eva peters


in the entire emotionally devastating hellscape that is the Visser companion novel this is the only part that makes me laugh, and it’s not even that funny. just the absurdity of having to remind the evil alien overlord trying to take over your planet that she’s Not Your Real Mom.

True Story

My dad came by yesterday and saw a picture of Lisbeth on my screen( he asked me who she was) god I´m so relieved that  I changed my screen before I went to work, because otherwise he would have seen a picture of Evan Peters shirtless, I wouldn´t mind because I´m old enough, but it would have still be weird with my dad seeing it:)


So honored to share with you my video with Lindsey Stirling and Tyler Ward!  "Fields of Gold" - LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=615q8Xldr14&list=PLFF3F248AC60CF19E 

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I need some oxygen.