eva jean


Yuri as Gabriella: math genius and the school’s cutie patootie

Victor as Troy Bolton: captain of the hockey team and high school hottie

Yurio as Sharpay: the school’s drama queen and Prima Ballerina

JJ as Ryan, Phichit as Taylor, Chris as Chad, Yuko as Kelsi, Otabek as Zeke, Yakov as Coach Bolton and Lilia as Miss Darbus


Stardust crusadesserts ★ ! 
The menue in order:

Cherry pie splash
Silver Mousse
Magician’s souffle
Star Sorbet
Purple rum truffles
Coffe panacotta a la fool

I had a lot of fun doing these. Some were obvious, like Kakyoin and cherry pie, as well as Iggy and coffe panacotta, but Jotaro was the hardest one to figure out.



[update: quick colored versions]
thinking about what is happening to the All-New X-Men gang (i.e. the original 5), I thought that it would maybe make more sense to turn this team into a time-travelling dimension-hopping team, trying desperately to find a way back to their own time and timeline.

This would be the classic team of ANGEL, CYCLOPS, ICEMAN, BEAST, MARVEL GIRL, with the help of TEMPUS and X-23, they would visit countless other alternate dimensions.

think SLIDERS meets EXCALIBUR cross time caper.