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Mine (Tourney PT. 2)

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This is part two of my Carlos fic. If you haven’t read the first one, read Tourney

Pairing: Carlos x Eva (As Reader)

Words: 1,203

@kimmy-h-life hell yeah

About a week after you had declared your love to Carlos, you two were almost inseparable (not very different from when you two weren’t together, but you get the picture).

Word spread around quickly about you two, but it was already quite obvious since that day that something had happened.

You two were always hand-in-hand in school halls, while people stared, pointed, whispered, and some girls even groaning in disappointment and whispering, “Ugh, he’s taken?”

To be honest, this made you proud.

Carlos was yours, and you were his.

You two were with each other almost every day and night. You two, as I said before, were almost inseparable.

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Pairing: Carlos De Vil x Evie’s Little Sister (Eva)

Word Count: 1,402 (hohohoho)

Warnings: Really cute boys with freckles, I don’t know if it’s angst, slight profanity, possible fainting from all the cuteness, chocolate, gets KINDA steamy, there’s a small hickey on your neck in the end

A/N: Hohohoho it’s hereee I didn’t proofread it cuz i was excited but here it is and shit and pls leave a nice comment and i still have the jazzy fic and the tommy fic to write so ya

Tags: @obiwan824 eyy its here and @kimmy-h-life woohoo!

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Want You To Want Me

A/N:  Hey there!  I know we’re all still suffering from the #Brettonio breakup… but I haven’t given up on them… so here’s another make up… it’s also two prompts… Jealous Antonio with a slightly drunk Sylvie and prompt 10 from a couple weeks back:  “No, no. Not the puppy dog eyes, don’t you fucking dare. Dammit.”  This goes out to @chicago-stars and @magnificentkidstarfish.  Cheers!

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Solo Para/Open Starter (if anyone wants to reply)

Jay had been a bit distant since coming to the realization he’d liked Eva as more than friends while still crushing on Carlos at the same time and he had no idea what to do about either of them. His thoughts were so all over the place he felt like he could barely breathe and he knew he was outwardly displaying signs he wasn’t entirely himself -such as when he hardly touched his meal at lunch time, instead just moving the food around the tray before deciding to push it away and got up to leave without a word. He tried going to the gym first to train a little, thinking it would take his mind off things, but he found it hard to concentrate and continued messing up. After he had enough of it the Arabian put away his gear and just went to his dorm room to be alone for awhile… At least until someone came looking for him or whenever Carlos would come back for the evening.

Full Names (For This Blog)

Maleficent Bertha Guillory (“Mal”)
Benjamin Florian Bonhomme (“Ben”)
Carlos Oscar De Vil
Calista Jane Hook (“CJ”)
Jakeem ibn Jafar al-Rasheed (“Jay”)
Eva Maria Rojas-Azar (“Evie”)
Uma Meredith Thalassa
Harry James Hook
Gilfried Joseph Gaston (”Gil”)
Drizella Sophia Tremaine (“Dizzy”)
Frederique Josephine Facilier (”Freddie”)
Zevon Hakan Atoc
Audrey Fae Victore
Chad Anthony Fitzroy
Jane Eleanor Collingwood
Douglas Theodore Harlow (”Doug”)
Lonnie Li (though her family would write it ‘Li Lonnie’)
Jordan ibnat Genie Kader
Ally Mathilda Beasly

Harriet Anne Hook 

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Wow. I can’t believe that the amazing Jay who liked to fight on the street and steal from shops has actually fallen for some Boradon girl..

Wowwwww…… As if you weren’t already aware how much I’ve changed since leaving the Isle. As for falling for Eva, there is absolutely nothing wrong with her. Clearly you don’t know how amazing she is or you wouldn’t be hating. 

Or is this sudden hate due to you having a crush on me? Because it hasn’t exactly been a secret I’ve liked her yet it wasn’t until after I ask her out I receive this message.

I Don’t Like It Here (Part 1)

Pairing: Allison x Harry

A/N: ALLISON IS NOT PLAYED BY ROWAN HERE. Here she is played by Lucy Hale : )

Words: 1,942

Summary: Read on.

“Ugh–just looking at it from afar makes me want to gag,” Allison grunted as she lay on Harry’s chest, chewing on a Twizzler, apparently uninterested and unenthusiastic about the whole situation. Allison, Harry, Heather, Uma, Gwen, and Gil were being brought to Auradon – all by surprise, of course, which led the crew to be extremely disinterested and disgusted by the fact that they were going to the land of pretty pink princesses and perfect princes.

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Is there a reason why you are naked in my bed…..

I had been coming home late from extended studio sessions, always exhausted, usually spending more time immersed in my music than at home.

Lately my friends have been busy with up and coming projects and I’d been so focused on this new album. Recently I decided to come home early; exhausted from working 24/7, I just needed a long break, at least a week to myself.

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Linstead + running into members of the unit while out together on days off

Alright so this took an unexpectedly long time to slog through but I’m blaming it on some hard life days. Also, these might mostly suck and I apologize for that. Basically the only part I really like is when Antonio talks to Jay–random inspiration spurts, ftw.


Running into Ruzek while out, well, running, is entirely a coincidence. It’s a Saturday, the sun came out after 10AM and it’s Jay who instigates the motion to get out and exercise while the weather is cooperating. Erin grouses, grumbles, groans, and then concedes. How can she not when he brackets her in with his arms, leaning on the back and side of the couch, amusement turning into raised brows and a charming grin. (Jay might fall prey to her dimples, but she’s just as easily swayed by him when he tries—not that it’s something she spreads around.) The sunshine is warm, burning off the spring chill, and Erin has to admit that it does feel good to fall into a steady jog with Jay keeping pace at her side. So, of course the soothing rhythm that makes the outing worthwhile gets dumped. Jay drops back without a word of warning, and Erin looks over her shoulder for him just in time to see her partner’s hand flash out and her yelp is only mildly undignified when Jay pinches her backside then takes off at a headlong sprint right after. Not that it stops him from laughing, hard. Escape is a wise choice, because Erin stares after him a beat before the chase is on. They play an altered form of tag for close to half an hour and Erin finds herself running pell-mell down a hill with Jay hot on her heels, gasping with laughter and for air, trying to ward him off, when someone steps out in her path. Recognizing Ruzek a couple seconds too late and exchanging a wide-eyed stare, Erin forgets that her partner is bearing down for just long enough that he barrels into her from behind. Jay grabs her up with his arms around her torso, trapping hers against her sides, lungs heaving for breath, and his growl in her ear is just a little bit smug, “You’re mine now.” Erin’s gaze skitters from him back to their teammate and Jay finally catches on—not that he lets her go. Adam just shakes his head, hands raised as he backs away. “Nope, sorry, I don’t need to see anything more. I still have to work with you people on Monday.”


When Erin reads on the front of the newspaper that a fair is in Chicago for the weekend, she knows that she wants to go. The last time she visited any type of amusement park was when she was seventeen and Hank had taken them all—Camille, Justin, herself—to the carnival. She and Camille had gone on every ride because apparently there was a pure Voight gene requiring motion sickness on amusement park rides. It’d been six months before they found out Camille was sick. “Jay, come on, we’re going out.” He looks up from a news article on his phone that’s making his brow crease, trying to catch up with her line of thought. It’s a Sunday in May, it’s almost too humid, and Erin laces her fingers through Jay’s to drag him from attraction to attraction. They’re in the middle of trying to out-shoot each other at a balloon pop—Jay’s ahead and she’ll never admit it—when she sees Antonio nearby with Eva and Diego on either side of him. It’s been forever since they’ve seen his kids and joining up to explore is an easy choice. Erin gets ahead with Eva and Diego, leaving Jay and Antonio to walk at a more subdued pace, catching up on life outside of work. It’s when Erin raises a hand to gesture them over that, Antonio stops Jay with a hand on his arm, gaze serious. “Jay, I just want you to keep in mind— when you and Erin decide to get serious, don’t ever let the job come first over what’s important. Because you’ll wake up and realize one day that your family is all that you’ve got and losing that is losing yourself.”


Erin and Jay are in the midst of going back and forth over whether to get hard apple cider or hard lemonade—they’re attempting to try something new, but as usual their tastes are making a decision difficult. And the fridge is full so they might be able to fit both but it’s more entertaining to argue over it first. Erin insists that the cider is less likely to be a nauseating mix of alcohol and sugar. Jay starts when an arm reaches over his shoulder and taps the hard cider in question. They both look over and Alvin stands there with raised brows and his other hand in his pocket. “Try the cider. You’ll have better luck and pay less.” Triumph blooms across Erin’s face as she pokes her partner in the ribs. “I told you, babe. Cider, all the way.” Alvin eyes them for a moment before turning to meander away, waving over his shoulder. “You kids be careful on the way home.


The night has been shaping up to be their first real date in almost a month and Erin reaches across the table to lace her fingers through Jay’s on the tablecloth. Their planned four-day weekend escape to the cabin can’t come soon enough, and his gaze is tired but gentle, and they just need a break from getting home and collapsing into bed because the cases run them into the ground. Erin parts her lips to suggest seeing if they can both convince Hank that they got food poisoning when—“Why, Detectives Lindsay and Halstead, I never thought I’d see the day.” And when Sergeant Platt plants herself beside their table, in a dress and makeup, Erin feels her hopes for a peaceful evening and an early night with Jay go up in smoke.


They don’t “run into” Hank on their days off so much as plan regular outings with him. Erin likes to spend time with him off the job and once Jay and Hank get past the stilted conversations due to a rocky beginning and a sometimes tense relationship since, they get along well. Erin sits back a lot while they discuss shared interests—house maintenance, interestingly enough, is a popular topic—and just listens because despite everything she’s lost to get to this point, she still feels peace, with her hand held between both of Jay’s in his lap while Hank watches on in approval before questioning what their plans are, because Justin is coming with his wife and kid. They talk about a barbecue and Erin and Jay’s new apartment and the world feels a little more right.