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Let’s Try

Title:  Let’s Try

Character(s): Actor Tom

Chapter Number/One Shot: One Shot

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

Summary: A pregnancy scare leaves Eva and Tom wondering what they want.

Warnings: None

Author Note: I found this in my drafts and forgot how much I enjoyed writing it. Expect more fics out of the drafts in the coming days.

“What do you mean, you think you might be pregnant?”

I bit my lip at his voice. I don’t think he meant to sound as harsh as he did. He was likely just exhausted from the long media tour. He tended to be a bit of a grouch at the end of an exhausting day. But it still made me wince.

“Well, we did have pretty vigorous sex when I flew out to see you last,” I pointed out. 

Tom scoffed. “We were careful. We always are.”

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It’s funny, having a career in a creative world means you meet a lot of creative people that create a lot of creative art that you are lucky enough to enjoy. My brilliant and lovely friend @evazellmer made this for me, this perfect representation of what has been a life motto for me as long as I can remember.
We ARE the Chasers of the Light and we must spend our lives doing exactly that. Find your light and chase it, with reckless abandon, and never worry about catching it. Chase the light, and know I am chasing it too.

mouthfulofbirds  asked:

for the ask thing: 9, 10, 14 for isak, 15 for eva and vilde. <3

9. What theme do you think was best discussed/depicted on the show?

internalized homophobia. seeing the patterns of isak’s thoughts wrt his own sexuality, the push/pull between the things he shied away from doing/saying bc of what that might imply and the curiosity he still felt about gay things, was just like. so accurate and genuine and the first time i’ve ever looked a depiction of internalized homophobia and thought “oh my god, that’s me, i’ve literally had these moments.” it actually felt real, and that made seeing him work through enough of those patterns to break them and come out in different ways/on different levels feel much more real too, idk

10. What theme do you hope the show touches upon (more) in the future?

everything lol. the one i’m most certain they’re going to do is islamophobia and how that works as part of white european ethnocentrism, and i’m stoked af to see that bc 1) it’s super necessary given the current global political climate, and 2) just speaking for myself as a white american, i have a lot to learn about islam and systemic islamophobia. i’m really interested to see how skam will get into those points from the perspective of a muslim character, but i’m also really interested to see what kinds of discussion points people in fandom will bring up to critique or build on what the show is doing. i just know this season is going to give me a lot to learn and think about and i’m excited for it, although i also very much know that the chance for me to learn something is secondary to the actual stories and experiences sana’s season will be representing.

(and then on a more stretch goal, i really want to see them get into compulsory heterosexuality as linked to internalized homophobia for wlw. i’m hopinggggg we’ll get that with vilde’s season, and it will change my life pt. 2 if/when it happens)

14. Where do you see Isak in 5 years?

he’s going to be at school, either for veterinary medicine or pediatrics (the only future doctor who can out-brat even the brattiest kids). he’s not the most active person in the on-campus lgbtq student org, but he does go to some of the meetings and he’s made some friends there. he lives off grilled cheese and boxed ramen and pancakes, which are the only thing even has ever been able to successfully teach him how to cook. i like to think he has a steady boyfriend, whether it’s still even, or someone else, but also he’s only 22 so maybe finding that can come later. some of his school friendships have fizzled out, but he’s still close with jonas, eva, sana, and, surprisingly, vilde, although he’s also found a strong core of new friends at uni. he tries to talk to each of his parents at least once every two weeks, probably even more with his mom, and mostly things are okay there although they’re not going to be super close any time soon. occasionally when he has a night free (or, if he’s at vet school, when he’s back in oslo), he’ll head out to a club and tolerate the shitty music and just let himself go: a boy swaying under the lights with his head thrown back, not caring who might see.

15. Where do you see eva’s and vilde’s friendship/relationship in 10 years?

if they do get together in high school, it’s a toss-up between married with a baby and not really in contact anymore. if they don’t get together in high school, they’re going to be those people who still, 10 years later, can remember the name of their high school crush. not like in the way where they’ve spent ten years pining or anything, but just like, that feeling of “this person was so important to me in this way they never knew,” a little bittersweet but mostly just sweet, a kind of fond, secure nostalgia, and if they’re really drunk, they’ll tell you all about how she looked when she smiled. and maybe they’ll never meet again and they’ll just carry that little soft spot, the kernel of their teenage years they’ll keep forever. or maybe they’re going to randomly meet up at a concert or a bookstore and have this moment of, oh my god it’s been so long! followed by this moment of oh my god, you like them too?? and that commonality is the start of a reconnection, of finding that now they actually have a lot more in common than just a russ bus and mutual crushes on each other. maybe in high school they never worked out bc they weren’t ready to. maybe they needed 10 years apart of life and love and heartbreak and growing up to become people who would take that step. maybe they have a coffee date set for tuesday night. maybe check in with them again in another 10 years.

evak | For Belgian Friends


Dear Sana
I understand how shitty it was that I did not show to Kosegrouppa. However, I need you to know that my friends…. well, you know my friends. They’re assholes. No matter how many times I brought up your terms for us to get back the 1K, we both knew they would never show. And you did specifically say that you would only give it back if they came as well. So if I went…. it would have not been beneficial to you either way. So could you please just give me back the stash? It was stupid of me to leave it at Eva’s party but the last thing I wanted to do was get caught with it when I was the one forced to keep it. You would end a lot of my suffering and stress if you made this easy and returned it to me. (^: 
#Dotherightthing #Givemebackthestash #I’malreadylettingyoukeep10% 

(I used to bang 💥🔫 not even gang affiliated. won’t catch me, i make sure im well educated. Use them wipes with Black gloves to rid of residue, boy you know how i do. Keep them fingas clean, but do em dirty see. empty the clip then toss another one in. like cigarette ash flick open the beam. slay. Then reign supreme. He hit the ground, now he dead, black top painted an ungodly red. unholy, full o'holes, cross the t on me for only god can judge me. I have no god so it’s all me. being the best i can be, that’s the American in me. Don’t eva judge me.)

Because it’s not a matter of attractiveness. I mean Channing Tatum’s face looks like it was sculpted out of a half-baked potato and he’s basically making a living as a sex symbol. I’ve seen him described as the 21st century’s Fred Astaire and that’s fair because Fred Astaire also had a very interesting, idiosyncratic face but the women he danced with could have been sisters for how similarly they looked.

(Sorry, Rita Hayworth, as much as I love you….)

When I think of the last few actresses that have made me sit back and go “wow that is a great face” it’s because there is something odd and unique about it—Eva Green’s cheekbones are ghoulish, Marianne Jean-Baptiste carries herself like a lioness or a Roman legate, Ruth Wilson is basically just a mouth with eyes and she’s terrifying, Gwendoline Christie and Katherine Hepburn and Alfre Woodard and and and

I mean, yes, it’s partly what you do with that great face–I’m always a little disapproving when people use models in fancasts, because acting is a skill, not everybody has it—but also these are women who don’t look like anyone else, and interesting faces are interesting to watch.

Please tell me there is some multi-chapter Swan Queen AU fic in which Emma is a cop and Regina is a doctor (trauma surgeon, because I always think of Eva Zambrano…) and they meet when Emma gets injured on the job (like a bullet grazes her arm or she sprains her ankle badly chasing a perp) and they have some really adorable banter and Regina chides her for being a little reckless and then THEY EVENTUALLY DO THE LET’S MEET FOR COFFEE THING AND THEN THERE IS EVENTUAL ANGST BECAUSE YOU NEED THAT WHEN ONE OF THE CHARACTERS IS A TRAUMA SURGEON.

Please tell me there’s a fic like this, ugh I need it. Or just any complete Swan Queen AU, something that is LONG and finished. Please, please, please direct me to a story (or stories) like this…

Merry Christmas, ticklethetree!

Hey, I hope you like your Christmas gift! You gave me free reign to do angst, so I did! I can’t resist it. But it’s also cute, and there’s a tiny bit of Xmas in it.

One million thanks to Ell, Alice, Jacqui, Jenny, Eva and Lonnie for the invaluable help and support. You guys are the best!

“Leigh, I’m not going to ask you again! Go take your shower!” Stiles bellowed from the kitchen as he flipped pancakes.

Leigh made a groaning sound and Stiles had to admit that his dad was right: it was pretty much the same sound Stiles himself produced when sleepy and forced to move. It never ceased to amaze him how children were perceptive, even though Stiles and been a very perceptive child himself. He tamped down the small, ill-timed bubble of fatherly pride and screamed again.

“Leigh, I mean it! I can’t be late for work and you can’t be late for school!”

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Kishimoto: I feel like a victim; but only a small portion if fans didn’t like my ending.

Then why are you bitching? If it was such a small fucking group why are you bitching? Ya know what hold up wanna know who a victim was?

Anno the creator of EVA, his fans didn’t like his ending either. Sent him razor blades in his mail telling him to kill himself- (Japanese fan don’t fucking play.) because and i quote, It was too sad or how reddit use to say to deep 4 me.

But unlike your ending, he had excuses, no money, depression, but i don’t remember ever seeing him bitch. No i don’t remember feeling like i wasted my time on EVA, i don’t remember it not being all wrapped up at the end.

I wanna know what i do remember l, Anno getting pissed and killing all his fucking characters. And then made a shit ton of money from the reboot.

So ya know what maybe you need to take a pages from Anno and kill your character because at lest then you’d have a better fucking ending.