eva rain


Elvin: Hey, hey, I know that I hurt you when we were dating but…I was never cruel, never hit you, I don’t understand how dating a jerk for two month ruined your life?

Eva: I was so in love with you. Blindly in love…I guess. And then you cheated on me with half the town, you purposely tried to harm my family, you made me look like a fool and yet, I still loved you.

Eva: I was physically in pain, not being able to be with you and I started to question myself, all my choices. How on earth could I have made such a mistake yet still love you so much?

Everything I did after that was to try and feel … normal … again. To try and fix….me…because I felt so broken.


Conner: Hello Eva, you look beautiful, as always. I wanted to tell you congratulations and that I am happy for you and Benjamin and I also wanted to ask about…

Eva: Who’s baby is that?

Conner: Oh umm, this is my son Tidal.

Eva: You have a son?! Who and where is the mother?!?

Conner: You might remember her, Dorothy? From Appaloosa Plains? It is a little complicated but yes, I am a Dad now and it is pretty amazing to be honest.


Rest in Peace, Irving Rain

Did you know Irving has been in the Rain Legacy since Generation 3? He started out as the family butler and Loni had a crush on him as a girl. When she grew up and went off to college, he followed her, as he felt a strong need to protect her. And slowly he fell in love with precocious, quirky Loni. 

They had a little bit of a bumpy spot when Irving was turned into a werewolf and was afraid of harming Loni, but that girl loved him no matter what, and you all know the rest of the story…..


Eva: This actually doesn’t hurt that much y'know.

Jeez, keep your knickers on. Maddie - Your supposed to be a doctor!

Maddie: Your right, SimGoddess! Come on baby - I’ll drive.
Eva: Okay. I don’t know what all the fuss is about it doesn’t even hurt. 

K. So Eva’s being pretty calm for a neurotic sim >.>


Colin: Eva, I am so sorry! What can I do to help?

Eva: If…if you could please take care of Calvin a little longer…I …I need to make arrangements for….

*bursts into tears*

Eva: I had everything almost perfect Colin! Ever since Elvin, nothing has felt right, I felt so broken for so long and then with Ben…we were almost normal, I had fixed everything! And now he is gone and everything I worked for is gone!

Colin: Shhh, shhh Eva…it is going to be okay…


Nickie: I am umm.. I am a witch….

Eva: Is that all? Sweety, I fell in love with my step nephew and had a baby with him after falling in love with his father who used love potions on me to hurt said step nephew and who then died after getting the mummy curse that YOUR future husband lead him into….being a little, cute witch IS NOTHING!

Nickie: Oh my, well that is a relief!