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Wow can you believe there were so many robberies at Radio City Music Hall last night ?? They should really hire new security


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Fandom: SKAM
Ship: Chris x Eva
Summary: Chris deals with regret. 

skam month, fanfiction week, day 2: angst

Chris didn’t so much believe in regret.

Fuck-ups, yes. Mistakes, sure. But regret and shame and the whole nine, brooding yards—that just seemed like a waste of thought. Life happened. Fuck-ups ensued. Laugh it off, take a shot, move on. If you burned a bridge, you found a bag of marshmallows and toasted a s’more on the flames.

But, as he stood against the Halloween decorations hanging on Noora’s living room wall—William’s too, now—with his best friend, Chris couldn’t untie the knots fraying in his stomach, no matter how many beers he drank.

He had a half-empty bottle sweating in his hand. Across the room, Jonas had his hand on the bare sliver of skin at Eva’s waist. Chris might not put much stock in regret, but he did believe in winners and losers.

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Harder Hall (Sebring, Florida)

ADDRESS: 3151 Golfview Rd, Sebring, FL 33870

COORDINATES: 27.470054, -81.467883

Harder Hall was named after its developers, Lewis F. Harder and Vincent Hall, and opened in 1927 on the shores of Little Lake Jackson. In 1953, it was bought by Victor and David Jacobson and partners Larry Tennenbaum and Sam Levy. Victor commissioned acclaimed golf architect Dick Wilson to transform the resort’s golf course into a championship layout. Victor and Eva Jacobson operated Harder Hall Golf and Tennis Camp at the hotel and were the first and last co-ed, teenage golf and tennis camp in a resort ever. Victor operated the hotel until 1982 when he sold it to Land Resources Corp. After a fair amount of work done on the inside, the group went bankrupt and were unable to complete their plan. The hotel has sat empty since.

Locals and urban explorers regard this building as ‘extrlemebly haunted’. Urban legend states that every owner of this hotel has died under “strange circumstances” – often within the limits of the property. Other legends tell of former visitors who’ve decided to never leave and remain in spectral form. It is said you can see the ghosts of those who died here peering out from the windows or roaming the courtyards. One woman who stayed at the hotel claimed,”I felt like I was being watched at all times. We’d hear unexplained scratching and thumping on walls at all hours of the night.” 

Sexual orientation:

women of color in white suits (sometimes just a blazer)

hey ladies. (i couldn’t delete Cory… i mean he died, it felt rude).

Naya in a totally different white suit. (or so i’m telling myself at least)

Janet’s been doing it since forever

ok now you’re just showing off

oh ok Kelly.

Kelendria, ok.



hey Jennifer!

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looking like “a billion for 1, please”.

now Rihanna, before you even start…

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Women in Ellie Saab | 2014 Apperances