you, fast. Too fast even. He never thought he’d feel the way he feels for you, but it was something he treasured.

It had taken him time to accept that his crush wasn’t only based on looks and that he liked you as a person and that he actually wanted to be with you, not only occasionally as a random hook up. You were understanding and gave him his time, never rushing him in anyway. He had appreciated a lot, so when he actually was ready you were both beaming with happiness. People had found it funny how happy you both were back then, the bravest ones tried to tease Chris about it, without success though.

But good thing don’t last, not for Chris at least. The universe probably had something against him or his happiness in general, because his worst fear was actually happening. You had become distant suddenly, Chris doing everything possible to stop it from happening in a way that he doesn’t look too clingy. As the whole relationship thing was new for him, he couldn’t help but wonder if he had fucked it up already. Had he said something to offend you? Did he do something wrong? In his mind, the options were endless.

Maybe Chris was a little dumb for not confronting you about it immediately and giving you some alone time, but as days went on he grew more and more worried. He was hung up on the idea of you leaving him, the less confident side of him completely taking over on the matter. Chris knew that he had to act quickly, before it’s too late.

Even with all of that, he was ready to save your relationship at all costs. That was exactly what he was doing currently, as he was walking around in the school in hopes of seeing you or your friends, so far it had been unsuccessful.

A sigh of relief got past his lips when he spotted your little group of friends, boldly walking up to them. They immediately noticed that Chris was walking towards them, growing quiet in matter of seconds. He examined each one of them, noticing Eva was there too. It probably wasn’t the greatest idea of his to hook up with Eva when he was interested in you, it was something he deeply regretted and often worried about. That of course was before you were dating or he was getting ready to do so.

”Where’s Y/N?” Chris asked calmly, tapping his foot against the floor of the cafeteria. They all seemed hesitant, contemplating whether they should tell him or not. Chris’ previous calmness was quickly fading away, replaced by annoyance. ”Look, you can dislike me all you want, but if you know where Y/N is I’d like to know.”

Vilde was the one to crack up and tell him that you had left to get your books for the next class, earning a glare from the others. Chris mumbled out a quick ’thank you’, before sprinting off towards your locker. And you were there, standing in front of it. He walked up

”We need to talk, preferably now.” he said, looking at you.

”Later, excuse me I have to go to class now.” you told him, not bothering to look at him as you tried to leave, only for him to grab your wrist, softly enough to not hurt you.

”Classes don’t start for another 15 minutes, you’re not in a hurry yet and I think it’s crucial that we talk right now,” Chris told you, briefly pausing before continuing. ”Even if I have a reputation of not caring about other peoples feelings, I’ve always taken yours into consideration and I think I at least deserve an explanation for your behavior.”

Your heart was pounding like crazy, you knew sooner or later Chris would confront you about it. You knew you could’ve handled the whole situation better, distancing yourself from him wasn’t smart either. It wasn’t that you didn’t like him anymore, because you did. A lot actually.

A small crowd was following the situation, already probably gossiping about it. Thankfully Chris noticed this, pulling you into a more quiet place where you could be alone. You stood there in silence, not sure of what to do. Chris ran his hand through his hair, a nervous habit he had had as long as you can remember.

”Do you still even like me?” Chris carefully asked, afraid of the answer. This was nerve-wracking for him, he didn’t want your relationship to end. In his mind it didn’t make sense to break up or even take a break, because everything had gone well before. You laughed together, you held hands in the hallways like every annoying new couple did and you respected each other.

”I still like you.” you managed to whisper out as you were on the verge of tears, doing your best to not. Every moment you spent in silence made you feel more and more guilty, regretting your actions. The last thing you wanted to ever do was hurt Chris in any way.

”Then please just tell me what happened, tell me why everything changed? I promise I’ll do my best to fix it.” Chris said, nervously chewing on the inside of his cheek.

Silence. You were struggling to find the right words to explain yourself. As you took a deep breath, you started explaining. ”Ultimately, I think I got jealous and insecure. I know this is dumb, but I heard that you had a thing with Eva and liked her and it just really made me feel insecure. I started overthinking, which ended up in me distancing myself from you. It was a way to protect myself from getting hurt, but in the process of this I hurt you. I’m sorry.”

Christoffer’s facial expression softened seemingly, he was relieved to say the least. ”I can understand that, I was actually worried about it earlier. You’re the only one I have ever liked, I don’t want you to worry about things concerning the matter.”

“I hate how you always know what to say to make me feel better.” you said with a small laugh, wiping some tears away. 

“I can’t help it, I’m pretty much a genius.” 

You smiled a little, pulling him in a much needed hug. It felt nice and cozy, like home. Chris pressed a kiss to your front, making you slightly blush. One of the many qualities of yours he loved was that he still managed to make you blush with the simplest things.

It was no mystery that you both sucked in this whole dating thing, you were the two newbies who messed things up constantly but no matter what happened did your best to get through it. Things get hard from time to time, but as long as you were both happy together it was worth it.

anonymous asked:

If Skam was an American show or a soap opera, what do you think would have happened or been big events in each season? The thought cracks me up haha

hey lovie! hahahaha, can you imagine? Eva and Jonas would have had a screaming match in a public park, probably, and then they would have gone to both of their cars and driven away because you can do that in America when you’re sixteen and a single perfect tear would have slid over Eva’s cheek, not messing up her face full of make up whatsoever. they never speak again. Vilde would have never forgiven Noora in season two. instead, she would have made thirteen tapes and sent them to Noora – they’re all about her. Isak’s season would have never happened at all. just one episode in which he would’ve come out and then something horrible would have happened to him. his friends remember him, single tears and all, while they walk along with the pride parade in their small town village. there are six other people. if only Isak could have been there to share this with them. but he’s not, because this is America apparently, and lgbt people don’t come out over kebab to their supporting best friends, they die or end up blind, for some reason.

i think one of the ways isak grew during his season is by starting to realize that he can be a positive addition to people’s lives, that he can, in fact, make things better 

things weren’t going well at home for god knows how long, and i can’t help but think that isak took some of the blame for what was happening, because this situation wasn’t something he was able to make better. his mom was going through a very hard time, his parents’ relationship seemed to have fallen apart, his father left, and there was nothing isak could do about it. there was nothing he should’ve had to do about it as their child, at such a young age, but he saw his home become broken, and he saw that there was nothing he could do to fix it. i think isak probably tried as best as he could, by trying to not be an “additional burden” in the household, by remaining quiet and closed off and trying not to add fuel to the fire. but things didn’t work out, and he ended up having to leave home at sixteen, leaving as things still seemed broken beyond repair 

and then you have his friendship with eva, one of his closest friends, and he blamed himself entirely for what happened to her relationship with jonas for over a year. he saw himself as the sole reason why jonas and eva weren’t together anymore, why they weren’t talking, and why the trio of friends they once were had fallen apart. and isak wasn’t innocent here, he did betray eva, but he wasn’t entirely to blame, eva said so herself. but once again, that’s the thing with isak, he blames himself more than he should for things he doesn’t have control over

isak will blame himself, think he’s at fault for other people not doing well. and you see that thinking pattern during the season. you see it in the locker room scene when even tells him he broke things off with sonja, and isak apologizes because he thinks it might’ve made him sad, i’m sorry if because of me you were sad. you also see it in the minutt for minutt clip, when he’s on the phone with sonja, and she has to remind him that it’s not his fault even’s not feeling well, that his mental illness is the reason why he’s feeling that way. he feels a lot of guilt, and sometimes his feeling of guilt is justified because he does mess up, speak before he thinks, and it’s a good thing that he feels remorseful and wants to apologize, it’s a good thing he wanted to apologize to eskild after what he told him in pride, it’s a good thing he wanted to apologize to mahdi after he pushed him, it’s a good thing he wanted to apologize to noora when he thought he might’ve been a little too harsh with her. it shows what a truly good and caring person isak is. but the amount of guilt he feels is sometimes disproportionate, because once again isak would see himself as the guy who can’t make things right, can only make them worse

but i think, or at least i’d like to think that isak has learned to take a step back and see the progress he makes, and realize that messing up is not all he does, see that he can, in fact, make things better, be a good person to others. i like to think he holds himself accountable just enough when he does mess up, enough to apologize and realize he was wrong and learn. but i also like to think that he truly sees what a great friend and boyfriend and person he is, and how it’s a good thing for the people he cares about to have isak in their life. i like to think that isak’s perception of himself is now a far better representation of who he actually is, and the role he plays in other people’s lives

Talk Norwegian to Me-Chris Schistad Imagine

Requested: No

Warnings: Mostly fluff, some sensuality

A/N: I just finished the first season of Skam and I love it. Vilde is the most adorable thing ever! Anyway, if you like this imagine, don’t hesitate to request more Skam imagines!

Mitt navn er= My name is

Hva heter du= What is your name?

Gratulerer, du vet noe norsk= Congratulations, you know some Norwegian

Takk skal du ha= Thank you

Og så kom hun opp til ham og slo ham= And then she slapped him

Foran alle= In front of everyone

Vel, han burde ikke ha hatt sex med henne og henne= Well, he shouldn’t have had sex with her or her…

Du ser veldig bra ut, Chris= You look very good, Chris

Nå vet jeg at du er full= Now I know you’re drunk

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    As I sat outside the headmaster’s office, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the possibilities as to why I was sitting there. In my entire academic career, I had never been in trouble, not once. Back in America, I had perfect attendance, straight As, and I had an active social life thanks to volleyball and theater. I had only been attending Hartvig Nissen for about a month now and the only thing I had done was join Eva, Vilde, Noora, and Sana’s Russ Bus and that only got me into a tiny amount of trouble. 

    My heart stopped beating for a second.

    Maybe that’s why I was here. The headmaster found out I had been drinking and dancing at The Penetrators’ party. 

    Was that going to get me expelled?
    “What are you doing here, Yankee?” Chris teased as he slid into the seat next to me.

     Ever since I transferred to Hartvig Nissen, it seemed as though Chris Schistad’s mission in life was to annoy me to death. He was always teasing me about how American I was and made sure to comment every time I would pass him with my friends. He was like an annoying toddler combined with a douchebag and I had no idea why so many girls liked him.

      “Not that it’s any of your business, but the headmaster asked to see me before classes start. Why are you here? Did someone finally catch you smoking on school property?” I shot back.

      Chris smirked that crow eating grin that got under my skin. “I don’t know, could be for anything really.” 

     I felt Chris’ beady eyes roam over my body and hugged my thick gray Burberry sweater tighter around my waist. “Stop staring at me like that.”

    “Can’t help it, you look hot in that sweater. Makes me wonder if you look this good with it on—”

    “Stop it,” I hissed.

    “…how good you would look with it off?”

    Before I could respond, the headmaster stepped out of his office. “Good morning, Miss Y/L/N, Mr. Schistad.”

    I stood immediately and shook the older man’s hand. “Good morning, Headmaster.”

   “Morgen,” Chris said.

   We followed the headmaster into his office and sat down in the two seats in front of his desk. Then, the headmaster sat down and leaned forward on his desk.

    “Y/N, you have shown great academic performance even though you just came here from America,” he said in a thick Norwegian accent. 

    “Thank you, Headmaster,” I said with a smile.

    “However, I think it would be much better for you to be in classes with the other Norwegian students here.”

     I blinked. “But, all of those classes are taught in Norwegian, besides foreign language classes.”

    “Which is why I’ve asked Mr. Schistad here as well. He is one of the only students who is nearly as proficient in English as he is in Norwegian.”

    It felt like the ground had fallen out from underneath me. Chris Schistad was going to tutor me. Had I fallen into some sort of Twilight Zone? I was doing just fine with the mini translator device I brought to classes and the girls in my bus helped me in the classes that we had together.

    “Noora also knows good English, headmaster, couldn’t she help me?”

    “While that is true, she does not have as extensive of a record as Mr. Schistad.” The headmaster cast a glance in Chris’ direction and all he could do was smirk in return. “You will practice every day after school but when and where are entirely up to you two. Any questions?”

    I shook my head, grabbed my bag, and wandered out of the office. How was this happening to me?
   “Well, it looks like we’ll be spending more time together, Yankee.”

    “My name is Y/N,” I said through gritted teeth. “I’m free at five o’clock, or, seventeen o’clock your time. We’ll meet at a cafe or something.”

    “Can’t at five, I have plans.” Chris smiled suggestively and I nearly gagged.

    “Cancel your booty call, this is more important. You better not make me sound like an idiot.”
    “Never,” Chris said. “I’ll text you.”

    I nodded and hurried off to my first class. Unfortunately, the news of having Chris Schistad, the school f–kboy as my Norwegian tutor threw me for such a loop that I couldn’t really pay attention to European History, and it was one of my favorite classes. I shouldn’t let anyone, let alone Chris Schistad, stand in the way of my academic career, but I couldn’t seem to get him out of my head.

    “What?” Noora, Sana, Eva, Vilde, and Chris exclaimed.

   We were sitting in the cafe for lunch and I had just told them the news. They all had the same look of shock on their faces and I nodded.

   “Why couldn’t one of us teach you?” Noor asked.

   “Because the headmaster wants to help Chris be a better person I guess,” I said, picking at the sandwich on my plate.

   “I could teach you,” Chris said slowly.

   “You barely speak Norwegian, Chris, and most of the English you know is from music,” Eva teased.

    Chris rolled her eyes and took a big bite out of her croissant and muttered something in Norwegian.

    “But, this meeting won’t interfere with the Russ bus, right?” Vilde asked nervously.

    I shrugged. “I’m supposed to meet him today at five so I have no idea.” 

   Vilde sighed and burst into some anxious Norwegian before being hushed by Sana ad Noora. 

   “What did she say?”

   Noora shook her head. “Nothing, she’s just freaking out about the bus.” Noora leaned forward. “Anyway, having Chris as a tutor might not be that bad.”
   “Might not be that bad? He tricked me into drinking a bottle of pickle juice after I already had several shots of vodka at the party last Friday.”

   Chris burst out laughing while everyone else tried to hold in their laughs.

   “He was only messing with you,” Eva said.

    “In America, that’s borderline bullying,” I argued. “He’s making me lose my appetite.”

   I set the plate at my feet and groaned. The worst part was I was really looking forward to lunch that day. 

   “Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of Norwegian in no time,” Noora said.

   “Now that’s a load of bs if I ever heard it.”

   The other girls burst into laughter and we started talking about something else. However, I couldn’t help but dread working with Chris later that day. I hoped that something would happen between my journey to school and the cafe we were supposed to meet at that would delay this process. Unfortunately, everything went smoothly and before I knew it, I was sitting in a booth in a cafe, hot chocolate set in front of me, scanning over the Norwegian language books I had gotten from the library.

    “Look at you, such a diligent student.” Chris slid into the seat across from me and I glanced up at him.

   “We both have to do our parts,” I muttered. “So, what is the first lesson?”

   “We’ll just go over the basics. Repeat after me, Mitt navn er.”

    It rolled perfectly off his tongue but seemed to get all jumbled up in my own.

   “Try again, Yankee.”

    “Mish nav er?”

    Chris burst out laughing and I rolled my eyes. “Sorry, it’s just, I’ve never heard someone sound so bad at Norwegian before.”
   “If I do, it’s because I have a bad teacher.”

   Chris arched an eyebrow. “Look who has claws. Fine, let’s sound it out: Meet.”






    “Now, just put it together,” Chris said.

    “Mitt navn er.”


    “What does it mean?”

   “My name is. Hva heter du?” 

    “Mitt navn er Y/N.”

    “You sound almost native.”

    “You caught me.”

     I couldn’t help myself but laugh before sipping some hot chocolate.

    “Am I going crazy or did I just make you laugh?”

    “It was a cough.” Chris kept giving me that knowing look that unnerved me and I averted my attention to the books. “Shouldn’t we be going over tenses and irregulars?”
    “We will not be using books as long as I am your tutor. You just need to practice with me, it is the best way to learn.”
    “But, that’s how I learned Spanish back in America.”

    “Really, say something in Spanish right now.”

    I hesitated before saying, “Gracias….para ayudame, uh, apprender su lenguaje.”

    “It took you awhile didn’t it? That’s the problem with Americans: you worry more about learning grammar than the actual language. Don’t worry about it so much.”

    As much as I hated to admit it, he was right. I would have to loosen up if I was ever going to learn Norwegian and end these lessons. Chris taught me a few more basic phrases before we decided to call it a night. 

   “Your homework will be to work these phrases into every day conversation,” Chris said.

    “Fine, Mr. Schistad,” I said.

    I began packing up my books when Chris stopped me, “We’re having another party Saturday. You should come, practice more.”
    “I’ll think about it.”

     The lessons for the next few months seemed to go the same as that: Chris would teach me phrases and make me practice them. I got homework every day but I practiced as much as I could. Eva, Noora, Vilde, Sana, and Chris noticed that I was getting slightly better after a while.

    “Gratulerer, du vet noe norsk,” Sana praised.

    “Takk skal du ha,” I replied. 

    “Chris is not a bad tutor,” Eva noted.

    We were sitting in the cafe for our Russ meeting and the conversation quickly switched from the budget to my Norwegian lessons.

    “No, it’s kind of weird how good he is.”

    “Do you get a prize when you are good student?” Chris teased.

    I rolled my eyes. “No.”

    “He is being nicer to you, Y/N,” Noora said. “And I see him staring at you when you aren’t looking.”

     I shook my head. Noora couldn’t possibly mean that Chris liked me, could she? I was only a first year, an international first year at that. Wouldn’t Chris prefer a girl in his own year, from his own country?

    “He’s probably looking at something else,” I said.

    “Please, he undresses you with his eyes every chance he gets,” Sana blurted. 

    “No, it’s sweeter than that, Sana. He likes you, Y/N, really likes you,” Vilde said.

    “Stop lying. He’s just being nicer to me because we hang out more and he probably isn’t looking at me the way you all are thinking.”

   “Whatever you say, Y/N,” Eva sang.

   I rolled my eyes again as my friends dissolved into laughter. They were crazy for thinking Chris liked me. If anything, we had become friendly associates who occasionally partied together. However, I had noticed that he wasn’t hooking up with girls at parties like he used to, but maybe he was sick of being with the same kind of girls at parties.

    An hour after the meeting, Chris and I were sitting in his room, talking solely in Norwegian.

    “Og så kom hun opp til ham og slo ham!” Chris exclaimed.

    “Foran alle?”

    I burst out laughing at Chris’ story and shook my head. “Vel, han burde ikke ha hatt sex med henne og henne, um, henne.”

    Chris leaned towards me and put his hand on my shoulder. “Relax, Y/N, don’t sweat it, it’s just me.”

     “Henne…oh forget it!” I folded my arms across my shoulders. “Two months of tutoring every day and I forget the simplest term in Norwegian. There’s no way I’m gonna pass that proficiency test.”

     I buried my face in my hands and sighed. The bed shifted underneath me and I heard some rustling around.

    “You’re doing so well for someone who came into this country not knowing any Norwegian. And you’re the smartest girl I know so some stupid proficiency test isn’t going to hold you back,” Chris said.

    When I looked up, he had a bottle of vodka in his hand. “Thanks, Chris, but what is that for?”

    “To help you relax.”

    My eyes widened. “No, we shouldn’t.”

    “It’s fine, it’s legal here. The more relaxed you are, the better you’ll be.”

    He did have a good point, but how wrong was it for me to be drinking with a known player in his room when his parents weren’t home? Wasn’t it a bit dangerous and crazy? On the other hand, if I did drink, it was solely for the purpose of getting better at practicing Norwegian.

    “This is just for practice,” I said.

    “Of course.” Chris handed me the bottle and I took a swig, wincing a little at the burning sensation and bitter taste. “Why do you people like vodka so much?”

    “No idea,” he said as he took a swig.

     I quickly lost count of how much I had to drink. The room looked a little hazy and everything Chris said seemed to make me laugh. Plus, he suddenly looked really good with his playful dark eyes, chiseled jaw, and fantastic brown hair. 

    “Du ser veldig bra ut, Chris,” I chuckled out.

    “Nå vet jeg at du er full,” Chris said with a laugh.

    “No, I mean it, you’re actually really attractive when you’re not trying to hook up with girls or tease me,” I said.

    “Thanks, Y/N.” 

    The bad thing about my being inebriated is that I said anything and everything that was on my mind and I couldn’t stop thinking about how all my friends thought Chris had a thing for me. 

    “You wanna hear something funny?”


    “Noora, Eva, Sana, Vilde, and Girl Chris think you like me because you look at me a lot. Are they right?”

    Chris stopped smiling and looked serious for a second. “I thought you were the prettiest girl in school when I first saw you. I just teased you because you aren’t like all the other girls. You’re serious and you don’t take anything from anyone. Plus, you’re the smartest girl I know. I’m actually glad that headmaster put us together.”

    “But do you like me?”

    “Do you like me?”
    I paused for a moment. “I mean, I’ve thought you were a jerk since we first met, but, now I know you’re actually kind of nice and still every bit as cool as everyone thinks you are. And you’re smarter than you let on.” I smiled. “Plus, you are super hot, I just didn’t like you because you tease me all the time.”

   “And now?”

   “Now, I like you.”

   Chris smirked for a moment. “Are you ready for a new phrase, Y/N?”


   “Kyss meg.”

   “Kyss meg.”

   A second later, Chris’ lips were on mine and i didn’t know whether it was the vodka or not, but he was really good at it. Almost immediately after, I kissed him back, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him closer. He pulled me into his lap and we quickly began making out. Soon enough, I was lying ontop of him, but our tongues were involved now. Usually, I avoided tongue kisses because it was always so sloppy and slobbery. But with Chris, it didn’t feel that way at all, it was smooth and nice.

  All I can say is that the next morning, I woke up with a headache and in Chris’ bed. I jerked up in the bed and almost immediately regretted it since it just made my head hurt worse.

   “Ow,” I said.

   “Sleeping Beauty is finally awake.” Chris walked into the room and handed me a cup of coffee.

    “Did we, you know—-”

    “No, we didn’t, I wouldn’t take advantage of you like that ever.”

    His words sounded sincere and I nodded.

   “I’m so sorry about last night. Must’ve been the vodka.”

   “Really, because it seemed like you actually liked me.”

    “Alcohol does that to you.” I took a long swig of the coffee, praying that it would dull my headache. 

    Fortunately, my dad was in Paris for a business trip and my mom had gone to Geneva to visit one of my cousins. I could only imagine what they would’ve thought if I hadn’t come home today. Plus, I couldn’t believe that I had drunkenly made out with Chris. 

    “Do you remember anything else from last night?” Chris asked, looking dejected.

   “Kind of, you said that Noora and the other girls were right about you liking me, but you were pretty drunk too.”

   “What is that saying: a drunken mouth speaks sober thoughts?”

    “Something like that.” I crawled out of his bed and continued sipping coffee. “I should probably go.”

    Chris nodded and I began gathering my things. It was awful how awkward it was and I could only hope that it wouldn’t interfere with our future lessons. Before I could leave, Chris grabbed my arm and I turned to him. “I meant everything I said last night, Y/N, drunken or not and if you need me to repeat myself, I will: Y/N, I thought you were the most beautiful girl when I first saw you and I think you’re one of the smartest, cleverest, and kindest person I’ve ever met. You’re also way out of my league but you can’t blame me for trying, so yeah, I like you a lot.”

    “That’s so sweet, Chris, I…I don’t know what to say.”

    “Say if you like me back. Tell me the truth.”

    “What can I say? We’ve gotten close over the past couple months and I suppose I like you in some way.”

    Chris shook his head. “No, we both know this goes deeper than that.”


   “I’ll see you Monday.”

   As I walked away, I couldn’t help but feel dejected. On one hand, I had one of the most desired guys at school liking me and on the other hand, I had no idea if I liked him. For three months, I have detested him and thanks to some alcohol, I made out with him and told him I liked him. This was all much too confusing and it was making my headache worse the more I thought about it. However, I couldn’t help but wonder if that saying “Drunken mouths speak sober truths” had any truth to it. 

anonymous asked:

I'm just wondering why you don't like Chris and Eva together? Eva's relationship with Jonas was incredibly unhealthy and he ditched meeting her mother to go smoke weed. I love him dearly, but every character has flaws and I hate how people in the fandom idolize him. Jonas may not be a fuckboy but he has certainly hooked up with a ton of girls. Also, he never went down on Eva, but did to some older random the second they broke up. Eva deserves the world, and if that's Chris, then that's okay.

hi friend, 

Okay there are a handful of reasons why I don’t like them together and I can admit a big one is literally just personal projection. Just how we connect to characters who remind us of ourselves, we also tend to hate characters who remind us of our lesser traits or remind us of negative experiences. Eva’s season is the most relatable to me as when I was around her age I went through a very similar situation. I cheated on my first bf/first love too. So with that reason one:

1) as I experienced what Eva experienced, I too kept a “thing” going with the person I had cheated with after my break up. I hated it. it was toxic and scary and just a reason for me to self implode. That person dragged me down into the dirt (hell i was already waist deep in it) and when i finally broke it off i was left in a bad state mentally and emotionally. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN TO EVA, I KNOW THAT. But it doesn’t stop me from resenting pChris. *shrug* what can you do.

2) I actually never hated pChris until I noticed his… popularity in the fandom. To me, he was always sort of a prop? The reason to start the drama/break up in s1. The reason to start the drama/fight in s2. He was just utilized as a connection to the penetrators/William in general, so i really didnt give him much thought past that. His fans are strong and truly no hate if you love him, you love him but it felt like i was being forced into liking a character that didnt exist???? Just the dialogue around him didnt fit the actual canon at all and it drove me a little nuts. *shrug* fandom lyfe. 

3) The reason I don’t think they would be well suited is that well, he is a serial cheat. I have no place to judge and neither does Eva but its not a secret that he can’t commit. (I’ll circle back to this when I talk about Jonas) I also kinda feel like his and Eva’s relationship is based off of parties and drinking and hooking up. It works fine for them or Eva at least right now but if they go into a committed relationship that means really settling down and getting to know each other. Eva doesn’t want that now. Does he really?

In the end I dont feel Eva and pChris have anything substantial to build a foundation for a relationship. Neither of them is at that place so I don’t see it working. 

Now. Jonas. 

Eva’s relationship with Jonas was incredibly unhealthy. Um. it wasnt. Sorry I don’t mean to come off as callous but I don’t really understand why you think their relationship is unhealthy? Because I can def point you to s2 and this current season for a real example of that. Though I am curious what led you in that direction because I have actually seen a number of post that mention disliking Jonas a lot in s1 only to love him in s3. I personally loved him all the way through so I’m not sure if its just because i went through what Eva went through so I get his point of view easier? I dunno. But from my perspective, her relationship with Jonas was her healthiest. 

 he ditched meeting her mother to go smoke weed. Yup. that was an asshole move. So was kissing some guy at a party when you have a boyfriend. Or breaking up your best friends relationship out of jealousy. Or lying to a close friend about falling in love with the guy she has a crush on. Or taking photos of a friends personal messages. My point: people, teenagers fuck up. He should have gotten his shit together and he should have gone over like he promised instead of getting high with his friends like the 16 year old dumbass that he was. 

 I love him dearly, but every character has flaws and I hate how people in the fandom idolize him. Jonas may not be a fuckboy but he has certainly hooked up with a ton of girls. Again true. They do have their flaws. And tbh i’d call him a fuckboy haha just low key about it. He was for sure a fuckboy in s2 like hands down no question. The difference between him and pChris is this: Jonas was a free agent. He has been for most of s2-4. He doesn’t cheat, the girls know exactly whats up. pChris cheated on Iben how many times? The poor girl knew this. She actually thought things were different. they werent. THAT was supposedly someone he loved. so. *shrug* 

Also, he never went down on Eva, but did to some older random the second they broke up. Jonas and Eva start s2 the same way most first love relationships start: lets stay friends because we dont want to lose each other haha yes i am so cool with sharing my hook up stories with you this doesnt hurt at all hahahha hah ah ahhhhhh. That never goes well. But my point? Jonas and Eva ended on good terms. Eva actually helps him in the very first episode to hook up with a girl. Also the random girl he goes down on? he ends up dating her steadily for half of s2. And the going down bit? *shrug* he was ready to try it? Honestly it really doesn’t have any further context then that. Eva felt bad yes that he didn’t try with her but they also got together at a younger age, were probably each others first if Jonas and Ingrid didn’t hook up all the way. Being single, I’m sure Jonas was just up to learning new things as he was gaining experience with different partners. Trust me, if they slept together now? They’d BOTH be surprised by each other. 

So yeah, that’s my piece. This is hella long but I had a lot to get off my chest haha. I hope you see this as a friendly discussion, I know i shout about in my post because that’s me feeling whatever I’m feeling in the moment but if anyone ever wants to talk difference of opinion in an adult manner like you just did, I’m more then happy to give my reasons for my thoughts. 

Anyway, I stan Eva x Jonas to death but in the end I want them to be happy. Like you said, if Eva is happy with pChris then well, I always have fan ficiton. 

Chris&Eva #16

This was requested. "I’m just scared you’re going to get tired of me.“ 


Chris didn’t notice it at first, he didn’t notice how after lazy and romantic (Yes, Christoffer Schistad was a romantic, who would’ve thought) getaway in his parents cabin, where they did everything from playing boardgames, and cooking pancakes in the mornings to lazy morning sex and hot shower sex, good thing that there weren’t any other cabins close by because Eva was so loud, that people might think that she was being attacked, Well, she was, by Chris’s lips on her lips and everywhere else, there wasn’t an inch of Eva’s skin that he hadn’t kissed. Every night he showed how much she worshiped her, Chris had always been selfish in bed, but with Eva it was different, he put her needs before his, he loved pleasing her first, making her moan his name, it made every neuron in his body electric.

What he noticed after that weekend was that after they spent it together, Eva made and effort to stay away from him. She didn’t ignore his texts, she answered them, but her answers were short and abprut, she didn’t vent to him about, how her Spanish teacher hates her or how tired she was of Vilde and Sana bickering, and if he called her after a few minutes she made and excuse to end the call. And when he noticed that, Chris also noticed , how she did that every time after they spent a night (and a morning) together. She never distanced herself after they hung out watching movies and doing other things that couples do, there was obviously kissing involved, but they didn’t have sex. So, after another few days of Eva reluctantly answering his texts after the night they shared together, Chris was on her porch and ringing her doorbell. It was an early Saturday morning, surely she would be home. After a couple of seconds he heard footsteps and then Eva opened the door, she was make-up free, her hair was messy and she was wearing one of his shirt’s, that he left at her place some time ago, she was so fucking beautiful that he didn’t notice, that he hadn’t even said anything until Eva cleared her throat.

He nervously ran a hand through his hair, God,why was he nervous? She was his girlfriend for Christ’s sake! He cleared his throat and gave her a rueful grin, “Are we going to talk here, or you’re going to invite me in?”
He could see in her eyes that she didn’t want to invite him, but she stepped back and let him in. They came into the living room and Eva sat as far from his as possible. Both of them were silent. It felt so awkward, things were never awkward between them, even before they got together there was teasing, arguing, but it was never awkward. He felt like he was suffocating from the silence, so he decided to speak up, “You’ve been avoiding me?”
“No, I haven’t,” Eva said, crossing hands in front of her chest, she was getting defensive, so it clearly wasn’t all in his head.

“Yes, you have. Question is, why? I mean, thing have been so good between us… perfect even. We’ve been together for almost five months, I told you that I loved you , it was hard to say it,since I’ve never said it to any girl, ever, but I did and I never looked back.  But every single time that  we spend the night  together, you go out of your way to avoid me. Please, just tell me what’s going on?” He felt his voice cracking, his love for Eva was the most real and pure thing that he had ever felt in a long time and he was so scared to lose her, he wouldn’t know what to do with himself if he did. ‘

“I…I’m just scared you’re going to get tired of me,” he heard her whisper, she wasn’t looking at him, her hands were nervously picking at the hem of the T-Shirt.
“You’re kidding, right? Why would I get tired of you?” He asked,  genuinely surprised. Eva was by far one of the funniest, kindest, smartest girls he knew (Noora was close second)  and if one of the should feel insecure in their relationship, it was him.
“Look, you’ve been with a lot of girls, who are a lot more experienced than me, lot more beautiful, so…”
“So, what?"he asked taking his hands in hers,"Eva, I love you, I am dating you, I want to be with you. I don’t remember any of the girls that I’ve been with and even if I did, they are nothing compared to you, you are by far the greatest thing that has ever happened to me,” he said, and before she could say anything, he kissed her so urgently yet softly, he poured all of the love into that kiss, hoping that she would understand that she was the only one he wanted to kiss, the only one he could see himself kissing months, even years from today.
He felt Eva relax and she leaned into him, but few seconds later, she pulled away, there were tears in her eyes, she quickly wiped them off and stood up.

“This is really hard… and maybe I just need some time,” she said, her voice breaking, Chris felt his heart break as well.
“What are you saying?"Chris asked, his voice quiet.
"When I am with you… it consumes me, because I love you so much, but can’t help this feeling of insecurity,” two more tears slid down her cheeks,“ I want to be with you, I do…”
“But people look at me and see me as one of your many girls,” she said, not making an eye contact with him” and it makes me wonder, how long will it take for you to get tired of me.“
“You’re not one of my many girls, you are the girl that I love and I am the guy that’s gonna love you forever,” he said, and quickly made his way to Eva, pulling her to his chest and kissing her forehead.
“How can you be so sure?” she asked quietly.
“Because I’ve never been sure of anything before, until now.”

eva + vilde + sleep over

  • seeing p. chris and eva stuck to each others faces at every single moment has been messing with vildes brain but she just isn’t sure why exactly
  • maybe because eva is her friend and chris has shown he’s an untrustworthy asshole??? and she deserves so much much better???
  • or maybe maybe maybe its bc of the butterflies she has when she sees eva smile or recognises her amazing hair between all the other people or maybe its because…
  • but vilde doesn’t want to think about that. it gets too real and she’s not sure enough of her feelings yet (or of herself for that matter)
  • + there’s also the fact that eva is very much in a thing with chris right now
  • but one night when vilde has been drinking just a little bit too much and she’s the only one left at eva’s and they’re laying in her room, both taken up in their own thoughts she blurts it out
  • “i think about kissing you a lot”
  • and there’s silence and more silence and more silence
  • and vilde is starting to panic because what did she just say???????? did she really just say that????????

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Feelings-Chris Schistad Imagine

Requested: Yes

Warnings: just fluff

A/N: Talk Norwegian to Me is the prequel to this and I suggest you read that before this one :)

Originally posted by redfoxincutesocks

  “HE WHAT?” Noora, Vilde, Eva, Sansa, and Chris exclaimed.

  We were hanging out in Eva’s room, pre drinking for some other bus’ party that night when I decided to share mine and Chris’ makeout with them. It felt cathartic to get it off my chest, but almost immediately afterwards, I felt vulnerable. They all looked at me with shocked expressions on their faces, and I suppose it was fair.

  “And how long ago did this happen?” Eva asked. 

  “A couple of weeks ago,” I muttered.

   “You waited two weeks before telling us this? I thought we were friends,” Vilde whined.

  “I guess I needed some more alcohol before I felt comfortable, you know, telling you guys,” I said.

   Noora massaged her temples, something she only did when she was stressed out. “Okay, okay, how exactly did this happen?”

   “He was helping me practice Norwegian in his room—”

   “Makes sense, he wanted to make you vulnerable,” Sansa said.

   “It wasn’t like that, we just went up there and I don’t know why but I didn’t think about it twice. Anyway, he was telling me this funny story and…and I stressed out because I couldn’t remember venn,” I continued. “And so he gave me vodka to help loosen me up.”

   “This sounds so bad,” Eva said.

   “Well, it gets worse because before I knew it, he was kissing me and I was kissing him back. Now, it’s all awkward.”

   “Only because you guys made out and then you slept in the same bed together?” Noora asked. 

   I hated how well the blonde girl knew me so well in the short amount of time that we had bonded. “Well, not exactly.”

   “Tell us!” Chris demanded.

   “He told me that he really did like me and I just sort of left. I feel so bad now.”
   “Why? Because you don’t like him back? Which makes sense because he’s such a big player, almost as bad as William,” Vilde said.

   “Do you like him, Y/N?” Eva asked.

   I shrugged. “I mean, I like him more after getting to know him but, I don’t know.”

   All the girls looked at each other, as if silently asking each other for help on helping me and I couldn’t have felt worse. The only reason I told them was because I couldn’t make up my mind and I felt that I was losing it. Chris had quickly become more withdrawn during our lessons and he seemed to be a muted down version of himself. I hated knowing that I was the reason that he was acting this way and the last thing I wanted to do was hurt him.

   “Forget about it, guys, let’s just get hammered and forget our problems,” I said.

   Chris nodded. “I like.” 

   “Are you sure that’s what you want, Y/N?” Noora asked.

   I responded by downing the last of my wine glass. Eva’s mom had good wine and it was certainly helping me relax. Besides, didn’t everyone always tells me to relax and have some fun? 

   About an hour later, my friends and I were walking into yet another house party already filled to the brim with girls dressed in their slinkiest outfits and boys trying to stick their tongues down everyone’s throats. Girl Chris disappeared after a couple of seconds into the fray, so Vilde, Noora, Eva, Sana, and I grabbed more drinks in the kitchen.

   “I love Party Y/N!” Eva cheered as I downed another vodka shot.

   “I like her too,” Sana said.

   Noora frowned. “You really don’t want to slow down?”

   I shook my head. “I’m fine, Noora, I can drink, I’m not a lightweight.”

  Then, Rihanna’s “S&M” came on and I made Vilde and Eva dance with me. Sana glared at me when I tried to pull her in to dance so I settled for Noora. The room spun round and round as the music played and I had never felt so light before. For a while, I had forgotten about Chris even though I had spotted him off in a corner, talking to some girls. For some reason, that made the pit of my stomach clench so I quickly turned around and faced my friends, all who looked worried…I think.

   “I’m getting hot!” I shouted over the music.

   “I’ll take her to get some water,” Noora volunteered.

   Eva and Vilde nodded and kept dancing while Noora helped me out of the dance area. She tugged me into the kitchen and handed me a cup of water.

  “It tastes so good,” I moaned.

  “Yes, alcohol tends to make hydrating water taste good,” Noora teased.

   I ran a hand through my hair. “It just feels so good to be out with you guys and not think about him.” 

   “Uh huh,” Noora said, nodding. “Are you sure because you looked a bit upset when you saw him with—”

  “I’m not upset! Just…just annoyed is all.”

   “Hello, ladies,” I turned to see a gorgeous dark-haired boy coming up to us. 

   “Hi, Sam,” Noora said, sounding bored.

   “Noora, who’s your friend?” Sam eyed me up and down and I gulped.

   “Y/N, this is Sam, we have science together,” Noora said.

   “Y/N, you look insanely hot tonight,” Sam said, gesturing to the black v-neck mini dress I was wearing. 

    I smiled. “Thanks, Sam.”

   As I spoke longer with Sam, I could feel eyes on me. I glanced and saw that it was Chris. He looked upset and all I wanted to do was rub in his face how much I didn’t care, but I did care. So, I kept talking to Sam and we drunkenly debated politics—a smart decision, I know. Then, somehow, we got on the subject of emotions.

   “They are so ridiculous, the only things we really need to know is if we are in danger or if we are safe. Basically survival instincts,” I said.

   “Really? And why do you think that?” Sam asked.

   “Because all our emotions do is make things complicated. Imagine this: you and a friend of yours of the opposite sex bond a little bit over the years. Caring about someone is completely natural but what if they say they don’t like you back? Then, it becomes all awkward and you can either allow them to move on with someone else or you could really fight for them and possibly ruin the relationship.”

   “So, you think feelings ruin relationships?” Noora asked.

   “Yes, especially if they’re one sided.” 

   “But what if it’s mutual?”

   “Great, then you can go be happy together before you two get on each other’s nerves and break up.” I sighed. “And then there are the times when you really hate a person and they hate you back. However, you’re forced to get to know them for some odd reason and then you realize that they aren’t that bad after all, you might even like them, come to find out, they like you…a lot. But you’ve spent all this time disliking them but you kind of like them, and now your feelings are all mixed up. It’s so frustrating!”
  Sam nodded. “I hear that.”

  “Why can’t everything just be logical?”

   “Because life doesn’t work like that,” Noora said.

  I groaned and leaned against the counter. “I hate feelings.”

  “Well, if you’re up for it, I’m not into the whole feelings thing either,” Sam said, getting closer to me.

   But I didn’t like Sam, I barely knew Sam. His offer was a little tempting though since he did look like the lost Hemsworth brother. Any other girl would jump at this opportunity, but I wasn’t every girl. I didn’t even get a chance to respond since someone interrupted us.

   “Excuse me, can I talk to Y/N for a moment?” Chris asked.

   I froze. No words came to my drunken mind since I definitely didn’t plan on speaking to Chris that night. Sam must’ve allowed Chris to interrupt because he got closer to me. “Chris—”

   He cut me off with his lips, my eyes fluttered close, and I almost immediately wrapped my arms around his neck. It felt really good to kiss him again and I had a feeling that I wouldn’t regret it.

   “I like you,” I blurted out when he pulled away. “And…and I’m sorry that I couldn’t admit it earlier, it’s just weird to think that we could’ve gone from detesting each other to liking each other. Are we cool again?”

   “Yeah, on one condition.”

   “Name it.”

   “You don’t flirt with any more guys,” Chris said in a very serious voice.

   I couldn’t help but laugh. “Deal and the same goes for you.”

   “I can’t help it women find me irresistible.”

   Chris laughed when I slapped his chest.

   “This’ll be one for the books,” Noora muttered before sipping some more vodka. 

   Well, she was right. 


Imagine being the first and only girl in the Penetrators Russ bus.

Author’s note: Not requested. Also, not romantic. But if y'all like it, I can write a part two with some forbidden romance ;) so comment on this post if I should continue it.

Update: So the lovely Alyssa, aka @imyourliquor-youremypoison, rewrote my story, fixing the errors and making it less cringy to my beautiful readers. It’s the same story, but with beautiful words, I promise! Hahaha and go check Alyssa’s fics too, she has two about Chris and they’re incredible.

Part 2.

Masterlist ❁


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eva’s been contemplating for days now, when she lies in bed at night because she’s free and has not much else to do, and its an early night.

she’s a touch away from hearing her voice. but something always comes in the way: cowardice, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, intrusion.

but she’s always left feeling restless when she puts her phone on her side table and turns to face the other side so that she doesn’t get tempted to phone sana.

she’s left feeling restless because, she knows, she wants to ring sana. she needs to ring sana. she needs to hear sana, speak to sana, alone with sana.

because she knows for sure now, after days of silently observing, that something’s not right with sana.

the signs all feel too familiar, when she sees them flash from sana. they remind her of a time not too long ago in her life, when she was a caricature, a prototype, of sana.

and eva knows how dangerous that place can be. a neverending black hole, pain upon pain upon pain.

but not today. today, eva isn’t going to put her phone on the side table out of cowardice and turn to lie down and face the other way.

she can’t let sana feel alone. she can’t keep doing this to sana, when she knows how barren that place can feel like. she can’t keep fearing slipping on ice because sana isn’t ready, or because sana might push her away.

sana needs to know she has someone there.

so, she does it. eva presses the green ringer.

and she’s greeted by a short but heavy, saddnened, tired, weak “hey, eva.”

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Let’s Try

Title:  Let’s Try

Character(s): Actor Tom

Chapter Number/One Shot: One Shot

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

Summary: A pregnancy scare leaves Eva and Tom wondering what they want.

Warnings: None

Author Note: I found this in my drafts and forgot how much I enjoyed writing it. Expect more fics out of the drafts in the coming days.

“What do you mean, you think you might be pregnant?”

I bit my lip at his voice. I don’t think he meant to sound as harsh as he did. He was likely just exhausted from the long media tour. He tended to be a bit of a grouch at the end of an exhausting day. But it still made me wince.

“Well, we did have pretty vigorous sex when I flew out to see you last,” I pointed out. 

Tom scoffed. “We were careful. We always are.”

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give me bisexual even and eva friendship please??

  • they complain about media representation all the time like they’ve lost track of the number of times one of them has groaned why don’t they just say bisexual.
  • isak and even are trying to help eva with homework (well even’s mostly distracting her with cat videos) and eva finally throws down her chem textbook and mutters, “i’m bisexual so obviously i must only be confused about everything. titrations discriminate against bisexuals, it’s official.” even bursts out laughing, and isak just rolls his eyes. 
  • they’re at school and some unsuspecting new kid assumes that even and eva are a couple even though vilde is like practically hanging on to eva’s arm and playing with her hair, and even and eva go along with it.  they’re naturally flirtatious people so it actually goes over….a little too well. like there are rumors about even being straight again and eva only being half-gay and it takes very pointed mentions of my girlfriend vilde and my boyfriend isak to make it stop. even threatens to walk into school holding a boombox over his head to make a point about his feelings for isak, but isak points out that his arms are probably too skinny and weak to do it anyway. even pouts for like a day, but yeah, he’d made magnus spot him during his sole attempt at bench pressing in the last month and it didn’t work out very well. 
  • someone very seriously asks eva if bisexuality means that you’re attracted to everyone, and even, in an equally serious voice, says, “yes one time i had a sex dream about donald trump, but you know, i realized his tiny hands just don’t do it for me.”
  • they overhear someone complaining about how everyone identifies as bi now because it’s trendy and hip and eva can’t stop laughing and poking even in the side because he sent her that old me gusta meme last night, even is far from hip.
  • some gross dude is leering at eva and vilde kissing at a party, and even casually slides up behind them and goes, “i’m really sorry your fragile sense of masculinity can’t survive watching two girls be with each other without making it all about you.”
  • someone bugs even about the fact that he’d been with a girl for four years, obviously isak is just a phase, and eva’s like, “didn’t you scratch your ass in class for four years? is that going to be you forever - oh wait, that probably does define you, sorry about that.”

songs that remind me of you [ao3]

Summary: Vilde and Eva fall in love (with a little help from Isak Valtersen) and it’s all set the the fresh tunes of female Australian musicians!

aka Vilde thinks she has an unrequited crush and and accidentally befriends Isak in the process

Pairing: Eva/Vilde

Chapters: 1/3

Words: 2830

Notes: This is my first attempt at writing actual fanfic but it went well I think!! I love these two with all my heart and we always need more evilde content in the fandom (chapter 2 is already on the way). Massive thanks to @peggimartinelli and @icky-trump for being my betas you are angels <33

“I think that people are just confused because kosegruppa hasn’t been in the revue before, so they don’t really know what to expect, you see.” Vilde’s face glowed as she animatedly explained her newest plan to gain popularity for kosegruppa. She was sitting up at the head of her bed, a notebook full of neat sketches and carefully detailed notes laying in her lap. Eva lay beside her sprawled across the bed on her stomach, engrossed in her phone.

“That’s why we need to spread more information about the group, I think,” Vilde rambled, her voice climbing up in pitch ever so slightly as Eva remained focused on her phone, “Our goal is to spread love and kos to the other revue groups, and they need to know what that looks like so they don’t feel uncomfortable. I was thinking maybe some kosegruppa posters, or we could do an announcement at school. What do you think about that, Eva?”

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I See You; 1000 words

They were in the middle of doing homework – or attempting to do homework; Sana was so distracted that she had read the same sentence over a dozen times and Eva had looked at her phone more than her textbooks – when Eva spoke up.

“Y’know, when I fell out with Ingrid and the girls, they spoke shit about me too.” Eva puts down her pen, giving up the pretence that she was working.  Sana already knew, of course, it was almost impossible to avoid the Nissen rumour mill.

“They told everyone what I did, but they also made a bunch of shit up and everyone just believed it because the first thing they heard was true so why would they question if the rest of it was?”

“A little bit of truth makes it hard to see the bullshit.” Sana acknowledged, reaching over and squeezing Eva’s hand briefly.

“Yeah.” Eva agreed.  “People don’t really listen.  They love the drama for a few seconds and then they move on with their lives and forget whatever bullshit people were spouting.  Deep down everyone knows it’s all bullshit and no fact.”

“You think?” Sana raised an eyebrow.

“I do.” Eva nodded.  “Why else would they forget and move on so fast? If you learn something horrible about someone that’s true you don’t just move on like that.  It messes you up for a bit while it sinks in.” She continued, and Sana couldn’t help but be impressed by Eva’s assessment.

“What brought this on?”

“The shit people are saying about you.” Eva replied bluntly but, despite her insides turning ice, Sana kept her face smooth.

“Oh?” She could feel her heart in her throat and she hated it.

She hated the seed of doubt burrowed deep inside her whispering that Eva was going to call it quits on their relationship because it was all too much and not enough compared to her past exploits.

“No one believes the shit they’re saying about you.  About how you almost killed someone back at Urra, or that you’re some crazy bitch who goes off with no reason or warning.  They know it’s all just Sara grasping at straws because it’s come out that she’s a two faced bitch.  At least you’re real, Sana.  You don’t smile and people and then stab them in the back two seconds later.  It’s pretty easy to tell when you’re pissed at someone.”

“It is?” Sana had always thought she was good at keeping that under wraps.

“Oh my god, yes?  You go really quiet and don’t really talk to them and you get this little frowny face.  It’s kinda cute.  Not subtle though.” Eva smiled and Sana found herself laughing, colour rushing to her cheeks.

“Did you think you had the master poker face?” Eva giggled and Sana rolled her eyes, trying not to grin at Eva’s musical laugh.


“You did!  You so did!” Eva laughed again.  “No, you get this little crease right here.” Eva leaned forwards and dropped a light kiss between Sana’s eyebrows before leaning back in her seat. “You don’t frown properly, but it’s pretty obvious to me when you’re mad about something.”

“Maybe it’s just you.” Sana smiled fondly, butterflies fluttering in her stomach and the skin between her eyebrows tingling from Eva’s gentle kiss. “No one else really seems to see me. Not really.” Sana’s smile fell and she looked down at her laptop.

“They see a Muslim. Someone different and weird.  Someone out of place, even though I was born here.  They see my hijab and they write me off straight away.” Sana swallowed.  Her voice hardly more than a whisper, but her words felt so heavy.

“Hey.” Eva murmured, her soft fingers curling gently around Sana’s chin and tilting her head up so she had no choice but to meet Eva’s gaze.  “I see you.  You’re so smart and you have such a big heart for the people you love.  You’re so dedicated to your faith, to your god, and you stay faithful even though people give you shit for it.  You actually…really inspire me.” It was Eva’s turn to blush now.

“Thank you.” Sana could barely get the words out, they were just a breath, but Eva heard them any way.

“I see you, Sana.” Eva repeated, skimming her thumb lightly over Sana’s cheek. “I see you and I wish everyone could see you how I do.”

“And how is that?”

“You’re the softest, most loving girl I’ve ever met.” Eva said simply, and Sana was mortified to feel wetness at the corner of her eyes.  “Fuck anyone who says otherwise.  They’re just close minded assholes and they’ll never come close to having as much love and light in their life as you bring to the people you love.” Eva brushed her thumbs under Sana’s eyes carefully, letting the tears roll down her warm skin.

“Don’t smudge my eyeliner!” Sana cried jokingly, desperate not to acknowledge the fact that she had cried at Eva’s kind words.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” Eva winked, nudging her nose against Sana’s lightly as she wiped her fingers dry on her jeans.

“Now what the hell am I doing with this equation?” Eva flopped back in her chair and looked down at her notes.

Sana had never loved her more than she did right then.

Some people would have tried to push Sana for more, would have tried to get Sana to talk more about it or encourage her to cry, but Eva knew better than to try such things and Sana was beyond grateful.

“Sana,” Eva whined after a few seconds.  “Come put that big brain of yours to use and help me!” Sana couldn’t resist that joking pout Eva aimed her way and she moved her chair closer to look at Eva’s maths work.

There was so much more to talk about.  But not now.

For now, she would spend an afternoon with a girl who saw her.

And wasn’t that just the most blessed thing?

Mysterious Hazelnut | Pt. II

Summary: Coffee have always been key to lighten up your mood in cloudy days. Specially when its made by your favorite barista. 

Author: @sleepywinchester prev. deanwincehster-af | Mobile Masterlist |

Pairings: Barista!Sam x Plus Size!Reader

Words: 1.k+

Beta: @waywardlullabies [thank u, xoxo]


A/N: A while back I had this request and I finally found a way to incorporate and write something that I kinda feel identified with but in a cute way. Gonna see about the cheeky smut but there’s def gonna be a sexy scene, not on this part tho… *Wink wink* [ About the gif; THAT HOW HE LOOKS IN MY MIND FOR THIS FIC. I MEANNNNNN. ]

Request by Anonymous: Hey so i was wondering if you could do a Sam x plus size!reader and she is dating Sam but is super self conscious of her body and is awkward in trying to tell Sam how she feels? Fluff with some cheeky smut?


It’s been a two days since Sam gave you his number and you still haven’t called him. It wasn’t because you didn’t want to, the honest reason was simple; you didn’t had time. Two days ago you had to work and do closing, by the time you got home it was too late. Yesterday was a rush day with three classes and homework; yet there still some you had to finish tonight. But before you needed to call him and prove you aren’t the asshole, he might think you are by now.

And today… the day when you finally made some time to call and see if he was free to go out, you couldn’t find the dammed up Sam wrote his number on. It had to be in your house, you clearly remembered putting it on the living room and then maybe in your room. You should have saved the number on your phone the second the hottest barista you’ve ever met wrote it on the cup. But it wasn’t the case thanks to all the things that rush through your mind at all times.

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i’m real and i don’t feel like boys

Summary: Vilde has a secret she needs to tell, and Sana’s the only person she trusts to hear it.

Notes: HUGE shoutout to Zoë (@ziggy-sapphdust) for being an AMAZING beta, and to all the gays in the @skamwlwnet for being supportive and wonderful.

For Lesbian Visibility Day 2017

Read on AO3

The night starts out like a typical Friday night. Vilde or Eva or Chris have secured  invites to some party at someone’s house and now Sana’s surrounded by loud music and drunk people trying to dance. Pounding, hot, and stuffy, and yeah–pretty much a typical friday night. Noora’s MIA again–citing something having to do with Linn and Eskild and cooking dinner as her excuse–so Sana’s left alone to be the sober one looking after her friends and making sure they don’t get hurt or do something particularly stupid.

Sana’s taken her typical place among the party guests, perched on a couch off to the side in an angle that gives her a full vantage point of the room. From here she sits and watches, taking in everyone around her and taking mental note of anything that catches her eye observing the couples dancing and hooking up and drinking. Sometimes she thinks she knows some relationships better than the actual couples do. This thought makes her chuckle a little.

Realizing it’s been a bit since she’s checked on her friends, she looks up to scan the room. She spots Chris right away in the center of the room, talking to a group of guys who are laughing and hanging onto her every word. A little more searching and she locates Eva dancing and laughing with Ingrid and Sara. And Vilde…Sana sits up straighter. She can’t find Vilde.

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Chris&Eva #13

This was requested. Eva being sad and letting Chris into her deepest thoughts.


There was a persistent knocking on her bedroom window, Eva buried herself deeper under duvet hoping that whoever it was would leave. It was probably Noora, she had been texting and calling her nonstop for the past 3 days. Eva knew that Noora was concerned and wanted to know what was going on… Truth is, Eva didn’t know what was going on with her. Maybe it was  because her father forgot to show up or call on her Birthday… again. And when she called him, he said that he was busy and would call her later…He didn’t. There were no, “Happy Birthday, honey” or “You’re turning into such a beautiful, young lady”.  Sure, her relationship with her father became more distant after her parents divorced and then her father remarried, but  he never forgot about her Birthday, ever. Except for the last 2 years, but he always managed to call her late in the evening and send her amazing presents. This time there was no calls, no presents and it made Eva wonder, if he had forgotten he even had a daughter now that he and his new wife had two little twin boys.  

She heard the doorbell ring, whoever it  was he or she wasn’t giving up. Slowly Eva made her way out of her room, she knew that she probably looked like a hot mess, but she didn’t really care. Eva opened door and saw Christoffer Schistad with his hands in his pockets, there was no trace of his usual arrogance and  for a split second, she thought she saw a flicker of concern in his hazel eyes. 

“Looks like we’ve switched roles. Now I am the one stalking you,” Chris said, letting out a strained laugh. His eyes however were sharp, as if by looking at her, he was trying to solve some sort of a mystery.
“Let’s cut to the chase, why are you here?” Eva asked, she ment it to sound harsh, but it came out hoarse, probably, because she hand’t spoken to anyone in three days and she wasn’t ready to speak to anyone today either, but it looked like Chris wasn’t going anywhere, so she might as well let him in and try to get rid of him was fastly as she could. She went into to the kitchen and put the kettle on,  she might as well make herself a cup of tea. Eva heard Chris’s footsteps enter the kitchen and two strong arms encircling  her waist, pulling her closer to him, Chris placed chin on her shoulder, she breathed in his cologne, which smelled strongly of vetiver, sandalwood and she could smell a hint of violets in it as well. Somehow, inhaling it during their hookups at parties made her feel more intoxicated than all of the alcohol she consumed those nights. Or maybe it was just Chris, he was in her system and no matter how hard she tried to get him out, he always found his way back into her life.

“Eva…What’s going on?” he asked softly. Eva couldn’t stand him being this close to her it made her feel… something. She couldn’t figure out what it was, she was tired of thinking and figuring things out  and tired of not sleeping, not being able to eat and just not being able to snap out of it.

“I would like to be able to move, so that I can make myself a cup of tea,” she said sharply, she was so tired and Chris pestering her with questions didn’t help.
“I see that you’re not in the mood to talk, so I am just going to leave this there,” he said and took out a small box out of his  inner pocket of his jacket,“ I wanted to give you it on your actual Birthday, but since you weren’t in town, I decided to bring it to Nissen, but  I met Sana and she told me that you haven’t been in school for 3 days and weren’t answering any texts or calls. That’s why I am here. So… happy belated Birthday. I wish that whatever or whoever it is that made you so upset get’s a nice visit from Karma,” Chris said, Eva knew that polite thing to do would be to thank him for the gift, but all she could think about was Chris remembered her Birthday, Chris got her a present, Chris cared. Eva couldn’t stop the treacherous tear that slid down her cheek, in an instant Chris wrapped his arms around her and Eva was sobbing, clutching his jacket for dear life.

“Please just talk to me,"he begged, stroking her hair.
"It’s just… why didn’t he call? How could he forget?” Eva asked, between sobs.
“Who?"he whispered, Eva could never have imagined that Christoffer Schistad could be so gentle, so caring, so… kind.
"My dad,” she said and looked up to meet his, eyes that seemed to mirror her pain.“ Why doesn’t my dad want me?”
Chris looked at her for what felt like an eternity, a  blissful moment of serenity.
“A person who doesn’t want Eva Kviig Mohn? Can’t imagine,” he answered and brushed a tear of her cheek.
Eva didn’t know how long they stood there like this, Chris holding her in his arms, one hand gently caressing  her back, his lips pressed to her forehead. In that moment Eva felt like they were the only two people on the planet and she wouldn’t mind if they were.


I hope that you liked it. I don’t think I will work on anything else today because I am feeling depressed today and don’t have energy to write anything else, however, writing this gave me something to focus on. Thank you to the person who requested it

- Love, B